Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lunch at La Corriente and lots of construction on the Malecon

Today we are off to La Corriente on the beach for lunch.


Everyone heads out for the bus.


Jeannette, Pam and Sandi decide to sit up back where they’ll get a really bumpy ride. 


Robyn decided I needed to be in a picture so ….here I am. 


The window of the bus is filthy but I decided to take a few pictures anyway.  Looking north.


More new  construction.


Over the bridge and looking north to the marina.


Cathy and Robyn have a chat.


Through the Golden Zone and onto the malecon at Valentino’s where the construction starts.  This is the first time I’ve been down this way since we arrived.  The ocean side of the malecon is all dug up and we are two lanes on the northbound side.


They appear to be repairing and or replacing a lot of the sea wall as well as all of the pavement and sidewalks.  I did read they are adding a bike lane and doing away with parking….who knows I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  There is also a huge amount of contruction downtown.


Lots of concrete going in.


They are even managing to work around the many statues on the beach such as the California sea lions. 


There is no road access to the seaside restaurants that are trapped in the construction zone.  You could walk up the beach to get to them but I’ll bet they are really hurting.


We got off the bus just north of La Corriente which is across from the old Hotel Decima.  The construcion zone has just ended.


Up the street to the restaurant which is down below to the right.


Looking north and many people are already in the water.


Our destination.


We are ten today so ….two tables of five.  Nancy took this picture on her cell phone and it’s a really nice one.


Today I decided to have a pina colada and it was really good.  Not too much alcohol which is good in the middle of the day.  Marion and I used to have a pina colada together but she’s not here this winter and I miss her.  Actually there are many people that I miss (Betsy, Geri, Diane and Val….sigh!)


Pat, Pam, Cathy, Janice and Anita sit together.


Nancy, Jeannette, Robyn, Sandi and I are at the other table.  No point in jamming everyone together because you can’t talk to everyone anyway.


And….the food arrives.  This is fish and chips with rice and it’s a huge portion. 


Shrimp,rice,vegetables and french fries….wow that’s a lot of food.


This is Pam’s extravaganza.  That is grilled tuna stuck in a huge amount of guacamole with chips.  She said it was good.


Cathy had two different types of tacos.


Let’s eat!


Sandi had a shrimp cocktail which she shared with Robyn and then they shared Robyn’s lunch.  Good idea.


Robyn and I both ordered red snapper which came guacamole and refried beans.  Again a huge portion.  I think I ordered this the last time I was here and it was good but I’d forgotten how salty the red snapper coating was.  Something I should have mentioned to them.  Still good.


Jeannette had the shrimp plate.


Ah….the mariachi band. 


No gracias!   Way too loud while you are trying to eat lunch. 


Everyone wanted to have a group picture taken and the waiter obliged. 


Not to be left out this young man insisted on a picture with Sandi and she obliged. 

Another gringo guy came over to have his picture taken with Sandi and told her he was the mayor of Mazatlan.  She said right….“ I’m thinking the mayor of Mazatlan would be Mexican!”  I didn’t take a picture!


We were waiting for the bus but ended up taking an auriga or red truck home.  The price was similar and it’s nice to ride out in the open.  Once again lots of construction on the way back. 


Looking north.   The traffic was really busy on the way back and everyone was honking their horns….like that helps!  Sandi just kept giving them the Queen’s wave and smiling. 

It was a nice outing and La Corriente is always a good choice for food and atmosphere. 

Lots of construction in the north end of Mazatlan and now….


it’s right in our own back yard.  A week ago we heard a large machine out behind us at the back of the park.  We’d always wondered if they would start clearing around the park and now they are.


Opposite corner from us at the back end of the park.


You can see the dozer just behind the fence.  Good thing we didn’t wash the truck!


The bush was right up to the fence and now…


not.  Pretty close eh!


Noisy and dusty.


The word is that they are just clearing at this point and not building yet.  It’s part of Marina Mazatlan property and they are building a huge subdivision just north of us up the street.  Single family dwellings are slated to be put in behind the park.  Maybe it won’t happen for awhile.  We can only hope. 

Is everyone in Mexico moving to the north end of Mazatlan? 


Look at that palm tree.  We’ve never seen one like that.

So…if they just clear it, clean up the brush piles and leave the palm trees it won’t look too bad.  It sure isn’t making the chachalacas happy as they liked to fly from one corner at the back of the park and land right behind us and now there isn’t anything to land on. 

Poor chachas! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pizza birthday party at Richard & Carol’s

Today November 22nd is Richard’s 74th birthday, Eric’s 71st and tomorrow is Hal’s 70th birthday.  A whole bunch of guys who are still fit and able and looking good!  What more can you ask for!


Eric is in pants, socks and a t-shirt.  He doesn’t wear bug spray and by dusk they will be biting.  Makes it hard to have a party when everyone gets chewed up.


That’s Carol and Richard on the left and the soiree is at their place.  They buy the pizza for everyone (how generous is that!) and the rest of us fill in with appetizers, salads and desserts.  No one ever goes hungry when we all get together.


Marilyn and Cathy catch up.  Marilyn and Dennis are renting a condo close by but they used to haul an RV and stay in the park until a couple of years ago. 


Eric is talking to Sam. Sam has had a ponytail since we met him in 2009.   And now….not!   He just got his hair cut about a week ago.  Looks good.  Eric just got all his curly locks buzzed off this afternoon.  The great hair experiment is over.  Some people like his  hair long and some people like the buzz cut….what do you think?  Definitely easier to maintain.


That’s Helene protecting herself from the hot afternoon sun with her paper parosol.  Looks a little “Miss Saigonish” don’t you think.  A sweet lady.


Marilyn, Helene and Jeannette.


Anita, her husband John and Sam’s wife, Rita.


The appetizers are out and that’s Randall (Pam’s husband) in orange and Hal (Helen’s husband) on the right.  Now who is it I spy in the middle?  I don’t believe it….it’s Roger.  Roger is usually a no show at these events but when I kidded him about coming he said “ Well….I’m an RVer now so I guess I have to join in!”  Good…nice to see you.  His twin brother Papa John did not come.  These are the friendliest, nicest guys but they don’t really like crowds.  My Eric sympathizes with them. 


Marilyn, husband Dennis and Frank on the right.  They are all good friends.


So here we all are….well not all of us.   Some people are sitting to the left of the road hiding in the shade.  They did move over when the food came out!


Pizza’s are here….time to eat.  The motorcyle pizza delivery guy rolled in with his pizza delivery box and voila…pizza. 


Pam at the table where thre are appetizers, salads, pizza and ….



now desserts.  Fruit plates, scrumptious brownies and a tres leches cake. 


At this point Robyn took the camera and said she should take a few pictures so I would be in some.  Thanks!


Thats me me in the front eating.



It’s getting dark, the lights are pretty, we’ve all eaten and visited and…the bugs are biting. 

Buenos noches!

Thanks Carol and Richard for another great pizza party and happy birthday Richard.