Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ladies lunch at El pargo y La Vaca

Wednesday's lunch was at a new restaurant hear Marina Mazatlan.  Good reviews on Foodies and close to home.  Unfortunately I have been battling a stomach/intestinal bug and couldn't go. I don't have much appetite right now and I didn't want to eat out.  The group is diminishing as everyone starts to head home so there were only six ladies.  Ruth kindly took some pictures and gave me a run down of the experience.  Sounds like it was all good. 
I made a reservation for eight but in the end there were only six which is actually much nicer than the huge groups we have had lately.  The ladies sat outside and Ruth did say that they probably should have been inside as it's been chilly and windy again.  As usual the music was too loud but most places accommodate us by turning it down so we can talk.  

Connie had a vegetarian fettuccine.  

Pat's fish in sauce. 

Susie ordered shrimp in maple syrup which is something I have never seen on a menu. Ruth said it smelled delicious 

Ruth and Georgia shared three appetizers and she said they only needed two!  
All appetizers were very good. 


Chantal ordered a shrimp burger. 

I do note that the food all looked very well presented and the ladies gave the restaurant a thumbs up so our winning streak is holding.  Apparently the waiter had to have the boss come out and answer Ruth's questions!  She said he brought out a sample of raw tenderloin and sausage for them.  That's good PR for the restaurant and it looks like somewhere I'd like to eat.  There was only one other table of four there and they were inside.  The ladies stayed outside and gabbed and ate.  In the end a good time was had by all..good food, good friends and a good time.  Only a a couple of lunches left and down to five of us.  

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Spring Gala Ballet at the Angela Peralta with Ruth and Chantal❤️

 It's been a long time since I've been out in the evening for dinner and the ballet but last night that's what happened.  Chantal who is a new friend this season suggested that we might like to see the ballet Don Quixote and I said I'd buy tickets.  Now for the fun part.  I was at the ticket booth and somehow thought that the Gala was Don Quixote and bought tickets for the wrong ballet.  Tickets may not be returned or seats changed!  So..the Spring Gala it was.  To be honest I've never been to a poor performance at the Angela Peralta and last night was no exception to the rule.  Dinner at 6pm at Topolo and the ballet at 8pm.  

As I walked down to catch the bus with Ruth and Chantal I saw this lovely young woman having her photo taken.  Possibly a quinceanara which is a celebration of a 15 year old's passage from girlhood to womanhood.  A big thing in Mexico.  There were also graduations and wedding parties having pictures taken.  

We'd caught the bus before 5pm as there was a world class triathlon happening on the malecon and there had been delays due to detours.  We had a speedy trip down and here we are outside Topolo having our picture taken by a nice man passing by. 

Aren't we cute!

Reservation for 6pm band we arrived at problem. Topolo is a long standing top end restaurant in Mazatlan and has a very good reputation for food and service.  

Fresh salsa is created at your level of spice.  Comes in a hot molcajete.  Very delicious.  I asked the waiter how many pictures he thought people had taken of him and he said " thousands."  His name is Martin, the same as Chantal's partner.   

The restaurant is garden like with an open air courtyard in the center.  I'm not sure what they do in the rainy season. 

We'd sat for half an hour or so enjoying cocktails.  A passion fruit mojito for me, a mango margarita for Chantal and a negroni which contains equal parts gin, vermouth and campari garnished with orange peel and she said it was delicious.  A couple of us might have had two!  
Chantal took this picture and said " it is so you"...I'm not on the internet I'm checking pictures that I've taken.  I am the main picture taking facebook/ blogger.  We'd ordered dinner at this point and shared a couple of appetizers and a salad.  Ruth didn't want to eat too much and fall asleep during the ballet!
Salmon salad topped with goat cheese which I gave away as I hate goat cheese. 
Ruth ordered tuna tartare and Chantal a shrimp tempura.  We divided it all up and it was delicious.  Fresh bread on the side. 

Behind us a flambe dessert was happening with Martin in charge. He almost needed safety goggles!
We talked about dessert but we'd gabbed so much we ran out of time.  We paid the very reasonable check and were ready to go.  I might add that the service is exceptional here and that the waiters all speak English.  Someone is always watching to see if you need anything.  A truly lovely dining experience. 

Off to the plazuela and the theater.  Just a couple of blocks away and we were right on time. 

I took a picture of Ruth and Chantal as this is the first time Chantal has attended a ballet here in Mazatlan.  

Again a nice man offered to take all our pictures and here we are. 

Such a beautiful theater and it was filling up fast.  

I booked us tickets on the first balcony as the view is good and I don't like being crushed in with others on the main floor.  The boxes come in two's so I sat separately.  No problem. 
Chantal's selfie with me behind.

This evening was presented by the National Ballet Company and did not have an emcee.  We were given programs but they are in Spanish and it was too dark to read it anyway.  Didn't matter. 

The ballet started with single and duo sets of dancers.  

Truly amazing to see the strength and agility of the dancers. 

About half way through the first half the troop expanded and moved on to Swan Lake. Just lovely to watch. Even I don't need a program to recognize Swan Lake!

Such a pleasure to watch.  I might add that the audience last night was very, very appreciative and expressed it with many " Bravos!"
After the intermission we moved on to modern ballets and I really liked it.  Not at all traditional which was quite refreshing to me. 

In the last part of the performance they performed " Sinner Man" and it was sung by a very deep, powerful male singer.  If I hadn't lost my program I could have told you who it was!

The end and the dancers accept the huge applause from the audience.  The lead male dancer was applauded to many " Bravos" which brought a smile to his face.  

The ballet is finished and it is about 9:40 and time to find a ride home. 

The plazuela Machado is just hopping. People everywhere and the music is playing.  
It took a bit to find a pulmonia home.  A cab would have been better as it was chilly but still a nice way to travel home.  It was busy along the malecon. 
Our driver was weaving and bobbing as he drove us home. He charged us 250 pesos and we gave him 300 pesos or $22 Canadian.  

Chantal's night time photo of us.  We all arrived home safe and sound by 10:30 and a very good time was had by all!  Next fall....The Nutcracker!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

The El Quelite bridge is reopened and lunch in Dimas

 Back in August of 2021 the El Quelite bridge was washed out by a hurricane and since then the only way to access highway 15 (the free road) north was through the Marmol detour.  In December of 2022 the bridge repair was almost done and then part of it collapsed due operator error.  Last week it was finally reopened.  Yesterday we thought we'd ride up to Dimas for lunch and test out the new bridge.  

The access to the free road from the Cerritos area is on highway 503.  It also accesses the toll road and has a bike path along the edge. 

Turn left for El Quelite and north to Culliacan. 

It's a decent road and we'll likely take it to Culiacan when we head home.  

Up ahead the El Quelite bridge. 

Doesn't look like much but it took forever to build properly so that it won't get washed away in high water.  It takes an enormous load of heavy truck traffic.

All the railings are being painted. 

That is the El Quelite river which is dry at this point.  We have not had any rain here since November and it was just a sprinkle.  

Puente Rio El Quelite....Bridge River El Quelite. 

And that's it.  Doesn't seem like much but it really is!

Here we've turned off 15 onto higway 2 heading west to Estacion Dimas.  This whole area gets water from the Piaxtla River and the agribusiness is huge.  This corn has grown enormous since we last passed through.  Lots of water, good soil, fertilizer and what I would guess is genetically modified seed. 

This small motorcycle had something strung crossways over the back.  When we attempted to pass him he kept speeding up until it was unsafe for us to pass.  Jerk!  Eric did not play his game and tailed him for a long ways until he got tired of us  and slowed down and let us pass.  It was a young guy with more guts than brains.  

The whole valley is full of corn. 

Share the road!  We slowed down and passed by.  There was cow shit for miles so they'd come a long way.  Must have been changing pasture areas. 

I would guess this is a usual thing as the cattle were very calm. 

There's that small moto again!

Across the toll road and into Dimas. 

It must be spring ....the trees are starting to bloom. 

Tractors, motorcycles, quads, name it...they're on the road.

Tiny white flowers on this one. 

Mariscos El Pisis our usual stop for lunch. 

The prices are considerably lower here than in Mazatlan. 

This is the reigning princess of the restaurant and she knows it!  We've been coming here for many years and the previous princess is now in school.  

I asked her " como te llamas " or what is your name and she held up one finger! 😁 I'm guessing she's not quite 2 years old.  She is also at the age where if she doesn't get her way she screams at the top of her lungs...just like her older sister did.  

She had a little radio box and was munching happily on small piece of corn on the cob.  I said her bow was " bonito" or pretty and she smiled and said " Si" Then she pointed to her dress and I said " bonito " and she smiled.  She chatted a bit and we just smiled and nodded.  This is a family run restaurant.

We start with chips and salsa...spicy and good. 

Eric had camarones relleno or stuffed shrimp.  Turned out to be wrapped in bacon which he said overpowered the shrimp. 

I had fish sticks with rice and salad.  I'm not sure what variety the fish was but it was a bit too fishy for me.  Not off, just the type of fish.  We also both agreed that the food hasn't been as good this year as in years past.  May a new cook?

This vendor stopped for lunch and his truck was really full of jicama or mexican turnip.  Usually eaten raw. 

At this point we were done with lunch and on our way home.  A nice quiet ride and when we got to the El Quelite bridge a funeral procession was crossing and heading south so Eric took the Marmol detour home.  A good day and it's nice to get out of town.