Monday, October 30, 2023

Goldendale Wa, to Coos Bay, Oregon

 Today was a pretty day so there are tons of pictures.  

We had a good stay at the Quality Inn in Goldendale last night and we were up just after 6 to hit the road to Coos Bay. -6c this morning...brrr.
The Quality Inn behind the frost. Older but clean and comfortable.

On 97 heading towards the Columbia River and I 84 west.  Would you look at all the windmills..lots of wind on this ridge. 

A long way down to the bridge.

I had Google maps running and it's a good thing as the signage is poor and the route is convoluted here.

I love the rock.

The pink light is glorious.

Over the bridge to I 84 west. It's old and narrow.

Heading west along the river for about 100 miles.
A barge in the pink.

Today's route...1 hour 21 min to our next turn.

Just beautiful.

Mount Hood in the distance.

Dams all the way.

A decorative bridge. 

Part of the Oregon walking biking trail.

The last 30 or so miles and the wind was really whipping.  Whitecaps on the river.

Here we're on the 205, Portland bypass...busy.

Still summer down this way.

We travelled the I 5 south to 38 west and Reedsport and the coast.

First stop on 38 is Drain for fuel and lunch.  I pack lunch so it's a quick stop.
The fall home they're all down.

Lots of logging in Oregon and so...Lots of logging trucks!

Blueberry bushes turning color.

So lovely.

An old Bridge. 

38 follows the Umpqua River all the way to the coast.

Reedsport and onto Highway 101 south and Coos Bay.

Turn left!

Swampy with the sand dunes in the distance.

Over the bridge.

Just before Coos Bay is North Bend.

A lovely old town.

As we were coming into town a red Lincoln pulled was Connie!  We followed her home, parked and we're in their house by 3pm.  Eric was speedy today and had finished up 380 miles in short order.

Mitzi is moving in close to Eric.

A pat.

And...on his lap!

We had a good visit before sitting down to Manny's clam chowder.  Delish! 

Connie dishing up.

So..we're here, it was a good day and tomorrow is...another day😊  Another leg of the journey.