Sunday, January 29, 2017

Parrots, Dinners and Sunsets

We have been hearing a lot of squawking in the trees at the back of the park and today we saw what was making the noise.  I’d heard that the parrots were around but we hadn’t seen them until today.

Mexican Red Headed or Red Lored Amazon IMG_5875

Of the net “The photo on the left is of a Mexican Red Headed or Red Lored Amazon.  While many are companion birds, they are considered endangered in the wild.” 

The one on the right is a picture of a bird in the park.



These were in a tree across the park but the camera managed to zoom them in. 

Off the net “The red-crowned Amazon is a large, chunky, green parrot with a brilliant red forehead. They live in lush Atlantic slope forests of the lowlands of northeastern Mexico. There, they nest in cavities in large, old trees and dine on seeds, fruits, flowers and nectar. Thanks to rampant habitat destruction for agricultural and ranching uses, and illegal trapping for the pet trade, the wild population of these endangered parrots has declined dramatically from more than 100,000 in the 1950s to somewhere between 3,000 to 6,500 individuals, according to a 1994 BirdLife International study.”

This info came off the internet and now I see that the parrots are happily residing in Texas and California and adapting well to urban life.  Obviously they are here in Sinaloa as well. 

Dinners.  We’ve been enjoying some good dinners lately and here are a couple.


Fresh guacamole, mixed carrot/apple red currant salad, fresh green beans, hot pickled onions, baked potato and a piece of tender sirloin steak from Soriana’s.   That’s a lot of food!  Luckily we eat quite lightly throughout the day so we can handle it.


This is huevos rancheros “ A la Kathy.”  Quesadilla’s with manchego and cheddar cheese/refritos negro/fresh guacamole/ and huevos poached in a tomato salsa mix.  Oh…and a little salad on the side.   P.S…..I haven’t gained an ounce since we got here!

Last night it was cloudy and we were treated to a beautiful sunset over about a ten minute period.





Even though these are beautiful they don’t rival the ones we saw when we stayed in a condo in Kino Bay (Sonora, Mexico) back in 2008. 

Another good day.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Ride to Concordia and a quick look at Mesillas

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Today’s ride of about 74km each way.  The route is not exact but you get the idea.


Eric and I are getting all geared up for the ride.  A little cooler today so Eric’s wearing his armored jacket.


Coming over the first bridge and Frank/Sandi and Dennis & Marilyn are in the Jeep behind us.


Here we are at an intersection and the Mormans dressed in black overalls and cowboy hats are selling cookies.  No Gracias!


As we were heading out of town the pollution was really bad.  The power plant was really pumping out the smoke.  Yuck!


The truck ahead of us is carrying rebar and other construction materials.  These types of loads are never secured very well here in Mexico.


We stopped for fuel out by the airport and we had almost lost the Jeep which was behind us.  Frank was watching the cop car with flashing lights behind him and almost missed seeing us turn in.  We had just passed a rather unsafe looking camper and had made a quick turn in as well. 


Nice to see the cattle in a field where there is actually some feed for them.


Coming through Villa Union. 


At the south end of Villa Union we turn east toward Concordia.


There are always many stands selling Camarones Seca or dried shrimp. 


We cross over the maxipista (freeway) and head east to Concordia.


18 km to go.


Lots of large chicken barns along this road.


This truck was ahead of us for quite aways and it stunk of fish.  Hopefully it’s not on our lunch menu!  Just kidding.


Coming into Concordia and the children are out of school.


Nice green crops.


You can see a tiny little part of the church in the square and that’s where we are heading.   The whole area is involved in furniture making and you can smell sawn lumber as you travel along.  Dennis said he saw a lumber truck with Gorman Lumber Mills on it and that mill is in Kelowna, B.C.  That’s a long way for lumber to travel. 


No your eyes aren’t blurry…’s just a shadow under raised letters.


Many old buildings in Concordia.  It was founded in 1565 as Villa de San Sebastian.  The area around Concordia has grown since we started coming here in 2011.  New restaurants and stores everywhere.


Heading up the narrow one way street to the square. 


As we were parking in front of the restaurant Eric made a new friend!  A very inebriated Mexican decided that Eric was his new best friend.  He had a bag of Tecate beer and really wanted to chat. 


We are all gathered to go in to eat and Eric’s new friend is already in there. 


Here we are seated and eating.  Before this we had appetizers and of course a glass of beer.  Eric’s buddy had come out to chat and was eventually ejected from the restaurant.  He didn’t leave easily though and then showed up at the open air window next to us.  Now the waiter had to go outside and move him along.  Funny!


After lunch we left our vehicles by the restaurant and walked up to the church and the square. 


San Sebastian Catholic church founded in the late 1500’s is the oldest church in Sinaloa.



                     Very beautiful.


The lovely green square.


I decided I needed an ice cream cone after lunch so Eric bought me one and then everyone else had one too.   There was vanilla and another one that we had which seemed to have small pieces of dates in it.  10 pesos or about 64 cents for us.  It was more ice milk like than ice cream.


                             Ice cream in front of the church. 


Marilyn and Dennis.


Note the beautiful brass bell which has been all polished up since we were last here.


Sandi and I enjoying our treats.   Not only that we were sitting in a digital Wifi hot spot!  The shoe shine guy doesn’t seem to be working today.


Concordia has a new sign.  Behind it you can see the “big chair.” In past years many of us have had our picture taken in it.


This cute little girl was sitting with her brother and mother. 


Quite the architecture don’t you think. 


Back to the bike and we will head off for a quick tour of Mesillas which isn’t too far away. 


Down another one way street and out of town.


We’ve headed east from Concordia and will now turn right for Mesillas.


Mesillas is the most amazing town of Muebles or furniture.  The furniture is very high end and comes from as far away as Italy.  It seems odd to find this town out in the middle of nowhere.


We must come back and walk through these stores.  We’ve been here before but it was a short trip that time as well. 


Town square at the end of town where we managed to get the bike turned around.  Hard for Eric to muscle the big beast around on these narrow cobbled streets. 


Frank leads and there is even a tractor on the street.  Pretty quiet here today.   The air had the scent of mahogany sawdust as we left town.


This burro was grazing at the edge of the road and was completely unconcerned by the traffic.


Back to Concordia and we head west back to Villa Union.


Frank wanted to stop along the way to look for a replacement for an Aztec type clay mask that he’d broken.  He was in luck and found a slightly damaged one on the scrap heap that he bought for 50 pesos or about $2.50 US. 

A quick trip home on the Mazatlan bypass where we were surprised by an increase in the toll charge from last week.  A paper sign on each charge and the moto had gone from 20 pesos to 22 pesos.  Not a problem except you can’t get into your pocket while you are on the bike.  She let us go through for 20 pesos because that’s all I had out.  Ah Mexico! 

When we got home the wind was really howling.  It was warm and humid at the beginning of the week and now it’s cool with a strong, cold north wind.   No swimming for a few days.