Monday, January 31, 2011

Day two safely in Los de Marcos and looking around.

Monday January 31, 2011


Tlaquepaque villas, bungalows and hotel.  It is huge and really beautiful and next to it is the El Refugio RV park and it is stuffed full of Quebecois as is the hotel complex.  I’ll comment on all of that later! 


Tres Hamanos Restaurant in Lo de Marcos

Here we are up the street waiting to get fed at the 3 Hermanos Restaurant.  We ate eggs every day because that was what was on the menu.  Mexicana, ranchero, omelet etc. etc.  All good. 


This little guy was bawling so Sandi cheered him up.  Doesn’t look that cheery does he! 

Buying veggies from Saul in Lo de Marcos

As we left the restaurant we wandered up the street and ran into the vegetable cart.  Although we have cooking facilities in our room we won’t be cooking any meals.  That doesn’t mean we couldn’t buy a little fruit.  The produce was beautiful and cheap, much better than the truck that comes into our park in Mazatlan.  This of course is Saul (pronounced saw-ool) and everyone who has been to Los de Marcos knows him.  He speaks English very well and is a wealth of information and  he encouraged us to eat at his restaurant.  We will.  Saul is also shown in The Mexican Camping book on the El Refugio page.  He is very tall and I figured it was him even though he was shown from the back. 

The strawberries were in the front seat



Is that beautiful produce or what!

After breakfast we all left in the jeep with Frank driving.  Eric likes to be a passenger as long as it’s not me driving.  Of to Rincon de Guayabitos to have a look at their market. 


We had just started wandering through the market and who should we run into but Fred and Marilyn McRae.  We knew they were in the area on a road trip with their friends and we had missed seeing them in Mazatlan.  My wacky ESP told me this would happen and guess what….it did.  Too bad I can’t win money with the ESP.  Fred & Marilyn used to live in Terrace in the old days and now live in Kelowna.  They have friends in Mazatlan and visit most winters. We had a good blab and then carried on. 



The Rincon market. 



Streets in Rincon.

P1000836 Heading down to the beach to have a look at the trailer parks that are along it’s edge.


We stopped for a quick Pacifico and although Eric was in this picture he was looking pained so what could I do…..I cropped him out!



Frank and Sandi.

P1000840 P1000841

The beach in Rincon.  Long flat and pretty.


As we walked along who should we run into again but… Fred and Marilyn and their friends.  That’s Fred the tourist under the umbrella and Marilyn on her tummy hiding her face. 


Someone is always trying to sell you something and in this case it’s music they want these poor people to pay for.  Ah Mexico!


When we got home it was time for a couple of beers and then off to find dinner.  We decided to try Saul’s restaurant and look what we got to eat.  This is molcajetes and it just delicious.  Those pots have been heated on the barbecue and then the mixture of veggies, shrimp and cheese are added.  It all stays smoking hot and you can eat until you can’t eat any more.  Cost 110 peso’s and each one fed two of us.  We wanted to know where we could buy a pot but wouldn’t you know it we’d have to go to Tonala close to Guadalajara.  They are made of some kind of volcanic stone, carved in the shape of a pig and can take the heat.  Not this trip.  Maybe next year. 




Here we are wandering down the street in Los de Marcos and then into the complex for bed. 

A good day.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Road Trip Begins

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We are leaving today to go on a road trip with our friends Frank and Sandi who are here in Las Jaibas with us for the winter.  We will travel as far south as La Manzanilla together checking out RV parks as we travel.  Eric and I  think we might want to travel farther south next winter so we want to have a look before we decide to do that.    Week one will have Frank and Sandi with us and week two they will stay in their time share in Puerto Vallarta while we will stay somewhere on our own.  We hope to have fun. 

Map picture

Day one -  Las Jaibas RV park Mazatlan to Los de Marcos – total miles about 244.  Left the park about 9:30 am and arrived in Los de Marcos about 5:30 p.m. just as it was getting dark.  We had stopped for gas for the Harley at Tecuala  after leaving the toll road (had to pay twice!) to get back on,  spent an hour for lunch in Villa Hildago, and  looked briefly at San Blas but  in the end we should have hurried. 


It is just about 9:30 am and we are ready to leave.  We have loaded our gear onto Blue and guess what…… I can too pack for two weeks in a back pack.  It is all tight but we had to carry the motorcycle cover as well so Eric is pretty well loaded up.  I have my motorcycle gear on even though I am not riding.  It is windy in the back of the jeep so it will keep me warm.  I thought I might ride after we left the toll road and headed west but in the end I just stayed put.  Tiring for Eric to ride the twisty roads with lots of tope’s (speed bumps) so it was better without me on the back. 


Ready to roll.



We left all our friends behind after a few pictures and okay….a few hugs and kisses too.   I must admit we have made good friends over the last two winters and you all get to know each other well so they are all here to wish us good bye.


Leaving Mazatlan.


Estuary flats just south of Escuinapa.


We left the toll road (and paid a toll ) so Eric could get fuel somewhere close to Acapaponeta and went into Tecuala where there was a hugely busy Pemex that was really plugged up with people getting fuel.  We couldn’t see anywhere to eat so we got back on the toll road and ……paid the same toll again.  What a rip off!  It wasn’t far south of this that we left the toll road to head to Villa Hildago and onto San Blas and they tried to ding us again for another small toll.  In the end he looked at our tickets and didn’t make us pay. 







We were almost through Villa Hildago when I spotted this restaurant and we stopped to eat.  La Hacienda seems to be a popular name for eateries in Mexico.  Just like MacDonald’s is other areas but better food in a La Hacienda! 



I set the camera to take a picture and here we are ready to order.



A very nice clean place to eat.  The Mexican waitress kept cranking the jukebox up so loud we couldn’t even talk.  Luis (the waiter) kept turning it down!  Is everyone in Mexico deaf?



It was a hot day and what did we really need… guessed it…..our favorite drink…..PACIFICO! 



Here are Sandi and I with Luis.  This young man was delighted to speak to us and he spoke perfect English.  Turns out he was born in Villa Hildago but  had been living in the US in Denver since he was five.  I asked why he hadn’t stayed and he admitted that he had spent 8 months in jail for being naughty and had been deported.  He said it was for street racing but it is likely it involved more than that.  It is also likely that he was an illegal.   However, he was personable and sorry that he was back in Mexico especially since his girlfriend had rejected his marriage proposal after spending five days in Villa Hildago.  He hopes to go back to the US but can’t reapply for five years.  This is his uncle’s restaurant and if you are through that way travelling stop in as the food was excellent and cheap.  80 pesos for rice, beans, fish fillet and beer.  A bargain.



Cleaning shell fish out front of the restaurant.



Coming into San Blas I spotted this restaurant and it reminded me of our friend Betty back at Las Jaibas.  She is such a good cook she should have her own one!



We road into San Blas and down to the end of town but the roads were torn up so we didn’t stay long. 


We stopped here south of San Blas to stretch our legs. 


Zacualapan.  Here we are rolling into town on our way south.  The roads are narrow here but it is the way you would have to bring the RV.  We may not want to do that!



Leaving Zacualapan.  You just never know who your riding companion might be in Mexico.  The mule seems unconcerned as do most of the animals in Mexico. 


First it was a mule, now it’s a large farm combine!  What’s up with that.


We continued south from Zacualapan and on to Las Veras.  The sun was starting to drop and we had to hurry.  As we got closer to Las Varas we came upon a bridge that was out.  There had been a major storm and flooding in Mexico in September and this was one of the results.  We drove down through a wash and it was tight to get through.  Not bad in the jeep and okay on the Harley but what about a large RV.  I guess we’ll find out other RV’ers say when we get farther south.  The traffic south of Las Varas was pretty brisk as it was late on Sunday but we made it into Los de Marcos just as the sun was starting to set.  First order of business……beer!  We stopped at the Oxxo store and picked up some refreshment but they didn’t have Pacifico.  One of those proprietory things from store to store.  We’ll find some tomorrow….for tonight Dos Equis will do. 

Checked into the Telacapaci bungalows  which has the El Refugio RV park next to it.  $45.  per night which is good but we  had to put a 200 peso deposit on a blanket to get one.  Crazy.  I guess people steal them but we would have been cold without it.  We had a few beers and then to bed.  We’d had a big lunch so dinner wasn’t needed.  Tomorrow is another day. 

Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy hour at Las Flores and the last supper.

Friday January 28, 2011

Tonight Eric & I joined Sam, Rita, Hal and Helene for happy hour at Las Flores in the Golden Zone.  Sam/Rita/Hal & Helene go every Friday night.    We don’t usually go out at night but we have been promising them we would join them  so tonight we surprised them and actually showed up.  Keep em guessing!  Off on the bus at 4:30 to head to the Golden Zone…..a quiet ride on the bus at first and then the driver turned into  Jose Andretti.  Whew, we actually made it!  A wild ride.  A short walk to the beach and hotel Las Flores and it was happy hour time.  2 for 1 drinks and since Eric had beer and I wanted a margarita we both got two each.  No problemo!  A hamburger with fries for dinner and we were happy.


Rita, Sam, Eric, Hal and Helene. 

  We had a beautiful sunset even though it was cloudy and I got a couple of nice pictures. 


Looking towards Stone Island.


While we were finishing up we we had the Mexican children selling bracelets to amuse us.  They are very persistent but not annoying as they are so sweet and at 10 pesos for a bracelet (85 cents) it certainly doesn’t break your budget.  I bought a bracelet, took a few pictures and everyone was happy. 


Helene bargains, but she is no match for this little girl!  No deals!


This little guy was a real ham…. after he stuck his face in the picture he wanted to see it.  Too cute. 


Sam is teasing the kids here, but really he just kept giving them pesos!

When we were ready to leave it was hard to get the bill and then it was wrong any how.  They didn’t seem too organized but maybe they are understaffed due to the decline in tourists.  Who knows.  We walked up to catch the bus.


The golden zone at night.


Sam got us a ride in one of the covered trucks that Eric said he’d never ride in.  60 pesos for 6 people which is cheap and only a bit more than the bus.  After the wild ride into town on the bus I don’t think Eric thought the truck was scary at all.  Ah Mexico.


Rita in the back of the truck with hair flying in the wind!


Who’s this duffus?

Home by 7:30, how funny is that!

Tomorrow we will pack up for our trip south.  We will be gone two weeks and since we are taking Blue the lap top can’t come.  Pack light Eric said: so I will…everything I need in one saddle bag…I can do it!  No problem….there are stores where we are going and I can always buy something if I need to. No lap top means I will take notes and post the trip when we get back.  I’ll have to be brief with my comments (I’ll bet you think I can’t!) and post when we get back.  Wish us luck. 

P.S. Betty is cooking us all supper as a going away on our trip present.  How nice is that!


Saturday  January 29, 2011

We are all packed and ready to go. 

Here we are doing what we all do best….eating…..again!

P1000790 P1000792 P1000793

Thanks Betty for lasagna,bread, veggies, home made dessert and Connie and Manny for salad with dressing.  All delicious.  Full again!