Monday, March 31, 2014

People leaving, us cleaning up and then….leaving.


Klaus and Karin from Germany on the road and off to Celistino.  They leave their motor home in Arizona and fly back to Germany.  P1060313

Manny/Connie & Ramona will leave today (Friday Mar.28th) with George/Sharen and Blake and Laurie. Manny has a last chat with Dick and Eric.


Everyone gathers to say goodbye. P1060311

This is Ramona ….she is one special little gal! P1060312

And then there is Bosco, Eddy’s dog making himself right at home in Connie and Manny’s rig.  


Blake is ready to roll and his airstream trailer is hooked up.  Blake has had a nasty winter with his thyroid and is just starting to feel better. P1060316

While everyone was getting ready to hit the road Eric and I were washing.  Him outside and me inside.


Here comes Manny with Connie ready to hook up the truck.  Safe travels all..George is already out of the park. P1060319

That evening we had a lovely sunset.P1060320

Roger and Myrna from Regina, Saskatchewan.  Myrna is a second cousin to Kathy (a lady I worked with for 20 years) in Terrace.  How small is this world! P1060322

Myrna and the blogger.P1060323

Along with a Harley there is a Quad that rides in the back of their toy hauler.  This is their first year in Las Jaibas and they plan to come back.  P1060324

I just had to take a picture of the reservations for next year.  See #81…that’s our friend Betty’s husband “Boomer!” not Bumer….gee whiz Felipe (park owner) really can’t spell.  Funny!P1060325

It is now Monday, April 1st and we are ready to leave.  There is lonely us ready to hook up and hit the road.  Rocky and Nancy are leaving today and they are hooked up right behind us.  P1060326

Rocky and Nancy from Colorado.  They were good neighbors and we hope to see them in the fall.  P1060327

Bye bye Rocky and Nancy. P1060328

Looking forward the next rig is Roger and Myrna.  Only a few left when we leave.  P1060329

I popped over to Dick and Val’s to say bye.  They won’t leave till later in April.  P1060330

The office.  Felipe must be hiding in there somewhere.


That’s Betty from Vancouver Island’s  rig with Eddy from Fort St. John right behind her.  They leave tomorrow.  P1060332

Heading onto the Cuota (toll road) to Culiacan. P1060333

Heading north. P1060334

The first toll booth.P1060335

What shall we have to pay???


$260.oo peso’s or just over $20 Canadian.  


And then another one….300 peso’s or $24. P1060349

Beautiful fields of corn. P1060350

And tomatoes. P1060351

And….another toll booth. P1060352

This one is at the beginning of the new Cuota through Culiacan where we were diverted to a lane on the south bound side because the pilings under the new bridge bridge had sunk and the bridge was bent in the middle.  I missed the picture of it.P1060353

A new overpass with no approaches yet. P1060354

And….another toll booth at the other end of this short stretch. P1060355

Lots of confusion at the end of it where we had to be flagged through.  Another shemozzle.  P1060356

Out and heading toward the interesting hills.  P1060359

Guess what….another toll booth.   P1060360

Only 97 pesos for this one.P1060361

Again….you’ve got to be kidding. P1060362

This one a mere 40 pesos. P1060363

Always paving somewhere.  It all fails and is always being redone.   What a system. P1060364

Coming into Los Mochis and the Costena plant has huge trucks of tomatoes ready to be processed.  Yum! P1060365

That is a lot of tomatoes.  P1060366

That’s beautiful black composted top soil.P1060367

We can’t stay at our usual Pemex (4925) just south of Los Mochis so La Piliraca just before the crossroads will have to do.  We’ve stayed here before and it is really dusty but…what can you do.P1060368

The Zar hotel just before the “pension” or free parking lot. P1060369

Heading off the pavement to the gravel lot.


It is hot, hot, hot and the generator is running and so is the A/C. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

It has been a very busy week.

It has been so busy that I haven’t kept up the blog.  Sorry! 

As you all know Eric’s mother passed away last Saturday and we have been trying to figure out how to deal with a funeral while we are in Mexico.  The funeral is planned for April 9th and will be a family reunion and a celebration of Mom’s life as well. 

We are leaving Mazatlan tomorrow and will head for Yuma, Az.  We will take a week to get there and then we will leave the rig there while we fly back to Vancouver, B.C. for the service and spend a few days with family.  When we return to Yuma we will continue our travels north.  It will all work out and it will be good to spend time with family. 

The rig is packed up and we will leave the park around 10 am tomorrow and spend our first night in Los Mochis at the large Pemex on the east side (northbound) side of the highway.  We have stayed there in the past and it has a hotel and restaurant, gated lot and lots of dust!  The Pemex (4925) that we usually stay at south of Los Mochis (heading south and north) is out this year as the retourno south of it is blocked and it would not be possible to retourno and head north from there.  Next year.

We had also heard that the road through Empalme heading into Guaymas was under construction but that has apparently been done and there are no issues there at this point.  A few people have had thorough checks (20 min to 30 min) at the military check point at Benjamin Hill north of Hermosillo, Sonora.

This email is from Dennis…..

We left SC this morning at 0700 and arrived Ajo 1715. No issues other than the military check at Benjamin Hill, they checked me over very well for about 20 minutes. Road is quite rough around Benjamin Hill other than that it was not to bad. In regards to Pitiquito, the place can be accessed at points #2 and #3. We used #2 then walked over to the main building and got the official to come back and remove the stickers.
While we were there two RVs used access #3 and parked closer to the main building. The only downside of #3 is a very tight left turn to access the site, therefore one should be in the right hand lane and proceed left from the highway when safe to do so. There is less turning room once inside #3 also.
#1 is a exit only for south bound traffic, I mentioned on map for a reference only.


Following this email was another one from Dennis….

Okay, In my last msg I mentioned two rigs that entered at #3.
I spoke to one of them at Ajo this morning, he advised the left turn into the site is not difficult if you stay in right hand lane of the highway. -Be aware of northbound traffic coming up from behind.
- Once into the site stop at first building and go fetch the Aduana.
-After processing you can go through the site as if you were proceeding south.
-Upon leaving the site you will make a U turn onto the main highway to go back north.
Safe travels.

Thanks Dennis

Hope this helps everyone in their travels through Lukeville.  I will post again when we get to Los Mochis and if not there then from Playa de Cortez. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Getting a Haircut and Pedicure at Gabby’s is fun!

Here in Mexico it is cheap, easy and fun to get a haircut, manicure, pedicure or massage.  Lots of the ladies in this park go to Gabby’s ….Rosie’s shop in Plaza Bonita. 

P1060292  P1060293

I have blogged Gabby’s before but I like everyone to know how nice they all are and what a good job they do.P1060294

When I came in I snapped a quick picture.  The lady on the left having a pedicure asked it I took pictures of everywhere I went.  I then explained the Blog!  She is from Seattle and I gave her the name of the blog so she could see herself on line.  The first young Mexican senorita is Favia who did my feet.


That’s Leticia doing “streaks.” She cut my hair last time, just three days before she had her baby. They do everything here that we have done at home, just as well and much more economically.  P1060296

I shot into the sun trying to get a picture of Rogalio, Rosie’s husband.  He is a great cook, mans the desk making appointments and helps out where ever he is needed.  A really nice man.P1060298

Favia is prettying up my feet and Rosie is cutting my hair.

P1060300   Don’t those tootsies look cute all painted up!


Men get pedicures too and once they have had one ….they always come back.P1060302

Rosie is moving her hairdressing shop farther back in Plaza Bonita.  The rent up on the street has become more than she can afford so she is moving the hairdressing and pedicure/manicures into the area where she has been doing massages.  The massage room will be new and more “tranquillo” and will be located just ahead of Chili Pepper’s restaurant.

P1060301   That’s Rogalio working his magic in the new massage room.


This is the book that I bought there last year and it has stories of the ladies that work there as well as….P1060307

Rosie who is the bright light in all of this.  A wonderful lady and a great hairdresser.  See you in the fall!