Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ladies Lunch out and the ….Chico Peros or the Cachorros.


Ladies lunch destination today was to be at the Water’s Edge downtown and that was my choice.  Too many of us for a red truck so we all hopped on the green bus.


Our group got on the bus and there was already a large group of young Hispanic guys on the bus and we got a cheer as we sat down.


The first question from the guy in white who spoke English was ….are any of you ladies single.  Too funny.  I told Jeri (in the sun glasses) to tell him they were all puppies!  A big laugh and he told the guys that they were chico peros or small dogs.  I looked puppies up and it is actually cachorros.  They are all from San Diego and are staying at the Riiu a really nice all inclusive hotel in Cerritos.  Most of them did not speak English but they hooted and laughed at everything.  When a very pretty senorita got on the bus they roared and she didn’t know what to do.  There was a seat next to the guy in white so Sandi scooted over to sit with him and gave the young lady her seat.  That also got a huge laughing roar.


We got off at Constitution to walk down to the Water’s Edge and….the “Cachorros” got off too. 


Apparently they saw a photo op when they saw my camera so here they all are. 


I’m not in either picture but I am on one of their cell phone pictures.  I explained I did a blog and they would be on the internet and  they really liked that.  They left in a different direction and we continued on for lunch.  Look out Mexico!


Heading down Constitution toward the Plazuela Machado and on to the Water’s Edge. 


They are decorating the Plazuela Machado for Christmas.


Off to the right there was a group of rapping break dancers performing.  Very good!


The centre of the square has been replanted since I was last here and is very beautiful and green.


There were large present boxes with lights on.  I need to come downtown in the dark in a couple of weeks and take pictures. 


Problem.  The Water’s Edge doesn’t open until 4pm….now what.  We have eaten there before for lunch but they have no hours posted.  Usually our fearless leader Ruth calls ahead and checks and makes reservations but she left us on our own for one week and look what happened!


Down the street toward Olas Altas and the restaurants on the water….someone will feed us there.  I spied this Harley Sportster from Alberta and took a picture because it is so colorful….very Mexican!


Here we are at La Fonda de Chalio.


We start with chips and salsa and then order drinks.


Ocean view from the restaurant.

While we were waiting for lunch the puppies all went by in Pulmonia’s heading north along the malecon.  I was too slow with the camera. 


Lunch was ordered and it was a long wait.  This is Marion’s shrimp salad that she was already eating before I got my camera out.  Jeri, Marion and I had ordered Chili relleno con camarone and….they were out of chili relleno’s….what’s up with that.


Sandi had red snapper.


Anita had fajitas.


Okay…they had one chili relleno left con queso or with cheese and Diane got it.  That’s fair because last week at Pancho’s they forgot to bring her lunch.  Looks good!


My second choice Taco’s gobernado.  One meat, one shrimp and one smoked marlin.  Good but I didn’t care for the meat one and left it.  Beef machaca or shredded beef…not my favorite.


Pat’s enchilada’s.


The meal is done and everyone is deciding where they will go next.  Some off to the quilt shop, some home on the bus and me back towards the market and the dulcerias or candy shops.  It is much cooler now and the walk back won’t be a problem for me.  A week ago it was so hot I wouldn’t have walked anywhere downtown.

So how do we rate the lunch.  Well…the food was very good but it was very slow coming, the service was mediocre and trying to get a bill to pay was painful.   Maybe we just hit them on the wrong day.

Next week……?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mazatlan Marathon 2016

When I went out for my morning walk this morning there was a group of people from the park all standing at the edge of the road with coffee’s in hand.  What’s up?  Well today was the “ 18th Annual Gran Maraton Pacifico 2016”, fireworks on Saturday night and marathon on Sunday morning.  The run started somewhere downtown and then out to Cerritos area and back.  At 7am they were expecting the first runners to appear (Ethiopian) who would be 13km into the run.  I did a lame walk up the street where I did see the first runners arrive and then went back to the park to get my camera and watch.  It is slightly cooler and less humid than last week but still hot and steamy. 


Rocky and Nancy are watching from the comfort of their patio as they face the street and no one is parked in front of them.  Hal from the Blue Bus comes over to chat.  IMG_4857

The Las Jaibas cheering squad.  Some have already gone home to eat breakfast.  The street is closed to traffic until 11am.


The very first and professional runners are oblivious to the clapping but later the competitors are very appreciative of the cheering and smile and wave back.  One guy was even carrying a Pacifico bottle…laughing and waving as he passed.  A Pacifico employee…?  or just a jokester!


To be able to do this in any capacity is an amazement to me.  I walk, have never been a runner and probably would have made a good weight lifter!


The runners go north and then turn around and come back on the other side of the divided road Sabalo Cerritos.  The first runners have already turned and come back.




Large groups of local runners.  There is a huge police present to keep the road free of traffic for the competitors.


They are even watching from air. 


Back at the rig and a new bird to me.  From my bird book I see it is a Kiskadee flycatcher.  Eric says I should get binoculars, tall white socks and a floppy hat so I could be a real bird watcher….no thanks!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

First Ladies Wednesday Lunch….at Pancho’s on the beach

Those of you who have followed my blog in the past will remember my posts about our group lunches.  This was Ruth’s idea and she is still enthusiastically running it.  The premise was to visit as many different restaurants in Mazatlan as we could over the course of the winter.  Everyone would write a restaurant choice on a slip of paper and every week we would draw a choice out of a hat.  For me this was an excellant chance to see more of Mazatlan and it’s restaurants.

Today we went to Pancho’s on the beach as a now traditional start to the season.  So….


It is 11:30 am and we are gathered up front waiting to see who will come for lunch.  Ordinarily Ruth makes a reservation and you have to say whether you are coming or not.  As Pancho’s does not take reservations it didn’t matter today.  We were too many for a red truck so we all hopped on the Green Bus.


We got off at the Panadaria and trooped down the street to Pancho’s.


Pancho’s is up ahead on the left and you can just see their sign in the upper left.  It was really busy on the street so there is probably a cruise ship docked.  When the cruise ships were not coming to Mazatlan the streets were quite empty. 


We were twelve today so we sat at three tables of four each.  It was very busy but we managed to get seated upstairs and were started off with chips and salsa and a shot of tequilla.


I’d ordered a Pina Colada and Sandi a mango margarita, not sure what Jeri’s drink is.   If I’d remembered the complimentary drinks here I probably would have just had water.  They also bring you a liquer in milk with ice at the end of the meal and it was way too hot for me for that much alcohol but….I suffered through it!


There were two ladies with us that I don’t know and Diane is talking to one of them.


Anita, Jeannette, Nancy and Ruth have received their food.


Looking out through the windows to the beach.


Three of us had the avocado shrimp salad and it was delicious.


Sandi had the shrimp and had to take half of it home. 

Diane’s table got their food except for Diane who they missed.  Luckily the other ladies shared but by the time she got her food she just sent it back.  Too bad. 


Looking out over the upstairs balcony to the beach. 

It was a good lunch and everyone had a good time but….it is still way to hot and everyone was tired and sweaty.  Some of us hopped in a red truck and headed home.  Too hot for shopping today.

Next week…..?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy 70th Birthday Eric!

70 years ago today, November 22, l946 a young Scottish war bride  and her Swedish mother in law walked to the Bulkley Valley General Hospital on the snowy roads of a little town called Smithers in northern British Columbia  to bring “Baby Dumpling” into the world.  Eric’s father Norman had left his wife Doris with his widowed mother Gertrude while was out of town on the CN telegraph gangs.  This was to be beginning of a so far, long and interesting life.  Eric gained the name “Baby Dumpling” because he was a chubby, cute little boy.  Eric is not very happy about being 70 but….the alternative isn’t very good! 

A couple of days ago Carol invited us to a pizza birthday party for her husband Richard whose birthday is….Nov. 22nd!  Turns out Hal’s birthday is tomorrow and so it was a group birthday party for three guys. 

Early today I baked a blueberry coffee cake with home grown blue berries as my contributiion to the dinner. Since it’s still really hot and humid the air conditioner ran the whole time. 


Even a small kitchen in an RV can be used to bake a cake.


At 4pm we all gathered at Richard and Carol’s site for happy hour.

That’s Eric with a Pacifico and Richard and Carol in the middle. 


Marilyn, Robin and Sandi.


Eric chats to Marilyn.


Marilyn and Sandi listening intently to someone.


We were a pretty large group this evening.  Happy hour started at 4pm and we were to eat at 5pm.  Not because we’re old but…because the biting bugs come out at dusk and people run for cover.


Hal and Richard…two of the birthday boys.


Richard ,Carol and Rita.


Rita and Diane say Hi.  Diane and Ron just arrived a few days ago and everyone is always happy to see each other.


The pizza’s have arrived by motorcyle delivery and we are ready to eat.


There was a good array of salads, pizza and then dessert and we all had plenty to eat.


It was really good pizza.


The birthday/Christmas lights.


Hal needed a selfie of all of them.


A fine looking trio of birthday boys.

So a good time was had by all.  Thanks Carol and Richard for the pizza, it was great.

It’s nice to be back in the park with friends at get togethers like this.