Monday, December 29, 2014

Week Two of Ladies Lunch

Today we met at the palapa up front at 11am as we were going to travel on the bus all the way down to the ferry dock to the La Puntilla restaurant for lunch. 


We have started to gather. IMG_1841

We are ten today. IMG_1842

Me in the picture too. IMG_1844

We are on the green bus heading into town and are heading over the first bridge.  I walk this way every morning and turn around at the bottom to head back to the park.   IMG_1845

Over the second bridge and the marina is there.  They are dredging the channel and pumping the mud onto the wetland on the left.  IMG_1847

Coming into the Golden Zone and there are lots of red trucks full of tourists during the Christmas season. IMG_1848

and….lots of traffic.  The increased tourism is good for Mazatlan and the new road from Durango has really helped the businesses. IMG_1850

Heading south along the Malecon and there is plenty to buy if you wish. IMG_1851

There is lots of police presence this year.  These guys are municipal police and are riding the Malecon on their bicycles.  IMG_1852

Maybe you’d like to travel in a pick up truck! IMG_1853

Coming into Centro and the market. IMG_1854

Many people get off here to shop at the market where you can buy everything from ….soup to nuts! IMG_1856

We continue on to the end of the line.  That’s the historic Edgar’s Bar where lots of us have eaten.  IMG_1858

Gets a bit prettier down here.


The ferry terminals, ferry to Stone Island and the Cruise ship dock are all located here.   IMG_1860

We are off the bus and heading down the street to the restaurant. IMG_1861

The Baja ferry is leaving for La Paz, Baja Sur. IMG_1862

La Puntilla restaurant. IMG_1863

Not too busy and mostly Mexicans eating.  Nice, open and clean. IMG_1865

We are seated and waiting for the waiter. IMG_1866

We are sitting on the water and the ferry passes by.  Lots of people on deck. IMG_1867

The birds are relaxing. IMG_1868

Today I skipped my usual Pacifico Lite which was just as well as they served the pequeno size beers.  We’ve had then on our travels to small Mexican towns but many of the ladies had never seen them.  They look quite silly!  I had a Pina Colada and it was delicious.


We all spent some time perusing the menu, ordered and soon the food started to arrive. 


Marion and Regina shared a huge fish platter and so did Ruth and Diane.  There was a flame burning under this to keep it warm.  IMG_1872

I ordered fish with a shrimp stuffing.  The vegetables were not crisp and the fish was salty.  Mediocre.  Cost $169 pesos or $13.60 for the meal and a  bit pricey for what was served.IMG_1873

This family had molcajete with shrimp.  The pot is sizzling hot and so are the shrimp. 

So… what did we think of the food.  Well the large heated platters that were shared were apparently very good.   Sandi’s food was cold so she sent it back and ….it came back cold.  Eddie had the same meal and hers’ was cold as well.  The rest of us rated the food as just okay.  Apparently the breakfast buffet is very good. 

There was an added twist as the seafood platters were $200 pesos on the English menu and when the bill came they were charged over $400 pesos.  The English menu was new and they’d made an error.  Too bad but that is there fault not ours.

The service was good, the setting is nice but in the end the food was mediocre.   Last week Diane and I had fantastic meals at Lucky B’s and the rest of the meals were good, but not great.  Depends on what you order and how good the cook is and perhaps the day.  My interest in this is to try different restaurants and sample different food.  Consensus on the restaurant today was ….”doesn’t warrant a repeat visit.”

Next week we will try the El Shrimp Bucket on the Malecon at Olas Altas beach.


We left the restaurant and as we walked down the street to catch the bus this handsome fellow was strutting his stuff. IMG_1875

Lots of traffic down here today with huge trucks being unloaded from the ferry. IMG_1876

Back on the bus and heading back into town.  IMG_1878

The huge green bus heads up the very narrow one way street. IMG_1879

Marilyn, Sandi, Jeannette and I got off at the market to go to the fabric store.  I am always amazed at the selection, prices and color.  We spent quite a bit of time in the store looking at fabric and buying what we needed. 

We arrived back in the park around 3:30 and I was tired. 


Manny brought Ramona over for a visit and after her cookie she relaxed on Eric’s knee.  She and Eric like each other.

A good day!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Little things



We have been very lazy since we arrived in Mazatlan.  Eric finally uncovered Big Red and went for  a ride.  He rode into El Quelite but had to turn around before going into town as the road is under construction and there is lots of dirt.  No good for a motorcycle.


I caught a picture of Dennis looking up into the sky.  What was he looking at?IMG_1795

Ah….his helicopter.  IMG_1796

I asked him if it had a camera so he could spy but he said “No…that costs even more money.”



This is the vegetable truck that comes through the park Monday, Wednesday and Friday….and sometimes not….and sometimes on Saturday.   Ah Mexico!IMG_1792

I like to buy my fresh buns, and bits of fruit and vegetables from “Guimo.”   Not sure of the spelling.IMG_1569

I might buy a beautiful avocado.


This is shrimp guy and today I bought a kilo of medium size unshelled.  180 pesos or about $14.40 and that will do us for 3-4 days.  Probably a bit cheaper at the shrimp lady but this is convenient for me and many people buy from him.  I also order fresh fish and he brings that as well.


  I shell them. IMG_1798

A nice bag of fresh shrimp.  IMG_1743

Then a stir fry of vegetables and shrimp with avocado for supper.  Fresh and delicious.

We are beer drinkers.  Eric likes Pacifico with a touch of lime and I drink Pacifico lite.


The cans need to be crushed and the last few years it has involved Eric’s big boot and …..


….my foot!






….Three.  The end result was good but it was a lot of stomping.  So….


The new guy on the block!


The finished product and below the bag of cans.


Eric felt sorry for me and bought me a present.  A $4 can crusher from Princess Auto and he mounted it in the garage of our rig.  It works great and the cans are all crushed and in a bag for Genardo the park worker.  Good for him and good for us.  It irritates the hell out me when I look in our garbage barrels and see loose cans that Genardo has to dig around and fish out of the garbage.  Sometimes they are right in the garbage bags….Yuck!


On a cloudy day you get a beautiful sunset.