Thursday, November 17, 2016

The first few days in Mazatlan.

It has been hot and humid over the past few days and we’ve had to run the A/C almost steady.  We’ve hardly ever run it here before but we arrived over three weeks early this year and it is still hot and steamy. 

We spent the last couple of days setting up camp and things are coming along.  Big Red was unloaded and parked and now the garage of the toyhauler is an extra room for important things like beer!  We were out for groceries and beer this morning so now we are all stocked up.  As we drove along we noticed a huge amount of new development since we arrived here two years ago.  Since the upgraded road from Durango opened there has been a lot more building going on, vacation, residential and commercial as well. 

Eric went for a swim the first day we got here and I got my first swim yesterday.  There was no wind wave and the waves were just right for me.  The water was as warm as a bathtub and it was just lovely. 

This morning the birds were out in full force and I even got a few pictures.  


The chakalakas which look like a half grown turkey have been making their turkey like cackle every morning and today they were running all over outside.  They can fly but not that high or far. 


There is something on the front of the deck that this bird was busy eating.


A small flock of black throated Magpie-Jays also showed up to entertain us.  They are native to this area and are noisy, inquisitive beautiful birds.  They were all over the derelict boat next to us eating things that had dropped on it’s deck.  As long as they don’t start pecking on the RV we’ll all remain friends! 

Sandi said she and Frank had seen parrots in the tree next to them at the front of the park but that they’d disappeared before Frank could get a picture.  They also have hummingbird feeders out so there are lots of them around as well.  Frank said he has to cover the feeders at night or the bats drink all the syrup.  We have small bats at home and have had them in the house on occasion.  They can squeeze through the tiniest spaces imaginable to get into the house if they want.  I usually just throw a towel over them and let them go outside while Eric pulls the covers over his head.  He’s not afraid he just lets me deal with them. 

When our grand daughters Holly and Abby were young and used to stay over night with us I told them we’d never had a bat in the house…I lied!

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  1. What fun the birds are to watch - we would feed them Bimbo. The Hummers are fun to watch, too.