Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy 70th Birthday Eric!

70 years ago today, November 22, l946 a young Scottish war bride  and her Swedish mother in law walked to the Bulkley Valley General Hospital on the snowy roads of a little town called Smithers in northern British Columbia  to bring “Baby Dumpling” into the world.  Eric’s father Norman had left his wife Doris with his widowed mother Gertrude while was out of town on the CN telegraph gangs.  This was to be beginning of a so far, long and interesting life.  Eric gained the name “Baby Dumpling” because he was a chubby, cute little boy.  Eric is not very happy about being 70 but….the alternative isn’t very good! 

A couple of days ago Carol invited us to a pizza birthday party for her husband Richard whose birthday is….Nov. 22nd!  Turns out Hal’s birthday is tomorrow and so it was a group birthday party for three guys. 

Early today I baked a blueberry coffee cake with home grown blue berries as my contributiion to the dinner. Since it’s still really hot and humid the air conditioner ran the whole time. 


Even a small kitchen in an RV can be used to bake a cake.


At 4pm we all gathered at Richard and Carol’s site for happy hour.

That’s Eric with a Pacifico and Richard and Carol in the middle. 


Marilyn, Robin and Sandi.


Eric chats to Marilyn.


Marilyn and Sandi listening intently to someone.


We were a pretty large group this evening.  Happy hour started at 4pm and we were to eat at 5pm.  Not because we’re old but…because the biting bugs come out at dusk and people run for cover.


Hal and Richard…two of the birthday boys.


Richard ,Carol and Rita.


Rita and Diane say Hi.  Diane and Ron just arrived a few days ago and everyone is always happy to see each other.


The pizza’s have arrived by motorcyle delivery and we are ready to eat.


There was a good array of salads, pizza and then dessert and we all had plenty to eat.


It was really good pizza.


The birthday/Christmas lights.


Hal needed a selfie of all of them.


A fine looking trio of birthday boys.

So a good time was had by all.  Thanks Carol and Richard for the pizza, it was great.

It’s nice to be back in the park with friends at get togethers like this. 


  1. Tell Eric "Happy Birthday" from Croft & Norma and also tell him that 70 is the new 50.

  2. Best wishes for Eric on his birthday.