Sunday, December 29, 2019

Seven Dreams for Ladies Lunch

We were a small group for lunch on Friday and we didn't have far to travel to get to the Seven Dreams restaurant.  Ruth and Diane arrived by car while Anita, Pat and I traveled by bus.  We sat in the front part of the restaurant by the window.  I was looking toward the entrance and who did I spy coming in...Fred and Marion.  What a sneak she is!  She and Fred always arrive unannounced and today it was even Marion's birthday.  What a laugh we all had when they walked in.  They had left home at 3am to fly to Mazatlan and here they were.  Now that's dedication to Ladies Lunch if I ever saw it!
 Anita and Marion catching up.
 Now that's a smile I know and love!  Marion and I were always lunch buddies for Ladies Lunch.  Pina Coladas together.
 Marion and Fred are visiting for four weeks so we'll all get a chance to see them while they are here.
 They are both hungry and ordered the steak tacos.
 I ordered Tuna Mazatlana which came on a rice pilaf topped with imperial shrimp.  Tuna is always my go to meal but today I was disappointed.  Usually served very rare this was cooked medium and was a bit chewy.  I might guess it had been frozen.  I left half of the tuna but Diane thought it was tasty (which it was ) and took it home.  Later she sent me a note on Facebook remembering our tuna lunch at Water's Edge in the past when the tuna was well cooked but very tender and delicious.  It can be done that way, but not this time at this restaurant. 
 This is Ruth's lunch and I'm not sure what it actually is.  She said it was good but not something she would order again.
 Diane had shrimp fettucine that she said was delicious.
 Anita was surprised when her mushroom dish turned out to be a soup.  She said it was tasty but again not what she would order again. 
 Pat, Marion and Fred had steak tacos.  As you can see everything is very artfully presented.  The service was excellent and the staff very helpful but....I don't think the food lived up to its arty look.  Just my opinion but the same type of upscale meals at Casa Country, Agatha and El Presidio were in my opinion much better.  Upscale in pricing as well. 
Fred and Marion outside the restaurant.  We had a delightful lunch with the addition of these two and we'll see more of them over the next few weeks. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Dinner with Ian and Linda

This year we had a little tiny family Christmas dinner with Ian and Linda.  This was the first time they'd been in Mazatlan for Christmas and our first time having dinner in the new house.  We were all invited to Connie and Manny's but that would have made the dinner group 14 and we thought it was too much.  The past two years we've had Christmas dinner with Connie/Manny, Ruth/Jimmy and whoever else has not gone home for Christmas.  A group of eight is about right.  
Ian and Linda having appies and happy hour with us. 
 The table is set.  I have room for two more but this night we were just four.
 Ham, potato salad(Linda) yams, brussel sprouts and my pineapple salsa.  Linda and I shared the cost of the ham as a 3.5 kg ham cost $50!! 
 A self timed photo.  Don't you just love my hat!  I forgot to wear it to Pat and Reg's Christmas eve party.
 That looks good was.  Ton's of ham left over to freeze and make leftovers. 
Lina and Ian enjoying dinner.  After dinner we ate Rocher Ferrero chocolates for dessert. 

A really nice evening with family.  Reminds me of Christmas dinners when our kids were at home.  Many years it was just the four of us as we have no family in Terrace.  Merry Christmas all!

Vagabond Christmas Eve at Pat & Reg's

On Christmas Eve Pat and Reg hosted their yearly Vagabond party for all of us who are in Mexico while our families are all at home.  It's nice to spend time with friends when families aren't  available.
We picked up Ian and Linda and then arrived at the park (Las Jaibas) and Pat and Reg's site around 4pm. 
People were already settling in and starting on happy hour.
Lots of people from out of the park and lots of new faces in the park that I don't know.  It changes every year.
We took a run through the park on our way in and it looks a lot better than last year.   The boats have all disappeared and our old site in the far back corner looks quite spiffy.  Of course it was three feet deep in water when we had the tropical storm last month so that wouldn't have been good at all.

Manny and John catching up.  John's rig is right next to our party but he won't join in.  Not a social guy although is always happy to stop and chat.
That's Connie with Mitzi at the end of her leash saying hello to Ruth's Bella.  Connie and Manny's dog Ramona died in July and we miss her.  Our favorite as she had such a personality.  They were worried that Mitzi would be unhappy without Ramona but she seems to have adapted quite fine to being and " only dog !"
At this point Reg has captured our attention by blowing his big horn.  Pat is welcoming us and explaining that we will all have to give our names and home towns. 
I should have taken a picture of Ruth on her way up to get one of Anita's jello shots. Pat started the prayer and Ruth was caught in the open area.  She bowed her head and when the grace was done she dashed for a jello shot and then back to her seat.  Too funny!
Everyone introducing themselves.
Food is served and Bill had the honor of going first as he was the oldest guy at the party!
Hal and Helene chatting to Randall.  Pam and Randall are renting a house just across the pool area from us in the Marina Gardens houses. 
Lots of food at this appetizer party.  Yum!
Plenty for all.
So....when is it my turn he says!
How many jello shots was that Ruth?
By six o'clock everyone has drunk, eaten and visited and now the bugs are coming out.  At this point most people make a run for it.  It was a short party but a really nice one.  Thanks so much Reg and Pat!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Venado's game with Connie and Manny

Connie had called a few days ago to ask if Eric and I wanted to go to a Venado's baseball game with her and Manny on Friday night and we said...Sure! 
We arranged to meet Connie and Manny at their El Cid parking lot at 7pm on Friday night where we would both leave our vehicles.  Connie took me inside the clubhouse for a quick look while we waited for the pulmonia driver to show up.  Connie's friend Bev and her friend Athina (Athina Spa) have season's tickets and tonight they weren't using them so we all got to go.  Bonus!
Waiting for Bev's personal pulmonia driver George.
Loading up and ready to go.  George told Connie he'd only had this pulmonia for 4 months so it was shiny and new.  Connie arranged to have George come and pick us up after the game as well.  How easy was all of this for us!
Heading down the malecon.  Eric and I are rarely ever out at night so this was a novel experience. 
We each had a season's ticket on a ribbon around our necks so it was easy to get in.
The newly renovated stadium....

The new baseball stadium for our nine-time-series-champion Venados is advertised to be the best in all of México, and for once those superlative claims appear true. The architecture is stunning, the remodel retains iconic elements of the historic stadium around which it is built (weird-shaped historic columns, for example) and it increases seating to 16,000. We will now have:
  • 38 luxurious suites with indoor, air-conditioned seating as well as outdoor seating for 15 people.
  • 550 palcosor box seats, and a private VIP entrance and bar for them and the suites.
  • Two restaurants—El Muchacho Alegre and La Cantinetta.
  • Several food concessions including Water’s Edge and Surf’s Up.
  • Large bathrooms for both genders on each level!!
  • A seating area where vendors will speak English, to make this incredible cultural experience easier and more enjoyable for tourists and “polar bears” (“snow birds” as translated from Spanish).
  • A retro-sounding Venados Booster Club from which you can buy tickets in English.
  • Much improved locker rooms/clubhouse, umpire and training rooms and physical therapy facilities.
  • A media facility up top.
  • Pacífico beer is still a huge sponsor of the Venados, so Estadio Teodoro Mariscalcontinues the tradition as a Pacífico-only venue.
The stadium will glisten as an anchor to the remodeled Parque Central. It is envisioned to host not only the baseball season but other cultural and musical events, including, of course, our traditional and world class Carnavál coronations. The views from the stadium, both inside—of the field, and outwards—of the city, are fantastic! The only glaring problem is that they still have not solved the parking. Click on any photo to enlarge it or view a slideshow.
I had been to a game in the old stadium many years ago so I was surprised to see how grandiose the new stadium was. 
When we came in there was a guy posing with the Venado's cheerleaders and Manny thought he should have a picture taken as well.  Isn't he cute!
325 ft. on left and right field and 400 ft from home plate to the wall in centre field. 
Connie always looks pained when she has her picture taken.  It's unfortunate because she is such a pretty woman.  Over the ten years that I've know her I've only managed to get one or two good pictures of her and that's only when she doesn't notice me taking a picture! 
I'm dressed in red and white just like all the Venado's fans sweatshirt says Canada on it.  Oh least it's the right colour!
This night the Venado's (the deer) were playing the Jalisco Charro's ( Jalisco Horsemen.)
Batter up!

We were sitting right behind the Venado's bench so the cheerleaders were there too.
Time for a little cheerleader dance for the crowd.  The crowd was very enthusiastic and the Venado's led all the way through the game.
Eric and I watch a lot of baseball on TV but I don't think it's Manny's game as he prefers football.
The Mascots entertained the crowd.
The score was three to two for the Venado's through most of the game and although they had the bases loaded a few times they couldn't seem to score anymore runs.  This is triple A ball which is one below the major leagues. 

Throughout the night the Jumbotron was pumping out the music, ads and the scores.  Very, very loud!  The concession guys were selling soft drinks, snack food and any souvenir you might want.  I might also add that the beer was flowing as well!  We'd had happy hour and supper at home so we didn't need anything. 
A few times the lights dimmed and the cell phones with lights were waved in the air.

By 11pm when the game ended we were all pooped as none of us are ever up this late.  Manny wanted to leave early but Connie was having none of that and he had to stay till the end!  Top of the ninth and the home team Venado's were up 3 to 2 so the game was over.  Connie made a quick call to George and he was nearby so by the time we walked out the front gate he was waiting for us.  All just like clock work.  Wish my maid was so prompt with time! 

We were all a bit chilled by this point as the wind was blowing and by the time we got home at 11:30 we were happy to crawl into bed under the down comforter.  Thanks Connie and Manny for a great evening it was lots of fun!