Friday, May 3, 2013

We are in Prince George

Friday May 3, 2013

We spent yesterday morning/afternoon up at the Ducati/BMW dealer in West bank as Eric wanted to look at a used BMW motorcycle that he thought he might like to add to his collection.  It was a Red 2002 Rll50RT touring.  It has the 2 cylinder air cooled Boxer engine and it looked like it might be a good bike for Mexico.  After looking it over and being well informed by Tanner the young salesman Eric decided to take it for a ride.  We had to come back at 2pm so we went up to Winner’s so I could get a baby present for our new great nephew, Cooper who is Ian’s son Jason and wife Deb’s new baby.  Then off for some lunch at Happy Jack’s Pub before returning for a ride. 

I had climbed aboard earlier to see what it felt to sit as a passenger and I did note it had quite a cramped leg position for me.  Big Red (the Harley)  gives me lots of room to stretch my legs.  I waited in the truck while Eric and Tanner went out for a ride.  The final verdict… not quite what Eric wants.  Even though the bike is red….a huge deal in Eric’s world the leg riding position was a bit difficult. However it is 300lbs lighter than Big Red and handling it is much easier.  At this point is undecided as well as wondering how many motorcycles he really needs.  Only only time will tell!

Today we left Kelowna at about 7:15am on our way to Prince George.  It was a rainy day between Kelowna and our home in Terrace yesterday so not a good day to drive and today it was all sunshine so that was a good thing.  The drive from Kelowna to 100mile going through Vernon, Falkland, Kamloops, Cache Creek is slow as the the highway is windy and up and down all the way. From 100mile north to Prince George it is a much easier drive.  We stopped at the side of the road in 100mile for lunch, made a couple of fuel stops along the way and were into Prince George by about 5:30pm.  We are plugged in at the Bon Voyage motel where we always stay going south and north and as well there is a good restaurant for dinner which means I don’t have to cook which is a bonus.   A long day today but that will make tomorrow shorter and it will be nice to be driving in sunshine on our way home to Terrace. 

More bad news on the trailer tire scene as the left front tire is separating.  We bought this tire in Arizona and it went to Mazatlan and home to Terrace last year and Terrace to Mazatlan and not quite home this year.  It is the same thing that happened to the Goodyear tires that came on the rig and the TowMax tires that replaced them.  Hopefully it will make it home before it blows apart.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good blood tests

Wednesday May 1, 2013

I had my blood tests done on Monday and yesterday I went for my appointment with my rheumatologist Dr. Shojania in West bank.  Everything is good at this point.  The CRP which is the marker for temporal arteritis and polymyalgia rheumatica is still low and so is my ESR so all is well at this point.  I am thinking that all the hard work I did with exercise, vitamins, Immunocal and eating right has helped.  I am feeling some aches and pains but he thinks it is just regular old people pain….swell!  I’m not completely convinced about that but time will tell.  I will continue to reduce the prednisone 1mg a month and come back to see Dr. Shojania in July.  I’ll have monthly blood tests at home and will call him if I think things aren’t going well (if symptoms return.)  So far so good.

We have been busy doing this and that since we arrived in Kelowna.  I managed to get a few flats of flowers…what a surprise!  I found some really interesting geraniums up at the Greenery which is a local nursery that is only open for a few months in the spring.   They have a huge selection at great prices so it is worth it to bring some plants home and more for variety than for prices.  I will still buy a bit when I get home but all of that can wait.  I even found a really nice fragrant (yellow) honeysuckle vine to replace the one I killed a few years ago.  Oops…you have to be careful with Roundup!

Eric has been looking for another resin cabinet for the garage in the rig and it looks like we’ll have to order it from Sears as no one has anything he wants on the floor.  He would like a Sun Cast one just like the one that is already in the there.

He has also been looking for a new motorcycle jacket and today we got lucky.  He’d looked a few jackets at the Harley shop, Kreater’s and today Honda.  He found a nice Tour master transition jacket at Honda that is waterproof, armored, has some high viz and it was also on sale so ….Eric got a new jacket.  Yeah!  Another thing off the list.  Tomorrow he’s going to look at a used BMW so maybe Blue and Big Red will have a new friend.  Okay….that just sounds creepy, sort of like all the people with their Schmoopies! 

I’ve see one of my sisters (Anne) but will have to leave the visit with my other sister (Elisa) until I return in July.  We did have a quick chat though.

The weather here has been a bit wild over the last few days and it was really cold and snowy over Monday and Tuesday.  There was quite a bit of snow up on the hills yesterday but now today…it is lovely.  We have decided to stay one more day at this point and head home on Friday.  The weather between here and home looks like it is settling down and we may even get home without any rain.  That would be sweet.