Saturday, May 2, 2015

So where the heck are we ! Well…now we’re in Cache Creek, B.C.

Sorry I lost my focus this week so here it is in a Reader’s Digest Condensed version.

We left Soap Lake, Wash last Saturday, April 25th and arrived in Kelowna around 2:30 pm.  Decent weather, no wind and no trouble at the border.  The border guard was curt and not friendly but he didn’t give us any grief so we don’t care if he was nice or not.  Saturday night we had dinner with Ian/Linda their friends Vince/Ruth/Brenda/Basil and Georgina.  Their friends all spend time in Rincon de Guayabitos, Mexico over the winter and we know some of them from previous visits.  Nice evening.

Sunday was spent visiting my sister Anne who lives in West bank and it was good to see her.  We had a nice lunch and did some shopping. 

Monday and Tuesday were spent shopping for a new Jeep.  We thought it would be a good second vehicle for home and also a good towed vehicle should we buy a motor home.  Good idea but it didn’t work out very well in the end.  Problem….I hated driving them.  Rocky  (kind of like being on a boat in the four door) and unstable and hard to control on the highway in the two door and I just felt unsafe.  I’d probably get used to one in the long run but …. not now.  The problems I had with it are common complaints and add to that the poor gas mileage and high price and well….there you have it. 

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday we looked at used motor homes and the only one I liked was a brand new Allegro Bus that cost $400,000.00 so….we didn’t get one!  Still not sure if that is the right thing for us anyway.  More research needed. 

Friday Eric helped Ian put a new outboard motor on his little sail boat (Cal 20) which is down at the yacht club in Kelowna and Linda and I went shopping. 

Today is Saturday and we arrived in Cache Creek at the Brookside RV park around 2pm.  Tomorrow Prince George and Monday Terrace. 

We had a nice visit in Kelowna but it’s time to go home! 

7:30 pm….dinner is done,we are showered and the sun is still shining.  A good day!