Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buckskin State Park 10miles north of Parker.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 This is a nice State Park and we have decided to stay here for another couple of days.

Mar 30 2010_5336

Looking across the highway south to the park entrance.

Mar 30 2010_5313

That’s us in the Cyclone parked fourth down.

Mar 30 2010_5333

A look at the park from up on the hill. 

Mar 30 2010_5334

A shot down the river.

Mar 30 2010_5321

A picture from up on the hill.

We plan to leave here on Friday and head up to Laughlin, Nevada. We are stalling here where it's warm and will probably make a rush for Kelowna when the weather permits. Right now it has been really, really, really warm. Up over 30C and is just cooling down slightly at 9:30p.m. It is windy as the weather is in a changing pattern. I had a little look at the small cactus garden here in the park and here are a few pictures.

Mar 29 2010_5350

Hedgehog cactus in bloom.

Mar 29 2010_5352

A look at the walkway in the garden.  Small but nice.

Mar 29 2010_5354

More blooming hedgehogs.  Very prickly!

Mar 30 2010_5314

Beavertail cactus in bloom.

There is also a small antique mining machinery display.

Mar 30 2010_5316

Mar 30 2010_5315

It is interesting to see all the different types of people that frequent these types of parks. Some are snowbirds that have spent the winter in Yuma and are just passing through. Some are just people who have decided to come here for a few days from California etc. It is still spring break here so there are children as well as teenagers with their parents and of course it will be Easter this weekend. Nice to see kids and not just old people!

We did a little hike (the buckskin trail) this morning and is was a nice little walk. It went up and down and as it was quite warm  I found I was a bit out of breath at first. I did a lot of walking this winter but it was all on the flat, except for a couple of hikes up El Faro (the lighthouse hike) so it took a bit to get used to the hike up. Not a problem once we got going. Good views of the river and lots of good pictures.

Mar 30 2010_5323

Up over the hill from the park looking down to the walkway over the highway.

 Mar 30 2010_5337

Eric in the walkway.

Mar 30 2010_5324

A pretty view.

Mar 30 2010_5329

Brittlebush in bloom. 

Mar 30 2010_5335

Desert lavender in bloom.  Eric thought it stunk!

Mar 30 2010_5339

Teddy Bear Cholla in bloom.

Mar 30 2010_5340

I think this is a fish hook barrel cactus.

Mar 30 2010_5327

Beautiful hills!

Mar 30 2010_5341

This is the blogger and photographer!

Mar 30 2010_5320

I think this might be a stork!

When we got back to the rig we had lunch and then headed out for a ride on Blue. We decided to head up to Lake Havasu and it was a windy ride. Busy on the highway and the wind was a bit much to make it enjoyable. There are a lot of traffic lights through the main part of town in Havasu and that is difficult on a Harley. It is an air-cooled engine so stopping at lights in heat can become a problem. We left the main highway on London Bridge road and thought we'd find the bridge, but it was behind us and by the time we figured that out we just decided to head back. Too hot and too busy. We had another windy, trafficy (aggressive Arizona drivers) ride back to the Parker Dam.

Mar 30 2010_5342

Parker Dam.

Mar 30 2010_5344

If this ever gave way there would be a lot of drowned snowbirds!

We decided to take the highway over the dam and on the north side of the river back to Parker and then back to Buckskin Park. A nice easy ride without much traffic. We stopped in the Safeway parking lot just out of Parker so I could make a call to Erika to let her know where we are. As I mentioned the AT&T phone has no service in the park and there isn't any internet here either. When we arrived back at the rig the temperature was way over 30C. Hot but breezy, so still nice and we still didn't run the AC. No complaints. 

As we are hooked up and didn’t need the water in the tanks Eric decided to drain it out slowly.  There are tons of birds here and these ducks decided to  have a drink.  As if there wasn’t enough water in the Colorado River! 

Mar 30 2010_5346

I shot this from under the rig on the opposite side so I wouldn’t scare them off.  The Drake was giving me the evil eye!

Mar 30 2010_5347

All done.

There are a large amount of doves here, tiny ones and pigeon sized ones (big enough to eat!)  This big one was in the tree right behind us. 

Mar 29 2010_5357

Beautiful but noisy and to make it worse Eric likes to imitate them.  

It is now 20 minutes to 10 and it is hot and dead quiet outside. Sweet!

P.S.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that on the ride back today I got an enormous pain in my left boob.  Hurt like hell for about 10 minutes and then went away.  When I got back and jumped into the shower there was the tail end and stinger of a bee stuck to my boob!  A big bruise, and itchy, itchy and sore.  No wonder it hurt so much!  I had my jacket open on the ride since it was so hot.  Good thing my pain tolerance is fairly high. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hanging out in Yuma.

Saturday March 27, 2010

We've been in Yuma since Monday and have been trying to get a few things done.  We finally managed to get a chair for the RV after looking at many last year and this year as well.  We bought a really nice taupe swivel, rocker, recliner from Berenholtz Furniture here in Yuma.  Arlie Watson suggested this store as she had just bought two new small leather recliners there.  We bought a  " Best " chair and it fits great and is comfortable.  Another thing off the list.  We've been to the "Crapmeet" a couple of times and bought some good screw anchors for the satellite and/or a privacy screen if we buy one.  The privacy/sunscreen is a good thing if you are parked in one place for a week or more as it anchors the awning down.  They make them up for you in Mazatlan and they did have some in the Swapmeet but they didn't have the wire slider side for the awning.  Wind is the enemy of the awning! 

Yesterday I finally got a pedicure/manicure at a Nail Shop in the Fry's centre in the Foothills.  Cheap but not a spa pedicure.  The feet are pretty leathery after a winter in sandals and walking in the sand on the beach.  The Nail Shop was filled with Asian workers (a young Vietnamese woman in my case) and some young male workers as well.  Seemed  sweat shoppy to me as the owner had his eye on the workers and there was no chitchat, just production work.  The clients were of course old (and many severely overweight)  north american women.  I got a hair trim just a block up the road in a little shop from a really nice woman who is married to a Mexican.  We had a good chat about Mexico and she and her husband who is from Chihuahua have a house there where they go in the summer.  So the feet, hands and hair are done!

Eric and I are finding the age of most of the people in Yuma a bit creepy!  I know we'll get there soon but in Mexico even the older travellers have to stay fit enough to travel there.  A different breed of older people.  A huge problem with the general population is that they will do anything they can "not to walk anywhere!"  We always park as far away from shopping as possible and walk. The inability to walk really shows up as you age and limits what you can do.  We take any opportunity we can to get some exercise.  The big thing missing this winter has been weight training and we will have to figure that out for next year.  While we are home this year we will hit the gym again regardless of how busy we are.  I know I do go on about this but I am over weight and I am not going to give up the battle.  Walk and exercise as much as you can!  USE IT OR LOOSE IT!

We had a nice visit and a burger with Bill and Arlie the other evening and caught up on their news.  They have a house just across the road from the park we are in.  They are always very gracious when we come to town. 

Last night we had happy hour with Ron Townley and his sister Bev and husband Vern.  They spent the winter in Punta Perula south of Puerto Vallarta and are now on their way home,  We were joined by a couple from Port Coquitlam that were in the same park with Ron, Bev and Vern this winter, a  nice couple - Lorraine and (I can't remember.)  We had a good laugh about all our winters happenings and it sounds like Bev and Vern may do Mexico differently next year.  Maybe leave the rig at home and fly south.  All this winter travel evolves and changes on a yearly basis.  Change keeps us young, at least we like to think so!

Today is the Yuma airshow so I think we'll hit the road on Blue for the day.  It will be pretty busy and noisy as well.  Right now it is very windy which is the norm for Yuma.  It is not our kind of town, but, each to their own.  I have been checking the weather for our trip north and it looks like the weather in the west is going for a crap by Wednesday. 

I got an email from Pat/Jack (Wii bowling in Las Jaibas) who live in Carson City, Nevada and they say it just snowed there!  Yuck!  We'll leave here on Monday and head for Quartzite and then maybe Laughlin where it will still be warm.  If the weather is bad we'll stay there till it settles down.  We don't travel in snowy or below freezing weather if at all possible.

Well, the wind this morning was huge so I did laundry and Eric organized the rig for travel.  Since I bought a couple of lounge chairs at the crapmeet we had to find a place to store them.  The weather was a little better after lunch so we headed out on a ride.  A trip up to the Imperial Dam sight and then down the back road to stop for a small date shake.  Yummy! 

Eric having a date shake in front of the Imperial Date Gardens.

Looking out toward the date palms.

Through the garden out front.

Date palm grove.

Eric took me out the freeway for a ride down the road to Algadones and then home.  Whipping along on the freeway would have scared me before but now that I have ridden in Mexico I am fearless!  Well, not quite but I am really enjoying the motorcycle and am much more relaxed.  Who says you can't teach an old girldog new tricks!  This winters experiences have really been good and we've learned a lot. 

Sunday March 28, 2010

The wind has settled down and it is nice and warm today.  We had to hit the crapmeet again as one of our new lounge chairs had a broken piece.  Exchanged it with no problem and then picked up a sunscreen to attach to the awning.  7' by 14' for $62.00 which is cheaper than they were making them up in Mazatlan so hopefully it will work for us.  We were parked all winter without one and without our awning out we kind of looked like we were only staying for the weekend!  The one thing I don't want is an RV mat.  Everyone seems to have one or more and all they do is sweep them,  I'd rather just sweep the pad!   So Eric is out for a ride by himself and we are pretty much packed up to go.  We won't move far tomorrow, probably only Quartzite and then we'll see from there.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shoot out on the toll road and shopping in Yuma.

Tuesday March 23, 2010

We are now sitting in Yuma and I have had a chance to look at the Mexico newspapers "El Sol and Noroeste."  We had an email forwarded to us written by some RVers leaving Celestino which is about 75km north of Mazatlan.  They saw armed gunmen at the entrance to the toll road and were of course worried that they were going to be held up.  They were ignored and they rolled through and hit the highway north, fast!  There was then a note to read the paper for that day and it is reported that there was a major shoot out on the maxipista (toll road) which happened minutes after they rolled through.  Nine dead, machine guns and grenades and the main road north was of course closed for hours as they waited for the bomb squad to check grenades on one of the bodies.   Scary stuff and they were lucky.  If you read El Sol de Mazatlan or Noroeste Mazatlan using the google translator you will see what happened.  Ah Mexico!  And still, we prefer Mexico!

Wednesday March 24, 2010

We spent yesterday morning doing a little shopping which is what we came here to do.  We bought a satellite finder at RadioShack and hopefully that will help us get the Starchoice dish set up.  We looked at small swivel, rocker recliners and may have found one that will do for the rig.  We have had one from Erika and Wade's  trailer with us the past two years.  Eric wants the pouffy dark green one and I like the smaller gold one with wood on the arms.  The green one is overpriced at $500.00 on sale so we'll see who wins.  We picked up some Budweiser beer at Walmart but we are really missing the Pacifico with limon in it that we drank all winter in Mazatlan. 

Eric likes to people watch while he pushes the cart and he is really missing all those pretty Mexican senoritas.  He thinks the north american women are really lacking compared to the Mexicans.  I guess I know where he'll end up if something ever happens to me.  He thinks they are really beautiful!

Bill and Arlie Watson (Wade's Dad and stepmom) dropped by yesterday afternoon for a quick visit and I briefly filled them in on our winter.  Arlie had lost the link to the blog so she hadn't been able to keep up with us.  Arlie doesn't care for Mexico and all the shootings just confirm it for her!  We'll have a good blab and a beer with them later today.

A Mexican had dropped by yesterday to sell us a rig wash and we decided that for $35.00 it would be worth it to get some of the grime and bugs cleaned off.  It isn't much money but they weren't going to wax it.  When the two workers showed up they were pointing to the bugs on the front of the rig.  They then climbed up to wash the roof and the fun began.  Eric had to keep pointing to the grime along the edge of the roof and they seemed unable to grasp what he wanted them to do!  One guy was on his cell phone the whole time while the other guy played (or was) dumb.  When they got down they didn't seem to want to actually wash it with a brush they just wanted to spray it with the pressure washer and one guy never did get off the phone.  Eric fired them!  What a waste of time.  If you can't wash the rig for $35.00 then don't say you can. 

We managed to set up the satellite yesterday evening and Eric says that the headings we are using now are different than the ones we were using last year.  We couldn't find the one we usually hit and now seem to be on a satellite further east.  Good signal 75.

Today we'll continue with our shopping and try to pick up some of the things that are on our list from the winter.

Monday, March 22, 2010

We are in Yuma.

Monday, March 22, 2010

We left the Hickiwan RV park this morning around 9am and had a nice relaxing drive to Yuma.  We had decided to stay at the Arizona Sands RV park as it is fairly central and within easy walking distance of Bill and Arlie Watson's house which is behind Country Roads RV park.  Makes for a safe happy hour!  We have paid $209.76 for the week and another $18 for Wifi for the week (the charge for wifi really burns Eric's ass!)  It won't be long till everyone is charging, even Mexico.  It is only about 40% full in the park as everyone is heading home so it suits us just fine. 

We could have looked all over Yuma for the best park but in the end it is noisy, windy and dusty here (but nice and warm)  so who cares!  It is 3:20 and Eric is having a beer in his genuine Panama hat and boy does he ever need a shave.   A real cool dude!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hickiwan RV Park close to Why, Arizona.

Friday March 18, 2010

We arrived back in Arizona yesterday afternoon after leaving Edgar and  Anna's Punta Vista RV park in Santa Ana.  This was our second stop with them and it was again a pleasure.  We had a good chat with Edgar and this time I met Anna as well.  She has cancer and was not well when we were there in November so I didn't see her.  There were about seven other rigs there on Wednesday night with us and they said their business is down this year as is all of Mexico.  Edgar didn't remember us until Eric mentioned the Harley and then it all came back to him.  He does love motorcycles.  He said he wanted a picture of  Blue for his bedroom wall!  I wonder what Anna would think!

We left San Carlos on Tuesday morning about 9am as we didn't have too far to travel.  It was really hot by the time we pulled out and was supposed to get up to 85 that day.  Nice.  We were bittersweet about leaving but we have to start moving slowly north.  A fellow across from us (from Nanaimo) suggested the Casino RV park near Why.  The trip to Santa Ana was uneventful and the trip north through Hermisillo was fairly smooth.  The signage is good so all went well.  We were stopped at the military check point and they wanted our passports but when Eric opened the door to the garage and the young army officer saw the motorcycle he changed his mind.  No problemo and away we went.  The Mexicans really love the motorcycle! 

We rolled into Santa Ana around 2pm and it was hot there as well.  A pleasant sunny evening.   Eric rode the bicycle to get limons for the beer and we again note what a nice town Santa Ana is.  A really pretty little Mexican city and it probably warrants a longer visit some time. 

Parked at Edgar and Anna's in Santa Ana.

Looking forward in the park.

Evening shot of the church in Santa Ana.

We didn't leave Santa Ana until 9am as we didn't have a long way to go.  Nice easy travelling except for the humping and bumping of the new concrete road.  South of Caborca toward the border there is a long area of construction where they are widening the highway as they have done north of Caborca.  Narrow two lane road with huge drop off on each side.  Okay, but you have to go slow and it goes on for miles and miles and miles clear up to the station where you turn in your stickers.  There it is difficult to get off the road and you'll have to slow down and move carefully off across from the little booth.  More than one rig will fit but it is bumpy and slow to get back on the highway.  Ah Mexico! 

The young Mexican in the booth asked us if we "Didn't like Mexico" because we were turning in our RV sticker.  We said we certainly do like Mexico and hope to return next year but that there are too many hassles with the stickers and we preferred to buy a new one each year.  No problemo!  When we hit the border the traffic was backed up for about a mile.  What a surprize as it is usually quiet.  There was only one other RV in the line and the rest was car and small truck traffic.  We wondered what was up.  We had about an hour wait with vendors like you see on the wait in Nogales.  When we got to the border the friendly young American border guard informed us that is Spring Break week this week and next and people were zipping back and forth across the border.  Maybe to Puerto Penasco who knows.  Always something.  Anyway he asked us no questions other than "did we have any illegal drugs with us!" and said have a nice day!  Crappy because I was so careful not to bring anything back that I couldn't bring into the U.S.  I guess I should just be greatful, right! 

We turned right at Why (about 10 miles south of Ajo) on highway 86 for about 2 miles and then left into the Hickiwan RV park behind the Casino.  Nice big pull through sites with full hook-up for $16 a night, $85 a week or $285 a month.  Showers, laundry and somewhere to gamble if you wish.  We are looking straight out at the hills and it is very quiet, except for the noisy donkeys over night!  They can really make a racket.    We went into Ajo this morning for breakfast and groceries and will probably stay here until Monday and then move into Yuma as we have a few things to do there.  There is lots on our list of things to buy from this winter's journey.    Eric has unloaded the Harley and headed up the road somewhere to clear the cobwebs.  It is windy and warm (not hot) and we got a little bit of rain this morning.  The desert and the hills are green and beautiful as the flowers are starting to bloom.  Lots of hiking trails if you wish. 

Looking out at the hills in the Hickiwan RV park.

Nice and lonely!

So we are back in the U.S.  We both agree we like Mexico better!
Sunday, March 21, 2010
 We have tried to set up the satellite dish and for the first time it was a complete failure, two hours and nothing although we did hit it briefly once.  Even with a borrowed finder we couldn't get it.  Eric thinks that maybe there is something damaged in the LNB but who knows.  We were right on the compass marking from last time and the finder said we were there but, no go!  Oh well there are always DVD's and music and we are really enjoying the quiet anyway.
Yesterday, Saturday we decided to spiffy things up a bit.  The RV was really dusty and needed a good vacumn, floor and window wash which took me about three hours.  Eric washed Blue and then it was time to go for a ride.  I had forgotten mayo and we headed into Ajo to get some on the Harley.  It was so nice although windy we decided to ride into Gila Bend.  There was a fair bit of spring break traffic and there were lots of vehicles filled with sunburned, hung over, cranky kids!  Boy do I not miss those days!  They were getting stopped by the police for speeding and then pulled over by the border patrol at their check point.  Us oldies of course just rolled right through.  A nice ride and then home for happy hour and bed.
Today is Sunday and while I did some baking Eric washed the truck.  It hasn't had a wash since we headed south and it was a big job.  Since neither of us enjoy washing vehicles it is just a big pain in the rump!  Eric has gone for another ride and I am going to read.  Tomorrow we move into Yuma and it will be a lot noiser and busier but we have stuff to do and buy so onward we go!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot and windy in San Carlos.

Tuesday March 16, 2010

Yesterday was the Monday holiday before Benito Juarez day on March 21st.  We did some reading about him in the Mazatlan paper and he is a really interesting man.  I won't go into any history but if you are interested just google him.  San Carlos was fairly busy yesterday and it was a lazy day for us.  Once again the alley way filled up with people heading north this morning.  When we got up after a hot, windy restless night they were all gone.  It's getting pretty empty in here.  Fred and Marion from Las Jaibas headed home to Saskatchewan this morning as they are leaving for a trip to Africa at the end of the month.  Busy people!  The music playing bongo drummer has gone back to Kaslo as well so we get a quiet night tonight.  Yeah! 

Eric rode the Harley around Guaymas yesterday and I collected rocks on the beach and they are starting to become a sickness!  Just one more, like chocolates. 

Today we must do the last of our shopping, laundry and pack up the little bit of stuff that we unloaded here.  I did a big chicken barbecue last night because you can't take raw chicken over the border.  Today I'll hardboil and peel my eggs and throw out anything that can't go with me.  No pork of any kind.    Since we will only go to Santa Ana tomorrow we don't have to leave smoking early.  We could make it all the way to Ajo, but, we don't want to as we are not in a big hurry.

It is really hot today.  I managed to get my three loads of wash done after fighting with the machines in the park.  Some of them need to go to the dump!  I hung everything out and it was dry in no time flat.  We made a trip downtown and picked up  some fresh bread at Tony's, water, beer, had lunch at Ernie's (good local Mexican fare) and then got a few nice glasses at Sagitaria.  It irritates me to shop at Tony's vegetable stand because he doesn't post prices and I know I'm being overcharged after shopping in Mazatlan.  The Anglos here don't seem to care but I do.  I got two rolls of toilet paper at Rosa's and it was 10 pesos a roll.  No wonder they are so stingy with it here.  Oh well, at least they had some.  Home for a last walk on the beach and some last minute clean-up.  Ready to rock!

Wednesday March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's day to our son-in-law Jeff in Pittsburgh.  He's an Irishman.  It is 7:45 and I thought I'd do a last quick post before we leave.  We'll stop at Edgar's in Santa Ana and then on to Ajo tomorrow.  There won't be any internet at Edgar's so I'll post when we get to Ajo. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

It is sunny, but windy and a lot colder in San Carlos!

Thursday March 11, 2010

Well, the alley way of people heading north here in Totonaka is empty!  A mass exodus.  Since it is hugely windy and only about 9C this morning  maybe they were just freezing to death and decided to go home.!

 Frank and Sandi were not in a huge rush to get out of  San Carlos this morning so they didn't leave until 8:00am and that gave us a chance to say goodbye.   We were just lucky that Sandi sent Frank over to invite us for happy hour with them and Connie and Manny when we all stopped at the Pemex in Los Mochis on our way south to Mazatlan.   I guess that proves that there really is Karma.   It was the start of a nice easy friendship.

Friday,  March 12, 2010

Today was a get used to San Carlos and the Totonaka park again.  After spending three months in Las Jaibas in Mazatlan it takes a bit to adapt to a new park, new people and the change of moving.  We are, however, starting to develop some skills in all of this.  At least, I hope we are!  Unfortunately we parked a row over from Drunk Debbie who was next to us on the way down.  Didn't see her and she is also friends with some people behind us.  Nobody needs really loud  "Proud Mary" and bongo drums as background music.  Eric is threatening to hook up his outside speakers and give them all a dose of heavy metal! 

Eric is back riding his bicycle and I am back walking the beach picking up beautiful rocks.  The bridge is still not finished so there is no thru traffic in front of the park.  Joe, (the owner)  did get a new stairway to the beach installed so it is easy to get down now.

I spent this morning vacuuming the rig as yesterday was really dusty with all the wind and everything was filthy.  It was clean when we got here!

We drove down to the Marina for lunch today and Eric had a really great hamburger and I had a delicious chicken sandwich.  The meals at the Marina restaurant are really good!   Eric dropped me off at the side of the road coming back into town and I walked and shopped my way back.  Nice things to buy in the shops like the Sagitaria but the prices are huge compared to Mazatlan.   It's really close to Arizona and very Anglo in San Carlos.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eric rode his bicycle to the end of town this morning up towards the golf course.  We had met Pepe and Gisella (from Vancouver Island) here two years ago when we stayed at the Marina Terra and they were building  a house up that way so he thought he's go have a look.  We're not sure what has happened but the house is now for sale and no one seems to be around. 

It turns out that there is a motorcycle rally here this weekend and all the registration and bandstand etc. is right at the golf course.  The " Son's of Anarchy" motorcycle club is here for a three day rally as Monday is the Mexican holiday for Benito Juarez day.  We rode out to have a look at the bikes this afternoon but they had already gone to Guaymas for a ride.  We took a ride out past the Bahia towards the other marina and had a look at the Mirador trailer park.  There was a caravan from Quebec there but not many other rigs.  Too windy and cold there for us. 

We toured around and then headed out to Miramar (by Guaymas) on the road that follows the ocean to have a look at the town and also the trailer park.    We stopped in the Miramar park and it was really nice and quiet.  We may stay there on another trip.  We contined on and  rode down through the old town of Miramar and ended up on the beach.  A really nice quiet place with Mexicans enjoying a family day at the beach.  This is also where the pangas bring their fish in every day although they were not there as this was late in the day.   We watched a guy at a Coco stand and it was really interesting.  He had a large machete (and still all of his fingers!) that he opened the coconuts with.  He drained the clear milk into a plastic bag for the buyer and then chopped it in half.  At that point he used a very sharp tool (like a big spoon) to dig out all of the meat in edible slivers.  The meat was piled back in the coconut and topped with fresh lime juice and all sorts of hot sauces and it was ready to eat.  We didn't try it but the Mexicans were standing in line. 

Putting coconut milk in the bag.

Ready for lime juice and hot sauce.

At look up the beach at Miramar.

We'll take a ride back there and have lunch in the restaurant as the food looked good and was really cheap compared to San Carlos.  An anglo stopped us on the street  heading out of Miramar to ask where we were from.  He was well into his cups and I suspect that is what he does best.  There was old motorhome parked in the driveway and he said he had retired to Mexico from Kelowna and could rent cheaper here in Mexico than what he paid for heat in Kelowna.  Sounds like a good idea but you would have to find something else to do but drink.  Too cheap and too easy to do.  We've seen lots of it and try to keep our happy hour the same as home.  We've done pretty good and have only added the extra beer here and there. 

We passed many motorcycles of all sizes and makes as we rode both out and back from Miramar through Guayamas.   There were quite a few bikes in front of the bar on the street in front of our park and I took some pictures. 

Bikes in front of the bar/restaurant in front of the park.

One Victory and two?

All the shiny red new bikes in town have Eric looking at new Harley's on the net.
Shhh!  Don't tell Blue!

More bikes out on the street.

It is about 9:30 pm right now and I can here motorcycles roaring everywhere and since speed and alcohol is involved I hope no one gets killed.  We'll have a look again tomorrow morning. 

We got a good email from Sam about his trip south with his buddies from Winnipeg.  Lots of fun and it sounds like he had a great trip.

Sunday  March 15 , 2010

The weather here has improved over the last couple of days as the wind has died down.  We headed out to walk to Blackie's Restaurant for lunch and we were the only ones there so it was very quiet and relaxing.  This restaurant has great food, ambiance and the best waitors you will find anywhere.  They are friendly, polite and very smooth. We try to eat at Blackie's  whenever we are in San Carlos and we were have never been disappointed.

I walked the beach and Eric went for a Harley ride for the rest of the afternoon.  A nice quiet happy hour as most of the neighbours were out and then dinner and bed.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heading to San Carlos

Tuesday March 9, 2010

We didn't have to get an early start today since we were only heading to Los Mochis .  As I had mentioned we are not in a hurry and don't really want to travel too far or too fast.  We are travelling with Frank and Sandi to San Carlos and they will leave us behind there and head to Arizona to see their daughter and family before heading on their way. 

We hooked up the rig and then said goodbye to all the great people we had met this winter.  Lots of hugs but no tears since we'll likely see them in six months or so.   We didn't get to say goodbye to Sam because ... " You guessed it " he sent a message that he was staying the night and would be back today.  We thanked Rita for all their help with the motorcycle travel and hope to see them again next year.  Eric was worried about getting out of our parking spot but it was easy.  No Problemo!   Frank wanted us to lead but I said " No Way" too stressfull for me (the navigator!)    Frank and Sandi have Walkies so we could keep in touch as we travelled.  We had thought we'd have to go the Libre but the toll road has just reopened today.  Arnoldo who owns the park restaurant phoned to check and it was open so away we went.   The protestors had made it to Culiacan so the way was clear. 

Easy travelling with not much traffic and lots of tolls.  Oh well!  We stopped  just on the other side of the toll booth at the beginning of Culiacan for lunch and it was really a good stop.

The rigs parked for lunch.
Eric, Sandi and Frank having a sandwich.
Fields of corn next to the rest stop.

 Bob and Donna and another couple from Las Jaibas stopped as well as they were just behind us.  They will stay in the Copper Canyon trailer park but we along with Frank and Sandi will find a Pemex.  Onward to Los Mochis after a nice lunch(it's still warm so far!)

All the way from Culiacan to Los Mochis there were miles, and miles, and more miles of beautiful corn fields.  Muchos agriculture.  Very beautiful.

Fields of corn go on for ever.
Out our truck window, Frank ahead, corn on the right.

 When we got close to Los Mochis Frank stopped at the first really big  Pemex  #7407   and drove right to the back to have a look.  There was a huge amount of trucks and quite a lot of dust but it was fenced and we tucked both rigs in right at the back. 

The rigs at the back of the Pemex.
Tucked in tight.

Looking forward up to the front and the highway from the back of the lot.

Out the back fence, up the drainage ditch with corn on each side.
Note the secure fence and wire.
We are not fussy and neither are Frank and Sandi.  Eric hopped on his bicycle and checked out the restaurant.  It looked good so after a quick happy hour we headed to supper.  The food was really good, the waitor was great and we had a really plesant meal with good company!  Home to bed and hopefully a good sleep. 

Wednesday March 10, 2010

It was a quiet night (yeah!) with the trucks only moving a bit.  We were up early and had a quick breakfast in our rigs and then hit the road.  When we got to Navahoa we went the perifico (libramento) road it and it was really rough!  We didn't notice it as much as Frank and Sandi.  Their motorhome was really rocking and rolling so that route was a no go for next time for them.  Onward and we were into San Carlos by about 3pm.  It is a lot cooler here (Brrrrr! only about 21C. and windy.)    When we arrived the whole alley way of the Totonaka park was full of people we stayed with in Las Jaibas ready to head north tomorrow.  We will stay here for a week before heading north.  It was a good trip north to San Carlos and our first time travelling with anyone.  It was a really good experience, especially because we were with Frank and Sandi and they were really easy to travel with.  All new to us.

We had a short happy hour with Frank and Sandi and then left them to have dinner and relax before their trip north tomorrow.  We'll miss their company.  Really nice people.