Sunday, January 28, 2024

A special Mexican dinner!


Yesterday evening we had a lovely Mexican dinner at Daniella's restaurant.  She is our friend Raphael's daughter.  Frank/Sandi, Marilyn/Dennis and Eric and I have been having group dinners since 2020 and this week it was Frank and Sandi's turn.  For something different he decided to treat us to dinner at Daniella's.  We met for happy hour at Frank and Sandi's along with Marilyn and Dennis at 4pm.  Sandi couldn't join us as she is still battling bronchial pneumonia.  She's on new meds, at home and getting better.  We missed her at dinner.  Frank had Raphael arrange an auriga or red truck to transport us to the restaurant and Rafael rode along with us as he was finished work and lives in the same area as Daniella and her husband.    

You can see our route here. 

A quick look at part of the menu. 

Rafael and Dennis. The truck was moving and it was dark so...the pictures aren't that great.  A nice warm evening and we're always surprised to see how many people are out and about. 

We're at Daniella's house and Raphael brought us inside where his whole family was ready to great us.  His youngest daughter Regina was quick to wrap her arms around her daddy! 

I think Dennis is showing Eric where we are.  A couple of people from the RV park were eating when we got there and a few more have come here as well.  At this point the restaurant is open on Saturday's and Sundays but Raphael said she is opening on Wednesday as well. In house dining or take out in her area. 

Raphael gave us a taste of a potato and pork dish that was part of a dish called Asado Sinaloense which had small chopped potatoes and pork which was well spiced and tasty.  I was confused with the menu so he took me into the kitchen where his wife Karina, Daniella and Paulette were preparing food.  That helped!  That's Raphael's wife Karina. 

Frank started with Asado Sinaloense which had the potato and pork mix with salad on top.  There were spicy sauces and hot and medium chilies on the side.  Very good. 

Raphael brought and extra table for four so Dennis and Eric sat there. 

Out of focus but these are Eric's enchiladas.  He started with three and then had two more!  

Marilyn is smiling again...she's getting good at it!  We both had gorditas or small, round thick tortillas with the asado sinaloense and salad on top.  Delicious! She especially liked the green chili sauce.  Flavorful and not too hot. 

Frank had a second dish and....I don't remember what it was. 

Frank is checking to make sure the guys were getting enough to eat!
For dessert we had a sweet, corn based square that Karina's sister made.  Yummy.  
When we finished eating Raphael's wife Karina and the girls came out to see us.  As usual we all struggle with our lack of Spanish but they knew that we were all happy to be there. Lots of smiling and hugs! We have all met Raphael's family at the RV park Christmas dinners in the past and we also attended Daniella's wedding. They are a lovely family who work hard and deserve to do well.  The food was excellent and we would all return to eat again.   
Thanks Frank and Sandi!

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Ladies Lunch at Shangri La

Yesterday we were off to the Shangri-La Chinese restaurant in the new Tres Islas center in the first part of the Golden Zone.  The Fresh market is also located there along with a multitude of other restaurants and stores.  We thought Chinese food would be a nice change. 

Eight of us for lunch.  From the left Marilyn, Liz, Georgia, Diane, Ruth, Marion and Susie.  Just about the right size of group.  

We started out by ordering drinks.  I explained that we wanted separate checks and the waitress didn't complain which is a good thing!

Susie and Ruth are chatting behind Marion. 

We spent some time trying to figure out what to order.  They do not have combination plates and each order is quite large. It is good to have a group that's big enough that you can share a number of dishes.  I ordered the beef and broccoli and it was well flavored.  The beef was very tender.  
Five of us at one end shared and three at the other end did the same. This is a noodle dish. 
Diane at the other end ordered Kung Pao chicken and she said it was very it should be. 

Susie ordered a curried shrimp with peppers and it was delicious.  

Cantonese rice with some different things tucked inside. 

Ruth ordered fish and she said it was delicious.  Sea bass which is very tasty fish. 

Diane, Georgia and Ruth also had the curried fish and Ruth is showing me that this was all she got!  More dishes to follow. 

This is my plate of food and it's colorful and very delicious.  The consensus was that this is a very good restaurant and well worth returning to.  The staff speaks very little English but we managed just fine.  The prices of the dishes actually would have made it easy to split the bill as each one was close in price.  As this is a brand new restaurant everything is pristine.  

The dishes were travelling the table and there was very little left by the time we were done. 

Lots of food and even Susie who eats like a small bird finished a good size plate. 

The very well stocked bar.  

Lots of artsy decor!

Ruth was waving her napkin around trying to cool herself off...maybe it was the Kung Pao chicken.  

So...another winner and a place we'd all return to.  There were another two tables with lots of people eating as well.  Good food, reasonable prices, good company and a satisfying lunch.  When we were done quite a few wandered over to the Fresh included.  A good ladies lunch experience.  Next week....?

Friday, January 26, 2024

Let's go to San Ignacio this week!

Wednesday we were off to San Ignacio with Frank and Sandi.  Sandi has not been well for the last couple of weeks with the respiratory illness that has been making it's rounds. San Ignacio is north and east inland about 60 miles.  Again a round about route as we can't get to the free road easily.  So the usual north, east, south, east, north, east etc. etc.! 


Not our exact route but you get the idea!

As we rode along spring was in the air.  Sweet odors and leaves popping out on trees. 

Just before the turn off to San Ignacio there is a large Pemex fuel station that has failed.  The pumps are still in but it's been closed since we got here.  Odd because it was a popular stop. We stopped for a "bum" break!  As I've mentioned the seats on this bike are hard!

When you turn off the free road the first town is Coyotitan.  They are repainting the arch...they are really big on Arches in Mexico!

Every time we ride through we say the same thing..." What a pretty little town!" 

The well manicured sports field. 

We used to go to San Javier when the Hacienda restaurant was open.  We had some great meals and entertainment from the owner who was a wonderful singer.  The hacienda was crumbling and was eventually closed.  Too bad. 

A small outdoor restaurant in one of the small towns along the way. 

Somebody lives here.  

The most popular soft drink in Mexico.  The workers drink it by the gallon!

Coming into San Ignacio there is a very long sidewalk.  I wonder if anyone ever uses it?

Now that's a speed hump!!

A local bus fueling up at a Red petrol station.  In years past all the fuel stations were the national Pemex. When the monopoly was lifted different stations appeared everywhere.  Is it better..I have no idea but the prices have been rising steadily here.  When I looked it up it says there are'nt enough refineries in Mexico and the bulk of the fuel is imported from the US.  The price is about the same as at home even though our dollar is worth about $1.20 in Mexico.

The San Ignacio arch. San Ignacio was founded by Jesuit missionary Diego Gonzales de Cuerto in 1633 it is noted as one of the prettiest Colonial mission towns and serves as the capital of San Ignacio municipality.  It is also a " Pueblo Magico." 

The Piaxtla river is low.  In a flood it has come up to bridge level which is hard to imagine. 

Coming into town and I always say " what a pretty hotel!" 

Heading down to the square where we'll have lunch. 

There are no longer radishes in the little town on the way here but they are on the street!

The lovely light standards.

This is a one way street and it's neat as a pin. 

Lots of old buildings and many places have a fresh coat of paint. 

Just off the square is this little seafood restaurant where we decided to eat. 

Getting parked. 

We're seated and the owner/waitress comes out to see what we'd like.  

No cerveza here so the men went down the street and bought some. It was a warm day and a cold beer was in order.

We're sitting out on the sidewalk. 

The menu which is just seafood. We fumbled around a bit while we decided what to order. 

This is my lunch and the shrimp are cooked with lime on them and fresh vegetables.  I was supposed to get pulpo or octopus as well but I guess I didn't communicate very well!

Eric's is similar but in a lime broth and the shrimp are not cooked...more like ceviche which he also likes. 

Frank and Sandi both had a shrimp cocktail which is in a broth that you can spice up if you like.  The shrimp are cooked. 

All the lunch dishes were very good and we ate large round tostadas as well. 

Interesting wood in the next restaurant which is Sushi. 

Looking into the very pretty square. 

The very old church. 
When we finished lunch Sandi was standing in front of the restaurant and this lady and her daughter came over to see if we needed any help.  They had both spent a lot of time living in the United states and of course spoke perfect English.  We chatted about where we were from and how we like Mexico.  We explained we'd come to San Ignacio many times and really enjoyed the city.  Very nice ladies!

The very large Jesus on the hill.  In the past we have driven up to see it in a vehicle. 

After lunch we decided to wander back up the street we'd come in on in search of the " Radishes!"

As Frank and I wandered along we were both snapping photos and he was kind enough to share his photos with me so many photos on the blog are his.  Thanks Frank!

Pretty colours and murals everywhere. 

Frank.  It's a bit of a walk and we left Sandi behind on a bench as we carried on. 

Inside this building Eric noted that the walls underneath were adobe. 

A clothing shop's wares. 

Lots of little restaurants as we wandered along. 

A colorful department store....with carts.

Look at the detail.

We got as far as the radishes and then headed back with a bag each.  Large bunch for 20 pesos or about $1.60 Canadian.  Eric loves radishes!

Frank and Sandi thought I should have this outfit for the motorcycle...haha!

Apparently Eric likes it too!  The young salesgirl was sitting close by and this really cracked her up!!

Back to the square and time to head home. 

One way streets here so we head back on a different street than we came in on. 

Anyone need a saddle?  They sell them in the hardware store!

The Jeep is right behind us. 

We have to turn left at the end to get onto the main street.  Very steep. Not a problem on Tigger but Big Red was a tad more difficult in these situations. 

Back over the Piaxtla river and heading home. 

The Jeep and the Coca Cola sign. 

Back the way we'd come and it was 4pm by the time we got home.  In the distance is the ocean and the Riu.  Tired and sore but really glad we went.  Another good day with friends.  Lots to see, good food and a good day.