Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Dinner with Ian and Linda

This year we had a little tiny family Christmas dinner with Ian and Linda.  This was the first time they'd been in Mazatlan for Christmas and our first time having dinner in the new house.  We were all invited to Connie and Manny's but that would have made the dinner group 14 and we thought it was too much.  The past two years we've had Christmas dinner with Connie/Manny, Ruth/Jimmy and whoever else has not gone home for Christmas.  A group of eight is about right.  
Ian and Linda having appies and happy hour with us. 
 The table is set.  I have room for two more but this night we were just four.
 Ham, potato salad(Linda) yams, brussel sprouts and my pineapple salsa.  Linda and I shared the cost of the ham as a 3.5 kg ham cost $50!! 
 A self timed photo.  Don't you just love my hat!  I forgot to wear it to Pat and Reg's Christmas eve party.
 That looks good was.  Ton's of ham left over to freeze and make leftovers. 
Lina and Ian enjoying dinner.  After dinner we ate Rocher Ferrero chocolates for dessert. 

A really nice evening with family.  Reminds me of Christmas dinners when our kids were at home.  Many years it was just the four of us as we have no family in Terrace.  Merry Christmas all!

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