Sunday, October 1, 2017

Left Laughlin on Friday for Yuma and….. leaving Yuma on Monday for home.

Friday morning and off to Yuma.


Welcome to California.  The Needles highway has been good on the Nevada portion. 


They’ve done a little repaving on the California portion but…


closer into Needles and same old, same old.  Like Mexico…only worse.


Head south on 95 to Vidal Junction, then Parker and onward.


New pavement on 95 south.  This is a well travelled highway with lots of truck traffic. 


We had one long wait and then the pilot car took us through.


Here they’ve finished the northbound lane but not the southbound.


I call this the Christmas ribbon candy highway!


What is the fascination with Jerky!


Coming into Parker and over the new bridge.


We’ll stop for lunch in Quartzite.  We boondocked for a couple of weeks on BLM land when we first started RVing and that ship has sailed!  We didn’t have our little buddy propane heater at the time and just about froze to death in March.  Besides that…what the heck do you do all winter.


Heading to Yuma.


We’ve never come into Yuma this early in the season so the agriculture is quite different.


The cotton which is the summer crop has just come off the fields. Those are huge bales of cotton.


The cotton is being processed.


Looks like cement but…it’s cotton.


Fields are being readied for the winter crops of lettuce and all the brassicas.


Just the stubble left from the recently harvested cotton.

We had a little bit of a convoluted entry to Yuma when the large sign on 95 said there was no left turn up Araby.  We turned a street early and it appeared to be a dead end but we managed to make a right turn to Araby and carried on.  There are only a few under passes and overpasses over the railroad to get into Yuma.

So it’s now Sunday night and we are packed up and ready to head home tomorrow.  It is really hot here right now (37C)  and we’ve spent our days here inside the RV with the A/C running which is not our idea of fun.  We shopped a little on Saturday and managed to find a couple of chairs suitable for the beach at WalMart so we are now all chaired up again.  I also picked up a grocery/laundry cart for Mexico so I can haul my laundry up front when I go for my morning walk.  Last year I carried it up and back but my left hip is complaining bitterly.  I’ll get an x-ray when I get home and see if anything serious is going on.  It got sore last winter when my left knee was really bad so maybe it’s just sore in sympathy.  Hope so because I really don’t want to have a hip replacement. 

Today laundry was done, fridge cleaned of fresh stuff and we’re good to go.  Eric was out on his bicycle and overdid it.  You have to be careful in this heat when you exercize.  Tomorrow morning we’ll pull in the slides, shut off the water and leave it plugged in so the fridge can run until we return on Oct. 30th.  We are parked in the Blue Sky Ranch (formerly Arizona Sands.)  The park was sold a couple of years ago and has been upgraded along with the prices! 

I’ve booked a ride to the airport with Go Green and they are to pick us up at 5:30am for our 7am flight to Phoenix.  From there straight to Vancouver and then home to Terrace by 6:30 pm.  It’s supposed to be sunny for a few days at home which is good because the lawns will really need to be mowed.  Back to work! 

The blog will return when I return.