Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Prince George to Terrace...and two days after.

Got in Sunday around 3pm and stopped in at the house on our way to our daughter's for the night. House is just as we left it which is always a relief. Turned on the power, started the fridge, turned on heaters and built a fire in the wood stove to warm the place up.  We spent Sunday night at daughter Erika's and son in law Wade's.  Got to visit and Erika made us pastitsio and Greek salad for dinner.  We visited with them and the dogs and cats.  Chloe, Maple and Flynn..two greater Swiss mountain dogs and a Bernese. Chloe a.k.a. as "Schmoopie" to us is our Favorite...don't tell the other two!  Three cats Olivia, Shrimp and Mochie.  Erika and Wade have beautiful house, shop and horse barn on 30 acres in upper Thornhill in Terrace.  

Monday..full speed ahead! Got the water going, bought a few groceries and carried on. Sunny so that helps.  We spent Monday night at home completed with happy hour on the porch in the sunshine...just heavenly to finally be home!

Tuesday back to Erika's  for all the tubs I'd left over the winter.  As we shut the house down completely and leave I take all our pictures and and left over canned food to to Erika and Wade's heated shop.  Eric also leaves some batteries there on trickle charge so he picked them up too.  Yesterday afternoon I saw our new doctor for a routine visit, got more groceries and now we're almost up and running.  The grass and flower beds are growing like mad but ...everything in good time!

Sunday was from Prince George (the little car) to home.

Cloudy when we left Prince George.

90 miles north is Vanderhoof.

Vanderhoof is a mill town.

Wide open and ready for planting.

A quiet day on highway 16W rain!

A redo on a bridge over the Nechako River.

The pipeline construction is everywhere here in the north.

A pipeline camp.

Fraser Lake.

The town of Fraser Lake.  Colder than " a witch's tit" here in the winter!๐Ÿ˜

The Endako pub..a landmark but closed now.

Coming into Burns lake.

A big, big lake.

Getting closer to home.

Six mile hill.

Welcome to Topley..not much here.

Up ahead Houston.

Pretty and green here.

The world's biggest fishing rod..?

Snow capped mountains in the distance.  Sunday's drive was a treat compared to Saturday and the pouring rain.

Smithers up ahead.

Hungry Hill.  Lots of speculation on how it was named!

First Telkwa.

The muddy Bulkley river.  

Smithers tourist center.  This used to be the hospital.  Eric was born in it 76 years ago.  His Dad Norman was on the road working for CNR and his mother Doris walked with her mother in law to the hospital.  Eric's grand parents emigrated from Sweden over a hundred years ago from Sweden. His mother was a Scottish war bride.  

A pretty little town with a nice downtown which is off the highway.

Lots of farming here.  For many years we came here in August to the Bulkley Valley Exhibition.  Our daughters Krista and Erika were in 4H and we showed dairy goats, sheep and the girls rode in the horse show in the later years.  Seems like yesterday!

Stopped just out of Smithers having lunch.  Lovely and warm.

On the left the derelict Story's  hay barn..lots of history here.

It's spring and the rivers are muddy!

Three Goldwing motorcycles passed us.

Small Honda on the back of the truck behind them.  I joked that maybe it was the loaner in case somebody broke down! More likely a Harley would break down than a Honda๐Ÿ˜

The Bulkley river on the right.

Coming into Hazelton. 

The mountains start to wrap around us and we know we're getting close to home.

The river is now the Skeena.."river of mist"

How beautiful is that!

Just before Cedarvale you see the Seven Sisters mountains.

The highway hugs the mountains as we get close to Terrace.

The Usk chapel.

We cross Kleanza creek which is almost next to our property.

Gold Creek road where we turn off the highway.

Goodenuff road! We named it that as the neighbors who use it have never upgraded it hence..good enough!

Looking up to our house you see outbuildings and the RV in one.

The gates open and...

We're finally home.

My purple garden shed and the house behind it.

The perrenial spring flowers are up.

Our view out our sun room window.  

Heading into town to spend the night at our daughter's.

I picked her some daffodils.

Flynn and Schmoopie greet Eric.  Wade was .owing the dog pen.

They have a lovely view too!

How's that for a door mat?

Today is Wednesday and life goes on.