Sunday, December 7, 2014

The first day in Mazatlan.

Yesterday was spent getting organized.  Big Red was kicked out of the garage along with Eric’s personal ride (the bicycle) and then there was room to spread out.   I put up a table that holds all my extra food, plug in a cooler that holds all the cheese and butter that we bring from the USA and then we are set up.  A little vacuuming to remove all the travel dust and things start to take shape.  Eric put up the awning and then the privacy screen.  The screen is more for sun than privacy and it also helps to hold the awning down when it gets windy. 

Eric managed to get over to the beach in the late morning for a swim.  Small waves for body surfing, smooth and warm.  Bueno….he’s a happy guy.  I went over in the afternoon while he rested for a little beach time and Eric showed up later.   A good day. 

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