Friday, February 25, 2022

La Casa Country for ladies lunch.

This week's choice for lunch is La Casa Country.  A western themed restaurant located in the Golden Zone.  We were here two years ago and had a good dining experience.  Next season we hope to branch out and visit more different restaurants.  But....we're happy we are actually getting out at all!!


Wednesday afternoon about 12:30 and we are waiting for the bus.  La Casa Country here we come!

An antler chandelier!  A very large restaurant known for it's beef and Tex Mex cuisine.  Later in the day they have cowboy dancers or at least they used to.  Not sure whether Covid has ended that for now.  
That's Sue joking with the waiter.  Very attentive staff here.
The waiter taking Marion's order.  She and Fred will be heading home on Friday.  Ruth up front deep in conversation.
All the ingredients are ready for the house made salsa. 
The waiters hands are just flying as he prepares the salsa.  
The food is starting to arrive and I see three very large salads.
Ruth and Diane are sharing the very tasty looking Mexican plate.  An taco, chili relleno etc.

This is Sandi's shrimp salad and it is huge!  I think salad was on her menu that night as well. 
Marilyn had a chicken salad and it was huge as well.  
This is Sue's small steak and it wasn't as good as it should have been.  An odd shaped piece of meat and it was supposed to be rare.  It was delivered on a piping hot cast iron grill plate so, it of course continued to cook.  Not rare at all and a bit chewy.  Beef is always a bit of a risky thing to order in Mexico but this restaurant prides itself on it's beef. 
A blurry pictures of my steak fajitas.  Tasty but again the beef was not as tender as it could have been. I did however eat most of it!
Another Mexican plate and I see cowboy beans, a taco, a piece of grilled chicken, chili relleno and fresh salsa.  

So overall the lunch experience was good.  Prices are higher than average which we knew, service and ambiance were excellent and most of the food was very good.  Not a place you'd pop into for a quick bite but lovely for a nice dining experience.  The last time we were here I had a very tender medium rare steak.  

Next week Lucky B's in the Golden Zone.  We\d hoped to go to Toto's cocina Italiana but it doesn't open until 1:30 and that's a bit late for lunch.  

Friday, February 18, 2022

Ladie's lunch at Hector's

 Tuesday was Ladies Lunch and we were off to Centro to Hector's.  This is a favorite for the group as you can always count on a good lunch experience.  

Nine of us in the truck and on our way.  The driver asked that we mask up so we did.
Linda, Georgia (new to the group) and Connie who only joins us occasionally.  
As we turn onto the malecon you can see Valentino's behind us.  It's good to hear that after sitting unused for a number of years it is being resurrected and there is a restaurant in it that is now open.  
Gorgeous warm day.

I did make a reservation as there were ten of us for lunch.  When we arrived I ducked into the bakery next door to see if they had any bread left.  Success...a loaf of sourdough fruit and a multigrain.  
That's Diane and Helene perusing the menu.  The special of the day was a Rueben sandwich with an house made pastrami. 
Helene up front and from the left Marion, Connie, Sandi, Georgia and Sue.
Chatting before we order. 

A multitude of artwork on the walls.  A few years ago when we ate here the owner and chef "Hector" came out to greet us and tell us a bit about his restaurant.  
The menu is extensive with delicious appetizers.  Ruth chose an octopus carpaccio which she kindly shared.
This is Helene's Rueben sandwich that didn't turn out to be as delicious as she'd hoped.  The pastrami was thick and tough which was unfortunate.  I know it has been ordered in the past and this did not happen.
This is Linda's sandwich.  Sorry I don't know exactly what it contained but she said it was delicious.  
A couple of plates of steamed clams were served...delicious as well.
Ruth's second choice tuna carpaccio.  I do believe she and Georgia shared the appetizers and clams. 
Roasted chicken salad for Connie and Sandi. I told Sandi to smile and..she did.
Marion had tortellini.
In house made ravioli in red pepper sauce for Diane.  I've had this before and it's yummy!
I ordered beef dip as I've been craving some meat and I also know that the bread served at Hector's comes from the bakery next door.  It was rare, tender and just what I wanted. 
Everyone happily eating. 

All in all the meals, drinks and service were very good ....except for Helene's Rueben sandwich.  However she said the rest of the sandwich was good.  At this point everyone was off to do their own thing and then make their way home. 
Linda, Sue and I wandered off to shop but first a quick look as the Plaza Machado where they were erecting one of the carnival statues.  We all thought carnival would be cancelled but it is going ahead.  The local people do not think it's a good idea but the businesses do so....Carnival.  We will not be attending. 
Getting ready to unload it off the truck.  
They are made of paper mache so they aren't as heavy as they could be.  They are also along the malecon.

We wandered along to the Oaxaca shop where they sell wool hand loomed wool rugs and many other handmade items.  I've looked at the small rugs more than once and this time I bought one.  Not cheap at 1700 pesos but a huge amount of work went into this.

Next we were off to visit one of the many kitchen supply shops.  By this time I was loaded with the heavy bread and a small rug!  After a fairly long walk we found what we were after.  These shops supply the restaurants so you can find whatever you're looking for.  I bought two wine glasses, a small bucket and some foil pans.  Linda found a large cutting board and we were on our way.  It gets confusing on the back streets but after a look at Google maps and Sue's directions from a vegetable shop owner we got sorted out.  We were on the right street just going the wrong way🤣 On the bus and home.

Next week Casa Country in the Golden Zone.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

La Catrina for ladies lunch and a good time was had by all!


Yesterday we were off to the Golden Zone again and this time to La Catrina.   It doesn't open until 1pm and when it does it's happy hour from 1 to 5pm.  Some drinks like margarita's and beer are very cheap during happy hour.  

I wanted a reservation on the outside patio and they they said as it was happy hour they usually didn't do that but...I mentioned Beverly and then they did.  Beverly is a regular here and has many friends so they built her her own round table.   You may find her at Pedro and Lola's on the weekend or selling T-shirts and stuff at Diego's on Tuesdays.  
Marion and husband Fred are back from Saskatchewan for another month.  I asked Marion for a pose she did!  Very nice!
We were ten today and this is six of us. 
Linda with her margarita.  I ordered a Mojito which I have decided I really like.  Thanks for suggesting it Ruth. 
Lots of chat!
The food is arriving and Linda ordered a taco salad.  She and I are sharing this and fish and chips.
The Cobb salad for Pat.  They have an early bird menu as well and this was only 90 pesos...a deal!
That's Beverly laughing in the back and I'm not sure what Ruth was doing!!
The waiter started bringing food and the burgers are huge!  Very, very good service and waiters here. 
Marilyn's chicken burger.  Just try and finish that baby!
Beverly's burger and she said half was going home with her.
Sue is not known to have a big appetite and....half or more of hers went home as well. 
Marilyn has decided to get rid of the top bun and tackle it this way.
That my friends is Ruth's  chimichanga and it may have shrimp or chicken in it.  Just delicious and what lovely presentation.
More than one chimichanga was served at lunch. 

Sandi had the shrimp basket and I'm guessing she has her mouth full. 
This is my fish and chips which I shared with Linda.....very good as well.

When lunch was over we all wandered off and went our own way.

Sue, Sandi and Marilyn sitting on the bench outside of Michael's Gallery.  Linda was still looking around so they are sitting on the "husband's" bench!
A picture of the blogger as well.  

So yesterday's lunch was a big success.  Excellent food and service and lots of fun and chat.  A great place for a drink and lunch on a sunny afternoon!

Next week downtown to centro and Hector's...another favorite.