Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas Beach Pictures

Over the past few days I’ve taken my back-up camera to the beach.  The weather has been cooler with some cloudy dreary days and some that have been really windy.  Over the Christmas season the Mexicans flock to the beach to spend time with their families and just generally have a good time.   Fun to people watch!


A few days ago the weather was warm and the surf not too huge so Eric was in for a swim.  You can see him there in the middle.


Not too many people on the beach as it’s a couple of days before Christmas.


Swim done and he’s off for a walk.


Christmas eve day and the weather is cloudy.


It doesn’t stop the kids from getting in the water.


Did I mention that it’s windy!!


This little one was just so cute and her family was totally in love with her…especially grampa.


The parachutes usually land just next to us in front of the Torres complex.


Now Mommy’s showing her the water. 


Still not very busy but it is Christmas eve.


Having a nap.


And now they are to the right of us!   So far they haven’t dropped anyone on us….but it did come close one day. 


It’s December 30th now and the morning had been cloudy, windy and really cool.  By the afternoon it had warmed up and I decided to take a walk and see what was happening on the beach.  Above you can see one of the salesman.  A hard life walking the beach day after day hoping a tourist will buy something from you.  They rarely approach us we have become a beach fixture and they recognize us.  Eric has a salesman friend that calls himself Rudy Red Hat and he and Eric chat most days.  Rudy says business has been terrible as there haven’t been many tourists.  We’ve noticed that as well. 


A beautiful day on the beach.


A few people in the water.


As I got closer to the north end of the beach there were more and more people.  This fellow was in a colorful costume with a huge tray of fruit cups on his head.  He had all sorts of condiments to add as well.  You can see he is carrying a stand to set in on as well.  Heavy and precarious. 


The children can amuse themselves for hours on the beach.


At the very north end of the beach is Playa Bruja and it’s just packed.  There would be no where to park up on the beach access road.  At the top of the hill at the end of the road there are restaurants and another RV park.  That is also where the buses stop and turn around and the “ Last Drop” where we play bingo on Thursday night. 


This spot is a favorite for the surfers and boogie boarders.


You can see all the parked cars.


Lots of people.


I’ve turned around and am heading back towards the very left of the picture.


Pelicans flying overhead.  There are usually lots of them on the beach every day but this year….hardly any.


Hey…now the fruit salesman is at someone elses stand.


The Riu.


This young lady flipped herself up and was walking easily on her hands.  Amazing strength and balance…. a gymnist no doubt. 


Now that’s a hard push to sell snacks to the tourists.


Matching hats!


Burying her baby!


This bunch was drinking beer and singing…quite badly which had them all laughing at each other.  Just having fun!


Just sitting and watching her sister?…draw.


I end up back at our beach road.  The little palapa beach restaurant is doing well.  People are starting to leave and head home for Christmas eve….and so shall I.  Time for happy hour. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ladies Lunch at Latino’s

“To lunch or not to lunch” on the day after Christmas.  In the end we decided to go!  We’d started out with La Corriente which is downtown on the malecon as today’s choice.   However Sandi wanted to come and as she is away for Christmas she wanted us to wait until she returned and go somewhere else.    She suggested Latino’s which is a new restaurant and a 5 minute walk south of the park. 


In the square called the “Lofts”  which is just past the Marina Gardens residentional on the east side of the street there are two new little restaurants.  One is a cafe called El Seis which is basically a coffee shop and the other is Latino’s where we went for lunch.  It’s hard to spot but it’s a couple of doors down from the Farmacia.  Marilyn and Dennis as well as Frank and Sandi had eaten there and said it was very good. 


Ruth gave Eddie and I a ride from the park and Connie showed up with Lil and Bev.  So….just six of us.


A narrow little restaurant in “ a loft.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners lived upstairs.  Love the spiral staircase.  Our very pleasant english speaking waitress is on the left. 


The menu.  They do serve breakfast as well and there is a separate menu for that.  They also deliver.   


Empty plates!  We were served two complimentary plates of deep fried sweet corn dough with an in house spicy salsa on the side.  The dough was hot and delicious.  We all dove in and I forgot to take a picture! 


Eddie ordered a caesar salad and I just love the bowl it came in.


These are empanadas with a variety of fillings.  50 pesos.  Lil said that the dough is the best that she has ever eaten and that says a lot as she eats out frequently and lives in Mazatlan.  Same dough as the appetizer plate.


Bev, Lil and Ruth all had the same thing.


Bad picture with all the outside light.  You can see how classy the furniture and decor is.


Connie had the Mexican salad served in a tortilla bowl.  You can add shrimp/chicken etc.  Looks lovely…125 pesos.  She said it was delicious and I tasted the bowl…yummy.


I ordered coconut shrimp with a mango and pineapple sauce.  It had a small salad in the middle.  The empanada plate and my shrimp were ordered off the appetizer menu.  My cost 130 pesos.  It was delicious and plenty of food for lunch especially the day after Christmas. 


Three empanadas ….also plenty for lunch. 


The shrimp were large and very tender.  Some of us also had coffee with our lunch including me.  I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis so I really enjoyed it. 

Today we were a small group eating in a new restaurant and we all enjoyed the meal and setting.  The waitress was extremely professional, the service was good, the food was excellent and the prices were more than reasonable.  Thumbs up!

The waitress (owner?) said that business was getting better and better and that they have only been open a month or so.  Worth a stop for lunch or dinner and  I think I can talk Eric into a 5 minute walk for a meal one evening. 

Highly recommended. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christamas Dinner at Ruth and Jimmy’s with friends

This year Ruth and Jimmy hosted Christmas dinner and we were invited along with Connie/Manny, Dennis/Marilyn and Lil.  There was a Christmas dinner up at the front of the park for anyone who wanted to come but we enjoy the smaller gathering.


We arrived at Ruth and Jimmy’s condo about 2:45 and everyone was already there including this greeting party!




….Bella and….




The guys were comfortably seated and talking about….????…guy stuff I guess.


The ladies were also chatting.


Eric, Manny, Jimmy and Dennis….looks like Manny is saying something really important.


The ladies (Ruth,Marilyn, Lil and Connie) moved outside into the sunshine on the patio.  A lovely warm afternoon at the Cerritos resort where Ruth and Jimmy rent. 


The dining room all set up for dinner including the pointy hats! 


Time to dish up.


The seating arrangement was part of Ruth’s big plan with numbers under folded napkins and numbers under flowers to tell us where to sit but in the end we just all sat down. 


Lovely arrangement.


Dinner…ham and turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, creamed corn and green pea salad along with dressing, gravy and cranberry salads.  Yum!


Connie between the flower arrangements that Ruth had bought for us all. 


We were just getting ready for dessert when Dennis mentioned the nice sunset.




Ruth and Jimmy have a vacant lot across from them and can see the Riu Resort which is pretty when it’s lit up at night.


Now we are playing games organized by Connie.  First Ruth gave us each a paper plate with a sticker underneath which she had linked to present bags for each of us.  They were pretty much gag presents.  Marilyn has a set of lacy red bikini underwear in her bag. Ooh lala!


Eric got a really pretty fan.  We all had a good laugh at that but….


….he really liked it!


I forget what Dennis got!


Eric wasn’t going to trade with anyone.   Lil got toilet paper and I got hot sauce.  We all had a good laugh. 

Then wehad to play “ draw the snowman complete with eyes, nose, arms with a line to show the ground.”  Connie gave us each a paper plate which we put on top of our heads to draw without looking.  Manny cheated!!! …..he kept taking it down and drawing.  Ruth won…again…just like last year.  Her’s was completely recognizable and mine looked like a 1 year old drew it.  What the heck.


Dennis is holding Mitzi…a surprize because dogs are not his favorite thing.


Eric picked Mitzi up and she stayed on his lap while he gently patted her. 


Bella is pooped with all the excitement and is having a nap!


Marilyn is looking at her snowman on the plate and having a good laugh.  I gave my hot sauce back to Ruth for a prize.


Everyone had a really good dinner and an enjoyable evening with friends. 


Dessert time.  Manny made pumpkin pie and there were chocolate cookies and Christmas cake too. 

By 8pm we were all pooped and ready to go home…pretty late for old people but we did get started at 2:30.  Felt like it was 11pm!

Thanks Ruth and Jimmy it was a great night!