Thursday, August 31, 2023

FINALLY...I am off to Pittsburgh!

 It has been five long years since I have seen our daughter Krista, her husband Jeff and our grandchildren Shane and Ava. I visited in 2018, missed 2019 and then it was Covid!  Last year my broken elbow surgeries made travel impossible.  On Tuesday afternoon I was on my way.  Terrace to Vancouver with a 1 1/2 hour delay but I'd left one flight early...just in case😉 I met my baby sister Joy at the airport and together we were off on the red eye midnight flight to Chicago and then the Pittsburgh Airport.   

     We decided not to catch "anything" on the plane!

              The Pittsburgh airport.

                  Wow are we tired!

       Krista has guinnea hens to eat the bugs.  I've never seen them before and they are hilarious!

          Ava and Gucci.  Ava rides dressage competitively. 
        Dad Jeff keeps the arena drug and level among a multitude of other chores.  This business is very time consuming for the family.

We arrived at 10am eastern time or 7am Pacific time.  My grand daughter Ava picked us up and what a surprise.  The 11 year old girl from 5 years ago is now a 16 year old woman and...she's driving.  

First stop Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

 Then we were off the  Silvercrest horse farm where the family rides,  boards, teaches and trains horses.  A covered riding arena, fields and 50+ stalls.

Lots of chat and catching up, a little grocery shopping and home for happy our and dinner.  Shane our grand son is now 18 and way, way taller than me!  I am once again the shrimp in our very tall family.  

        Joy, Jeff, Krista, Ava and Shane.

           Shane and Ava ...all grown up!

We'll be here until Wednesday next week and we are going to have fun😊❤️

I am so, so happy!