Saturday, February 29, 2020

Feb. 7th Ladies Lunch at La Catrina with Trudy

Off for ladies lunch to La Catrina.  At this point I wasn't feeling very well but Trudy was leaving the next day so off we went.  La Catrina is a popular night spot but I've never been there before because...I don't go out at night!
Heading in. 
Today Connie joined us. 
The first thing we found out was that the kitchen wasn't open until 1pm and as it was only noon we had a while to wait.  Drinks for all!
A good sized group this day and on the left the pony tail belongs to Karin one of our travelling German friends.  We've all know her and Klaus for years....nice people. 
My choice today was a tortilla salad with the deep fried tortilla for a bowl.  I didn't do a very good job of eating it all but ....I tried.
As this was a while ago I'm struggling to remember what the meals were.  This obviously has some shrimp.
Beef on a bun.
Some sort of stew with lots of vegetables.
Now that looks yummy.

Trudy with her lunch. She has a good appetite for such a little woman and never complains about the food...a perfect guest.
The La Catrina statue.  Part of the whole day of the dead thing.  Lots of people really like them...I don't!

A good time was had by all and the food was good.  I didn't eat much as my cough was disappearing my appetite.  From this point on I was sick for three weeks and by the next Wednesday I ended up on heavy duty antibiotics which made me nauseous and dizzy.  At this point Eric was sick as well so we ended up being sickos together.  This was the sickest that I remember being for a very long time and as it settled in my lungs which are not usually a problem it was all a bit scary. 

Trudy left for home the next day taking the cold with her which was a real shame as she was leaving for Cuba a week after she got home.  She said she drank tea, slept and rested and by the end of the week was good enough to travel.  We had a great time together and it was really nice to have her visit. 

Friday, February 28, 2020

Feb 5th Copala and Concordia with Trudy

It was Monday again and time to get out of the house so that our maid Mireya could spruce the place up.  I've never had a house cleaner in my life but this is the best thing ever.  She cleans the patio, the carport tile, all the house floors, bathrooms and wipes down surfaces as well as anything else that she thinks needs to be done.  She was already cleaning here in past years's her house too!  Happy to share.  A rainy day and we thought we'd take Trudy to Concordia for lunch.
Along the way heading east on highway 40 before turning off to Concordia there are many pottery and furniture sellers.  Trudy is very crafty and is also a weaver and dyer so all of this is very interesting to her.  Me too!  Those pots are almost as tall as she is.
Lots of lovely pottery and lots of really hideous tourist junk!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Jan 31st Ladies Lunch at El Tomatillo

Off to El Tomatillo for lunch with the gals and my friend Trudy.  Located on the malecon just south of Valentino's and before Insurgentes this restaurant is new to the group.
When we arrived we realized that they were still serving their buffet breakfast and there were lots of locals eating.  Lunch didn't start till 2pm so....breakfast it was.  They did serve beer but no wine which irritated one of our more cranky members who also said she wouldn't have come if she knew it was breakfast.  Sometimes you just have to be flexible...right!
It was a very extensive buffet which included lunch style items as well as "made for you" omeletes and fruit.  The cost was a very reasonable 135 pesos which included juice and coffee.  About $10 canadian.
It was as yummy as it looks and everyone...well almost everyone was happy!
Trudy and Sue dishing up.   Trudy has done a lot of travelling and any food is fine with her as long as it's not blazing hot.  Sue on the other hand can eat as hot as they can make it.
An omelette on this plate.  Then they brought out plates of pancakes and syrup... yikes what a lot of food.
Scrambled eggs and ham with fruit.
We were two tables of about 5 each today and everyone is happily eating.
Trudy and I.  She's happy to join in to whatever activity I'm up to.   The night before she got to go to bingo!
When lunch was done Trudy and I wandered back north on the Malecon towards the Golden Zone.  Here she's standing on the Malecon wall.
Lots of vendors and Trudy spied some nice little bracelets which she has a bit of an addiction to.
She bought two at a very reasonable price.
Trudy with the La Familia statue.
Every tourist needs her picture taken in front of the Mazatlan letters.   A nice young woman offered to take our picture.
Very colorful and what a beautiful day.
The landmark Valentinos.  No longer operating but in it's day it was a very active disco and night spot.  Everyone hopes someone will turn it into something that everyone can enjoy.  We did have ladies lunch there a few years ago but it's not open now.
Trudy with the Carnival statue " Guatamala"  The statues are very large and colorful and much better than last year.  This year Carnival celebrates all the Americas.
We wandered down to Designers Bazaar to have a look.  This was one of the many bark/paper art works.  I have a couple that are framed in our house.  Very nice.  All in all a good day with good food, good friends and lovely weather.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Feb. 21st Ladies Lunch at La Puntilla

This day's lunch was at La Puntilla at the south end of town by the ferry docks.  We took the green bus all the way from the RV park to a stone's throw from the restaurant for 11 pesos or about 77 cents Canadian.  Quite a deal.  Some ladies don't like the bus but I do...always something interesting to see.
 Getting ready to head into the restaurant ....that's Susie.
 Up ahead La Puntilla.  It is very well known for it's buffet Mexican style breakfast and likely we would be the only white faces in the restuarant!
 Right on the water looking out at the harbour.
 Diane's friend Carol and Marilyn.
 Everyone ordered a drink of some sort and then lunch.  Maureen had coconut shrimp.
 Diane and I had tuna stuffed with some sort of hot crab salad.  The poor broccoli was inedible but the rest of it was good.  I was still getting over my three weeks of lung infection and heavy duty antibiotics and my appetite wasn't up to snuff so I took half home to share with Eric for dinner.   The previous Friday ladies lunch was cancelled because so many of us were sick. 
 Susie had empanadas stuffed with cheese and shrimp.  She only ate one and gave me the other two as she said her husband Stu wouldn't eat them.  When we ate them later it was obvious why she gave them away.  Heavy corn dough and not much filling.
 Ruth had fish with a poblano cream sauce.
 A couple of the ladies had fish tacos which they said were very good.
 This is a very large restaurant and like many this size the food is just adequate.  Too many plates to fill to be top notch.  On the other hand it is very popular so good enough for most people.  Very good service and reasonable prices. 
 Ruth and Maureen chatting.
 At this point there had been reasonably loud piped in music playing.  Now just behind us you can see the banda starting up.  At the same time the Carnival Queen hopefuls had arrived and were being announced at the other end of the restaurant. 
 As well this old yellow lab was making his displeasure known at being tied up outside by barking his head off.  Oh and there were a number of babies crying too.
 The Carnival Queen hopefuls paraded past on their way down to the dock.
 Stunning young woman.
 All gorgeous and like this one many were very tall.

 I thought Eric would like this one.....
 .....especially going!  He did say later the Carnival Queen parade and passed them while they were having lunch in Olas Altas so he'd already seen them once. 
 All loaded onto the boat for a tour of the harbor.  Lots of them on the top deck which is always a worry for the boat flipping over. 
Away they go!

At this point lunch was over and we were waiting for our checks.  It was so loud with the restaurant music, the banda, barking dogs and crying babies we couldn't even talk.  It was so loud it was actually funny. Not that relaxing of a lunch but....a true Mexican experience.  Ahhh.....Mexico!