Friday, February 28, 2014

Punta de Mita..Lunch at the Marina…Tacho’s RV Park…Mega and home.

Today’s journey took us south on Mex 200 to Sayulita where we turned right and headed toward the coast through Litibu and then on to Punta de Mita.  It is very beautiful there and also very pricey.  This is where we had our $70 lunch a couple of years ago.  Eric sure hasn’t forgotten that! 


Driving into the town of Punta de Mita.  Lots of gringos, lots of restaurant hawkers, tour hawkers, whale watching hawkers etc. etc. etc.   P1060075

Heading down the street, not buying anything and out to the beach. P1060076

Beautiful beach with nice long waves for paddle boarding. P1060077

Panga’s all lined up on the shore.  Some for fishing and some to take tourists out on the water for snorkeling and whale watching. P1060078

Lots of break waters. P1060079

Plenty of accommodation along the shore.   P1060080

Standing out at the light house for the small harbor entrance.   P1060081

I think the guys are thinking this would be a relaxing place to stay.  I agree. 

Time to get back in the truck and head to the marina in Cruz de Huanacaxtle for lunch.  A pretty drive along the ocean and lots of places to swim.  Not today.


Walking along the edge of the marina to the restaurant in the Yacht Club.P1060083

They have a sailing school here and this boat was coming in quickly under sail without a motor.  I think the instructor was at the helm! P1060084

Ian, Eric and Linda watch.  Hope he doesn’t hit the dock or another boat.   P1060085

The background of the marina is so bright the people are too dark.  Can’t really fix that.  P1060086


This is the front of the menu which explains the facilities etc. 

We all ordered lunch but first I had to make a fuss about the bread.  The last time we were here my sandwich had that nasty Bimbo bread and I wasn’t about to eat it again!  I don’t usually complain but it really is inedible.  So…my lunch sandwich had a baguette with not so tender beef, Ian’s burger was too rare and Eric’s sandwich was cold instead of hot but….other than that and the poor service it was all great!  The gorgeous setting and the friendliness of the staff made up for it! 


We spied a boat that was either a very large west coast troller or small seine boat which was more than likely made in B.C.  It would have a wood hull and take a huge amount of maintenance.  It had come in to take on fuel.P1060089

It has been refitted as a pleasure boat and there it goes out into the beautiful bay of Banderas.   People spend an enormous amount of money refurbishing them and they are really lovely.P1060090

Chugging along. P1060091

Setting the GPS to get to Tacho’s RV park.  Head south toward PV and turn left at Sam’s Club and it’s l km. on your left.P1060092


The bougainvillea is gorgeous.P1060094

Another nice sail boat. 

We stopped at an ATM machine on our way to Tacho’s so Ian could get money but it was another bust.  His interact card was killed by his bank as they said it had been compromised (wouldn’t tell him where) and now his Visa wouldn’t let him get money either.  As he worked for BMO for 37 years he is well versed in the banking system and is not a happy camper at this point. 

So back on the busy highway and off to Tacho’s.  We had thought we might like to stay there but after a look….probably not.


Nice park, big pool and very full.P1060096

The park is mostly full of Quebecois.  It might be okay but they do tend to keep to themselves.  Probably not our cup of tea.   P1060097

The road out front of the park is very busy but it was quiet at the back of the park.

It was time to hit the road home but first a quick stop at Mega for a few groceries.  We were back in Rincon by 5:30 and after a big lunch it was once again soup and toast for supper. 

Another busy but good day.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A trip to Puerto Vallarta and a visit with old and new friends.

Up early this morning and off on a road trip to Puerto Vallarta.  On the road by 8:45am which is actually 9:45 in Puerto Vallarta.  The push pins show the route on Mex 200 from Rincon to our destination in Puerto Vallarta. 

Map picture


Larry was out front to greet us when we arrived.  He was happy to see Ian as they have been buddies since elementary school.  Eric and I as well as Linda all know Larry well but haven’t seen him in a number of years.  Larry and his wife Joanne from Pemberton, B.C. along with Larry’s sister Donna and husband Richard from Port Coquitlam B.C. were all staying in a condo in the cruise ship dock/marina area of Puerto Vallarta.  Eric and I’d met Joanne a long time ago but we’d never met Donna and Richard.  We had the GPS running and had looked at Google Maps so there was no issue finding them. P1060045

This is the inside of the condo they are staying in and Eric and Larry are having a catch up chat.  Larry knows Eric because he is Ian’s big brother.  P1060046

Joanne and Linda catch up.  P1060047

Eric’s laughing….Larry is a funny guy! P1060048

We all had a short visit and then we trooped off down the street to find lunch on the marina. P1060049

Caught you Ian….you’re holding Linda’s hand! P1060050

Wandering the dock.  The cruise ships dock right across from where Larry and his family are staying.   P1060051

Pretty day and a pretty spot. P1060052

Looking south.P1060053

Nice sail boat. P1060054

Close up. P1060055

Time for lunch.  That’s Ian talking to Donna and Richard.  We had to split up because there wasn’t a big enough table in this restaurant for the eight of us.   Ian and Linda sat with Richard and Donna and Eric and I sat with Larry and Joanne.  P1060056

Linda and Donna sitting across from Ian and Richard. P1060057

Lunch was ordered and that’s what Larry ate.   The food was good and there was lots of it.P1060058

…..and me. P1060059

Dos Amigos….Larry of course is hamming it up! P1060060

Eric has plantar fasciitis and so does Linda….I think they are discussing shoes and feet.   P1060061

We are now back at the condo after lunch and this pretty yellow bird was sitting  on the Bird of Paradise out front.


Colorful birds and colorful flowers.P1060064

Joanne and Linda put on their suits and had a dip in the “Olympic sized” swimming pool.  It is huge!P1060065

The guys looked out at the water and had a chat.P1060066

Donna looking at the harbor.P1060067


By this time the stories of old times are flowing.  P1060069

That is some huge Mexican navy boat coming in to dock.  The dock that you can see on the other side of the water is where the cruise ships dock. P1060070

Joanne, Linda and Donna.   P1060071

The day is done and it’s time to head home.  Linda heads out through the reception area for the condo’s. P1060072

Pretty area.   P1060073

On the highway home at the edge of the road in San Ignacio there is always a display of copper wares for sale.  No gracious!

Home just before dark and once again happy hour in our room and a sandwich for supper.   We don’t need a big supper as we are still full from lunch. 

It was a really nice day.  Funny that you have to catch up with old friends in another country.  We did find out that Larry, Joanne, Donna and Richard have stayed at the Mayan Palace in Mazatlan just across the street from the RV park that we stay in.  Small world. 

Tomorrow another road trip!  Stay tuned.