Saturday, October 30, 2010

Return of the Blog!

Hello all:

I have been missing from the blog scene since we arrived home in the spring.  We are on dial-up and it is impossible to load the blog so I just took the summer off. 

It was a hectic summer as Eric was finishing his new pole building and I, of course was busy with my garden.  The building is now finished and the 5th wheel was stored under cover for the last part of the summer.  It was a treat to load it up without having to stand out in the rain.  We had a really nice summer (hot) and a beautiful September and then October came.  It really rained and just before we left on Thanksgiving weekend we got blasted with a huge wind storm.  We were out of power for 5 days and phone for 6 so that really slowed down the preparations for the winter trip.  We had a huge amount of trees down and some areas look like a bomb went off.  Prince Rupert had 150km hour winds and  roofs were ripped off and major damage was done there.   The subdivisions just past us had a huge amount of damage as well and were out of power just about as long as we were.   Eric back fed power to the house from the trailer generator so that gave us light and kept the freezer going.  As we are on gravity water we had water, just not hot water.  Eric says he will have to spend next summer sawing lumber with all the trees that are down.  Great, like we need any more lumber!

We left home on Wednesday morning (Oct. 27) and headed south.  The roads were wet from large amounts of rain the day before and the temperature was between 4 and 8c.  The truck got covered in salty water and so did the trailer so it will need to be washed when we get south.  We made Prince George by 4:30 and hooked up at the Bon Voyage motel.  We had a good dinner at the restaurant (liver and onions for Eric!) and were in bed by 9:30.  Thursday morning brought minus 4c. and some window scraping before we left.  It was then thick fog all the way to Quesnel (no fun) and by the time we hit Williams Lake there were snow flakes in the air and the temperature was around 0.  The snow continued through 100mile and eased up when we hit Clinton.  It then  rained all the way to Kelowna and we didn't get in and parked until it was getting dark around 6pm.  Too long of a day and we were both exhausted.  Oh yeah, I forgot mention that there was no diesel at the station in Telkwa and we had to pour a jug of diesel in the first day and on the second day the huge station in Lac La Hache was also out of diesel and we had to pour another jug of fuel in.  Absolutely ridiculous that a great big station would be out of diesel and when we made it to 108mile for fuel they said that it happens frequently at the Lac La Hache station so they are now OFF our list of fuel stops.  Good thing we carry extra diesel or we would have been hooped.  So, we are now in Kelowna for a few days visiting family and then will start our journey south on Monday or Tuesday.  Eric also had to get our new Michelin tires rebalanced again as the shop in Terrace did it twice and the tires were still thumping and vibrating.  Hopefully they will be all right now.