Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are home and sooooooo .....busy!

Sunday May 2, 2010

Okay, so I have been really missing from blogland but in my defense we didn't even have the really crappy dial-up internet when we got home.  Eric tried to connect but no dice.  It took a couple of days and by that time I was so busy I didn't have time.  Sorry!

So, the trip home.  

We left Kelowna on Monday and hit the road  for Quesnel or Prince George.  We made it to Quesnel with no problems but decided P.G was too far.  We parked for the night in the Walmart parking lot and now that we have the Blue Flame GlowWarm propane heater we were warm and happy.  I picked up a bit of groceries and we were set for the night.

Tuesday we were off at 8am heading for home. Unfortunately it was now raining and that makes for a slower and much more difficult trip for the second long day.  We try not to make our travel days too long but home was waiting.  We dumped our tanks in Houston and then were on our way for the final leg.  Home by 6pm, tired but happy.  Happy hour, supper and bed. 

Wednesday we started up the water in the house.  As we are never sure if the power will stay on all winter we drain all water in the house and put antifreeze in all the drains and run it through the washer, dishwasher etc.  It is always a concern when you start up the water that something will leak as old washers in taps that are dry for six months can be a problem.  In the end only the dishwasher has a small leak and all else is fine.  No problems with theft or other damage so that is a relief and you just never know what you will find when you get home after being away for six months and no one is in the house.  Erika and Wade check periodically but once it snows in you just hope for the best. 

Thursday morning was my Garden meeting and as well I had to head to town to see the doctor for a B.P. check before getting more medication and since we still pay for extended medical I don't buy it in Mexico.  My meeting with my garden buddies was great fun and they were all happy to see me and they were surprized as I hadn't told  them I was coming in case I didn't make it.  They are a diverse and eclectic bunch of ladies and are a wealth of knowledge and many talents and I am so happy to be part of the group.     We went back to town in the afternoon for a haircut for Eric and some other business and then it was time for Eric to head to the Thursday night beer night.  A small group of now retired telephone workers have been meeting for beer for over 35 years and it is my job to drive Eric and our friend Don home at the end of the night.  A good visit with Mel, Ken, Rusty and a few other old friends.  Good to be back!  I checked in at work and will try a clinic ( four days from 7:30 am till 5:30 pm ) Monday to Thursday this week.  We see about 85 to 90 people a day once a month for orthodontics and I can still do this job if I wish when I am home for the summer.  It is stressfull so we'll see how I do but since it is good money and the holiday account can use some padding for next year I'll give it a try.

Friday Eric and I schleped all the stuff from the R.V. back into the house.  A long day but rather than piddle around with it I decided to hit it hard and got most of it done.  I also had a look at my very large perennial garden and since we are well into spring I am behind as we had a mild winter and everything is growing fast.  Not too big of a worry except for all the deadheading which really needs to be done.  Oh well, I'll get to it.

Saturday we picked up our dog Moxie from daughter Erika and son in law Wade's house.   I brought the family a few things from Mexico as we are so greatful that they will look after her for the six months that we are away.  She is a large hairy white Marema that would not be able to live tied to an R.V. all winter so she has to stay home.  All dogs have their issues and ours digs when she is stressed out and also just because she likes to.  At twelve she is getting on in age so we will be missing her permanently soon.   When we got her home she was quiet but will perk up in a day or so.  We have had a bear in the front yard and grazing in the field close to the house so she will have some work to do.

Today is Sunday and it was another big day for me.  A trip to town for groceries and that was expensive as I had to stock the cupboards.  Although prices have gone up a bit I while we were away I  had checked the specials and it wasn't as bad as thought it was going to be.  At least we have the Real Canadian Wholesale Club here and although it isn't fun to shop there it is at least economical.  So, shopping done, home to put it all away and then outside for a bit of gardening.  The weather has been bitter the last couple of days but was warm this afternoon so I got some deadheading done and even managed to bring in some parsnips and leeks.  The winter was mild enough that they survived and are really delicious at this time of the year.  A real bonus! 

We are glad to be home and are now full speed ahead. 
Thanks to all of you who read and enjoy the blog and I will keep it up on a weekly basis now that we are home and  I will post some pictures next weekend if I get time.  I do have to get our taxes done but that will have to wait until next weekend and the garden calls!