Thursday, April 27, 2023

In Kelowna

 Blog to follow😊

We've been in Kelowna since Wednesday and it's been sunny.

Our route from Pendleton to Kelowna.

Casino in the background. 

Pendleton looks like hobbit town.

Wide open spaces for growing grain.

A quiet day.

This is our alternate route on Edwards road which is country road and ever so pretty.  We end up on the east side of the Columbia.

Off 95 north onto highway 730.

The river is so large it looks like a sea.

Pretty day.

When we get to Pasco there are huge ships that come inland from the Pacific.

Interesting rock formations.

Pasco up ahead.

Over the Columbia. 

Off 395 north to 17.

Much farther north we head through Soap lake. 

Driving along Lake Lenore. 

BLUE lake as we head up through Dry Falls.

A sharp left on Highway 2.

Back on 17 north.  We had the highway to ourselves.

Coming into Bridgeport.

Over the Chief Joseph dam. 

Turn right for Canada.

Still not spring anywhere here.  No trees with leaves and no flowers on the fruit trees.  Very late.

These look like they've been sprayed with lime sulphur.  Very white.


No leaves on the grapes either.

Just about to the border. Like my pedicure?

Over the border, no muss, no fuss, no bother.  For the first time we had a nice, normal border guard.  A few questions and on our way. 😊

Coming into Oliver..the wine capital of Canada ...or so they say.

A quaint old town.

Shahan lake.

Welcome to Summerland.

Okanagan Lake.

The waves are coming in.

Heading down through West Kelowna towards the bridge.  Really busy on the side coming out of Kelowna and not bad heading in.

Over the bridge.

Coming along Lakeshore.

Boyce-Gyro beach park.

San Michelle drive and Ian and Linda's.. We'd both had enough driving.  A long freaking way.  Still two more days left to Terrace but we'll be in Kelowna for a few days. 

 Yesterday I visited my sister Anne. Eric took the Harley in for repairs and today and Linda and I power shopped.  My favorite clothing store. HiS and Hers is here in Kelowna and I haven't had a good shop there since the fall of 2019.  I heated up my credit card today😂 Ian's son Gordon flew up fom the coast today for a short visit and tomorrow we'll all have dinner with Ian's other son Jason, wife Debbie and kids Cooper and Ella.  

Linda and Eric having happy hour.


The hockey games on...Ian's watching.

Linda made Thanksgiving dinner!