Monday, September 12, 2022

A ride to Prince Rupert

 I haven't been out on a ride this year as..well you know..the broken elbow thing so today was the day.  Rupert is seldom sunny and as the highway follows the Skeena river it is usually cold and windy.  Today it was supposed to be 16C in Rupert and sunny so a good day.  Two light wool pullovers, a heated jacket and a windbreaker, two layer gloves, ear warmer, tights under jeans and wool socks!  I was barely warm enough on the ride there🥶

We left about 10 am at a temp of 10C...coolish😉  There are no pictures on the way there because my hands were too cold to take a picture😆

We arrived in Prince Rupert at Cow Bay around 12:30 headed for Breakers and lunch.

I open the gate and get on when it's closed.

Parking the bike in Cow pictures riding there..too cold!!

Out the window at Breakers.

The view is worth the $23 dollar hamburger? I had the cod burger and Eric the Breakers burger, coffee (too cold for beer!) both were good..the fries were a little limp😁 
I made Eric take a selfie and he said my head was blocking the boats!

Eric said this huge boat had no flag...perhaps confiscated from a billionaire Russian?  😳 

Huge beautiful sail boats which are another of Eric's dreams😊 

The Cow Bay board walk.

On the way home and it warmed up enough I could take a few pictures.  The Skeena River is tidal for a long way inland.

Big rocky mountains surround you. CN rail on one side and the river on the other. 

Lots of road work and mostly fixing bridges.  CN is also redoing track everywhere.

Getting closer to Terrace.

Coming into Terrace you can see the CN rail bridge.

A good ride and now for happy hour in the sun on the porch.😊