Thursday, December 26, 2019

Vagabond Christmas Eve at Pat & Reg's

On Christmas Eve Pat and Reg hosted their yearly Vagabond party for all of us who are in Mexico while our families are all at home.  It's nice to spend time with friends when families aren't  available.
We picked up Ian and Linda and then arrived at the park (Las Jaibas) and Pat and Reg's site around 4pm. 
People were already settling in and starting on happy hour.
Lots of people from out of the park and lots of new faces in the park that I don't know.  It changes every year.
We took a run through the park on our way in and it looks a lot better than last year.   The boats have all disappeared and our old site in the far back corner looks quite spiffy.  Of course it was three feet deep in water when we had the tropical storm last month so that wouldn't have been good at all.

Manny and John catching up.  John's rig is right next to our party but he won't join in.  Not a social guy although is always happy to stop and chat.
That's Connie with Mitzi at the end of her leash saying hello to Ruth's Bella.  Connie and Manny's dog Ramona died in July and we miss her.  Our favorite as she had such a personality.  They were worried that Mitzi would be unhappy without Ramona but she seems to have adapted quite fine to being and " only dog !"
At this point Reg has captured our attention by blowing his big horn.  Pat is welcoming us and explaining that we will all have to give our names and home towns. 
I should have taken a picture of Ruth on her way up to get one of Anita's jello shots. Pat started the prayer and Ruth was caught in the open area.  She bowed her head and when the grace was done she dashed for a jello shot and then back to her seat.  Too funny!
Everyone introducing themselves.
Food is served and Bill had the honor of going first as he was the oldest guy at the party!
Hal and Helene chatting to Randall.  Pam and Randall are renting a house just across the pool area from us in the Marina Gardens houses. 
Lots of food at this appetizer party.  Yum!
Plenty for all.
So....when is it my turn he says!
How many jello shots was that Ruth?
By six o'clock everyone has drunk, eaten and visited and now the bugs are coming out.  At this point most people make a run for it.  It was a short party but a really nice one.  Thanks so much Reg and Pat!

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