Sunday, December 26, 2021

Christmas Dinner with friends.

Christmas dinner was hosted by Marilyn and Dennis once again this year.  We all arrived for happy hour at our usual 4pm.

I think Frank is showing Dennis Google Lens to see if they can figure out what the symbols are on the oven in Marilyn and Dennis's condo.  No words, just symbols. 

Marilyn and Sandi. 

Dinner is served.  

Doesn't that look lovely...even a Roche Ferrer chocolate each. 

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn casserole ,broccoli mandarin salad and baked beans. No one was going to go hungry!

Doesn't that look yummy.  Dennis couldn't believe I would eat the turkey's " Parson's Nose!"  He said he didn't know anyone who would eat he does!  In my family Dad always ate it so I do too. 

The happy group.  I must remember to get someone to take a picture with me in it!  The meal was delicious and Sandi brought the corn casserole and I brought Elsie's potatoes (cream cheese and sour cream in them) and butter on top.  I made broccoli salad with mandarin oranges, red onion, fresh mushrooms, bacon and nuts.  Always a winner from the Best of Bridge.  Marilyn cooked the turkey to perfection, made stuffing, gravy and baked beans so it was a meal fit for a king.  For dessert she served  oreo cheesecake cupcakes.  We were luckier than many families because we got to spend Christmas with good friends.  Merry Christmas all! 


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Pat and Reg's Vagabond Christmas Eve with friends.

We were lucky enough this year to once again gather at Pat and Reg's in Las Jaibas for their annual Christmas eve happy hour appetizer party. Last year many people were not here in Mazatlan but this year we are back together.  Much more fortunate than our families at home.  2022 has to be a better year...right!!!

Pat is surveying her table set up and the food is arriving.

                                             Frank and Randall having a chat.  Ruth's                                                husband Jimmy in the background. 
I'm not sure what Marion is saying...or if Fred is listening!  Pam and Reg in the background. 

Our friend and everyone else's, Rafael is off work for the weekend and he stopped by to wish us all Feliz Navidad!
Rafael has not seen Marion in a long time so they were happy to see eachother. 

Sandi chatting to Rafael.  He is just the nicest man and Las Jaibas is so lucky to have are we!

Frank chatting to Larry who is parked right next to him along with his wife Christine. 

Sandi and Marion having a good chat. 

A good turnout for the get to gether.

Everyone is visiting before we get down to eating. 

Pat is very happy to have us all here and she gave us a warm welcome. 

Bill is saying grace and remarking on how thankful and lucky we are to all be back together. 

Would you look at the food.  As usual a varied array and enough for all of us!

So much food Pat had to set up a second table.  It was all delicious and there was even a dessert table.  Marion brought a yummy cake.
As it's cool in the evenings now we were all starting to drift off home by 6pm full and happy.  An enjoyable evening with friends.  Thanks so much Pat and Reg for keeping your Christmas Eve Vagabond party alive and well!   

Back in the Marina Gardens Casas complex it's very pretty at night. 

Just getting dark and the lights are lovely. In he background you can see the Marina Gardens condos where Marilyn and Dennis stay for the winter. 

Some of the houses are quite decorated and many have the inflatable Santa's and various other animals. 

Down the pathway to home. 

Looking out the window of our house and Kathy and Eric our little reindeer are tucked in for the night. Merry Christmas all!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Ladies lunch at Cimaco Gourmet Cafe in the Gran Plaza

Yesterday we were off to the Gran Plaza and the restaurant upstairs in the Cimaco Department Store. A small group today and we were joined by Marion who is here in Mazatlan for a month and Pat's sister Marie. 

Marie is enjoying her lunch drink. 

Sue has her dark beer and Marilyn a Pina Colada. 

Marion likes to have a Pina Colada at ladies lunch as well. 

I have a mango smoothie but it was very lame! Just watery with a bit of mango in it.  I wouldn't order one here again. 

Quite a few of us ordered the half sandwich/ half salad lunch with comes with a bowl of soup to start.  This is roasted tomato and it is absolutely delicious. 

Marie had the Mexican salad for lunch and it was a bit limp. 

Sue had the chicken brioche which she said was "interesting!"   I'm not sure if that was a compliment to the meal or not.  Asian salad on the side. 

Marilyn's Italian sandwich and salad which was good. 

Hmm...I forget which sandwich this one is but it looks good. 

Pam's sandwich with a sangria drink.  

My San Moritz sandwich which had chicken, bacon, tomatoes etc. I had Mexican salad on the side which was also limp.  The soup, salad and sandwich was 200 pesos.  Last time we were here the lunch was very good...this time it was okay.  I should have just had the soup and dessert..😉

Next week Rincon de Nasha which is located in the Golden Zone or..Zona Dorada.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Annual Christmas picture and Happy Hour!

 Our annual Christmas beach picture and for those of you who know us all you'll see a can couple of familiar faces who popped in unexpectedly once again! Sneaky Marion and Fred.

Eric and I were on the beach early so some relaxing was in order.
Not a real warm afternoon with a bit of cloud cover.
Pretty quiet right now but Christmas is coming and so are the people.

Dennis and marilyn arrived just after Fred and Marion.  No one knew Fred and Marion were coming except Sandi who kept the secret...little sneak!

Time for beer and chat.

Sandi and Marion catch up.  Fred and Marion along with the rest of us all started out as RVing friends in Las Jaibas.
No one can believe that Fred turned 90 this year!  He hasn't changed a bit.

Frank and Fred catch up with Pam and Randall in the background.
People start to arrive late in the day.
They show up for the sunset and then they all leave...who knew?
Will there be the infamous green flash when the sun sets?
The light became warm and more photos were in order.
Even the sand is gorgeous!
Jeannette, Marion and Sandi long time friends!

Everyone kept saying Feliz Navidad to us...maybe it was our hats!!😂
Just beautiful but getting really chilly!

A lovely evening and now it's time to head home.