Sunday, December 29, 2013

A ride to San Ignacio

We’ve only been out on the bike once together since we arrived.  It takes a few weeks for us to rest up and get settled before we ride and besides that ….the weather has been so darn great we have been on the beach swimming.

This morning we decided to head north of Mazatlan to San Ignacio for lunch.  If we ride south we have to go through the city and it is much more relaxing to go north so that’s what we decided to do. 

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62 miles each way and a nice ride. 

It was hot and sunny when we set off.


We left the park at 10:30 and made a quick fuel stop just before Cerritos and then turned right onto La Florida-las Isabeles.


Left on the free road towards Culiacan.


Heading north.


The fields are very green this year with lots of crops growing.


Running water in the El Quelite river.  Sometimes it’s dry at this time of year.


The pink trees have almost finished blooming.


These cactus also have blooms on them which I’ve never seen before….maybe it’s all the rain.


Turn right to San Ignacio.


Riding through Coyotitan just off the highway on the way to San Ignacio.  A really nice clean little town. 


Ballgame in progress.  It looked like it the players were adults or late teens.  Lots of people watching so probably a good game. P1050274

Another pretty little town square.


A little brick making operation at the side of the road on the way out of town


Cows grazing on what…no wonder the beef is so tough here!


Heading toward the mountains and San Ignacio.  Not too much traffic so quite pleasant. 


Anyone need a ride?  You can turn left here to San Javier or go straight to San Ignacio.


There is always some sort of animal tied at the edge of the road grazing…a burro. 


The large and beautiful gate to San Ignacio.


Bridge over the Rio Ajoya coming into San Ignacio. Lots of water in it as well.


First hotel coming into town.


Heading toward the square and lunch….we hope!  On Sundays the restaurants may or may not be open.  We did pass a pollo stand on the way in so we’ll keep that as a back up.


Parking the bike in the square. 


Town square.  It is usually very pristine in San Ignacio but I think Christmas and Saturday night have taken it’s toll.  There was garbage everywhere and it really looked like the “morning after the night before!”


Municipal Hall. P1050261

Lots of beautiful old buildings.

P1050268  The very large, old Catholic church.


Wonderful old architecture.

But now it was time for lunch….

We decided to eat in the square at a taco restaurant where we’d eaten before.  Pollo surprise as usual. 


We decided to eat outside but it didn’t turn out to be the best idea as the honey bees surrounded us trying to get at our Coca Cola. 


The food was good.  Chicken tacos with chicken on the side and an assortment of fried onions and hot peppers (really hot peppers!) 


We covered up the Coke with our napkins while we tried to eat.


This cute little Nina was sure we should give her some Coca Cola.  She finally got some inside and it went with her bag of potato chips. 


We ventured down a cobblestone road but it was a dead end.  Hard to turn around so I got off.


We could have eaten here….or any other Pollo stand.  Note the Coca Cola sign.  Coca Cola is Mexico’s national drink and they consume and average of “60 gallons per person per year!”  Amazing. 


Time to head out of town.  The sunny day has deteriorated and we don’t want to get wet. 


Back over the bridge and out of town.


It looks pretty stormy. 

Luckily we made it home without a drop of rain but it is now cloudy (but still very warm) back at Las Jaibas.

Another good day!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Feliz Cumpleanos Marion!

Another party you say….well it is Marion’s birthday and we were all invited so here we are. 

We gathered today at 4pm for happy hour and another wonderful meal.  In years past Marion’s husband Fred has supplied pizza for us all but last year he switched to chicken.  This year it was chicken, pulled pork and tortillas with the rest of us bringing salads, baked beans and other assortments of delicious food.  


Thanks Fred!


Marion having a chat with some of the ladies.


Is Frank telling Manny and John a big story?


I told Dennis I was taking a picture of his best side.  He leapt to his feet and swatted me with his hat.


The buzzards on the tower.  Sorry about the camera spots…I will get it fixed!


Ursula, Max, Betty and Eddy.


The birthday gal!


Setting out the food.


We eat yet again.


I told the crowd I’d been asked if this was all we ever do….eat!



The mosquitoes have been voracious this year and Sandi was showing Ursula her clip on bug repellant.  See that beautiful bougainvillea in the back well….


Here’s a close up. 


This beautiful creation was made by Betty, from scratch. 


The candles were lit and Happy Birthday was sung!


The candles were blown out and then we ate cake.  It was delicious and we even got to take some home for tomorrow.  Thanks Betty!

By now the mosquitoes were out in full force and people started to leave.  Jeannette’s husband Bill commented “Early to bed and early to rise” but Marilyn finished it with “and your girlfriend is out with other guys!”  Good one Marilyn. 

So Happy Birthday Marion and thanks for the party.