Monday, May 5, 2014

We will get home to Terrace today and it will be sunny.

It is 7am and sunny here in Prince George.  The drive from Prince George to Terrace will be sunny although the road looks a bit frosty up this way.  I will blog the trip home and take pictures when we get there but….I can’t post them until I go our daughter’s and use her high speed internet.  We will once again be back on the dreaded “dial up.”  So far we have not found anything else that we feel we “want” to afford.  I will look into it again when we get home.  Even the small subdivisions out our way (Gossen, Kleanza and Usk) are in the same boat.

I have decided to keep the blog up over the summer on a “weeklyish” basis.  Perhaps you would like to see where we live and what we do when we get home.   

Thanks to all of you who have read the blog over the winter and yes….I will continue to blog our journeys.  I am always amazed at how many people have found me and enjoy what I write.  The blog is an invaluable tool for Eric and I to remember where we have been, who we have met and what we seen. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014


It sure didn’t look promising this morning.  Cold, windy and little snow flakes drifting around.  What to do, what to do….do we go or do we stay. 

Eric went up to the office to check the BC Road Cams and ….we go.  Looks okay.

> Mainmap


The snow is right down the mountain. IMG_0516

We turn north and head for Clinton.IMG_0518

There is lots of snow on those mountains and it better not end up on the road. 


Downtown Clinton.  There is an RV park just on the south end of town and another one right in town.  I think we’ll pick one of those next year….we need internet.IMG_0522

Heading up the hill out of Clinton towards 100 mile house.  The cattle are on the grass. 


The cattle here are still being fed hay. IMG_0524

See that intent driver….well it’s only 36C.   IMG_0525

And now there is snow on the trees. IMG_0526

Okay here.  IMG_0527

Don’t you think it looks like a Christmas post card…wait a minute…it’s May!!! IMG_0528

Another lovely winter scene.


Between the last photo and this one as we entered 100 mile I was a little tense.  Here winter seems to have passed.  IMG_0531

We are heading for Prince George tonight.  IMG_0532

Cloudy but greenish as we travel out of 100 mile.  IMG_0533

Lac La Hache.  IMG_0536

Not much blue sky. IMG_0537

Green here. IMG_0538

Williams Lake on the left. IMG_0539

Turn right for Prince George. IMG_0540

Heading up the hill out of Williams Lake. IMG_0541

We’ve always liked the openness of the Williams Lake and Chilcotin area but it’s a way too cold in the winter.  IMG_0542

McLeese Lake.   


The Fraser River. IMG_0544

It is getting muddy. IMG_0545

Horses in the fields but you can see the snow.  It was ugly here around Williams Lake yesterday.IMG_0546


Rain squalls as we drive along but so far no snow.  IMG_0548

Old barns. IMG_0549

Coming down the big hill into Quesnel.  That’s the pulp mill and you can see the steam/smoke/??? in the air. IMG_0550

> Mainmap

You come down the big hill cross over the Quesnel River and turn right and now the Fraser River is on your left.  Quesnel really needs a bypass route. IMG_0551

Quesnel is  pretty and they do a lot of flower baskets and plantings in the meridians.  Too bad it’s so stinky from the two pulp mills….just like Prince George.


Heading out of town towards Prince George. IMG_0554

What do you think they use that wood for….let me guess ….maybe the pulp mill.IMG_0555

Just up the hill leaving Quesnel you can turn right for….Wells, Bowron Lakes and Barkerville. IMG_0557

We went up and now we go down to cross the Cottonwood River. IMG_0558

An interesting rock face. IMG_0559

Only 86 km to go. IMG_0560

Wide open and green here just north of Quesnel. IMG_0561

This is a pellet plant (for pellet stoves) and that is steam coming out.  IMG_0562

Hey, how come that hay is still in the field.   IMG_0564

We are getting closer to Prince George and the sky is getting bluer. IMG_0565

Those look like clouds off  “The Simpson’s”IMG_0566

An old sheet metal “Gleaner” combine at the edge of the road.  One of many we’ve seen in this part of B.C.IMG_0567

Turn left for Prince George.


Waiting at the light at the bottom of the hill where we turn left towards home and I saw Mr. Prince George. IMG_0570

At the top of the hill is the Bon Voyage Inn where we stay going south and coming north.  We park in the parking lot on the south side of the building.  There are RV hook ups with power and water, internet and there is a good restaurant to the right and also a gas station for $15. 

And ….it’s sunny.  All in all a good day although it looked a little scary to start.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How high’s the water Momma….5 feet high and rising!

Well we were going to stay in Cache Creek but….we were on the wrong side of the creek. 

Eric went out to check the water level in the creek around 11am this morning and decided we should leave.  If a log blocked the culvert the water would be over the road and who knows what would happen.  The creek was really roaring!

It was raining down low where we were and probably up high where the snow is so…lot’s of water.  Last year it broke through the wing dam and flooded the RV park. 

We decided to head for Clinton and the RV park right in town.  It was raining and trying to snow as we drove along and just south of Clinton Eric saw the Willow Springs RV park and it was open so we pulled in there. 


Nice spring day between Cache Creek and Clinton….not!

This park is usually closed as we head south and also when we return north as well.  May 1st to Oct. 1st.


Pull thru, full hook up, hot showers and internet for $24.  Bueno!  We hooked up quickly and all was well.  Unfortunately the internet is on Shaw Satellite and it is not working out in the campground.  We can use the internet in the office if we need to check the weather for tomorrow’s journey.  After looking at the B.C. weather Cam this morning in Cache Creek we will be doing that.  There was lots of snow on the road about 37km south of Williams Lake and that isn’t good.  Oh yeah…I forgot there is no cell service here either as we are down low between the mountains. 

IMG_0510  IMG_0508

Pretty little lake which would be nice in the summer.  A little too much goose poop right now but…they probably move on. 

So….tomorrow will tell whether we move on or not.