Saturday, December 27, 2014

Little things



We have been very lazy since we arrived in Mazatlan.  Eric finally uncovered Big Red and went for  a ride.  He rode into El Quelite but had to turn around before going into town as the road is under construction and there is lots of dirt.  No good for a motorcycle.


I caught a picture of Dennis looking up into the sky.  What was he looking at?IMG_1795

Ah….his helicopter.  IMG_1796

I asked him if it had a camera so he could spy but he said “No…that costs even more money.”



This is the vegetable truck that comes through the park Monday, Wednesday and Friday….and sometimes not….and sometimes on Saturday.   Ah Mexico!IMG_1792

I like to buy my fresh buns, and bits of fruit and vegetables from “Guimo.”   Not sure of the spelling.IMG_1569

I might buy a beautiful avocado.


This is shrimp guy and today I bought a kilo of medium size unshelled.  180 pesos or about $14.40 and that will do us for 3-4 days.  Probably a bit cheaper at the shrimp lady but this is convenient for me and many people buy from him.  I also order fresh fish and he brings that as well.


  I shell them. IMG_1798

A nice bag of fresh shrimp.  IMG_1743

Then a stir fry of vegetables and shrimp with avocado for supper.  Fresh and delicious.

We are beer drinkers.  Eric likes Pacifico with a touch of lime and I drink Pacifico lite.


The cans need to be crushed and the last few years it has involved Eric’s big boot and …..


….my foot!






….Three.  The end result was good but it was a lot of stomping.  So….


The new guy on the block!


The finished product and below the bag of cans.


Eric felt sorry for me and bought me a present.  A $4 can crusher from Princess Auto and he mounted it in the garage of our rig.  It works great and the cans are all crushed and in a bag for Genardo the park worker.  Good for him and good for us.  It irritates the hell out me when I look in our garbage barrels and see loose cans that Genardo has to dig around and fish out of the garbage.  Sometimes they are right in the garbage bags….Yuck!


On a cloudy day you get a beautiful sunset.

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  1. For some reason we are not getting shrimp deliveries this year :( so as a result we aren't eating much except when we go out the odd time. We all save the cans for our park worker also. Every little bit helps.