Saturday, December 20, 2014

A trip to the Orphanage with donated items.

Many people bring bags of donations for “our” orphanage.  John and Geri who are not with us this winter sent many bags with Dick and Val, Val brought toothbrushes and toothpaste from her dentist, Eddie had the cab over bunk in her small motor home stuffed with bags, Bill and Jeannette and others donated too.  Thanks to all of you and ….if I missed you….pat yourself on the back.  Anything we bring for them that they can’t use they will sell for a few pesos and use the money for the orphanage. 

This park and many people in it have a long history with the orphanage and many changes have taken place over the years.  It is always nice to go every year to see what’s happening and every year it improves.   

As John and Geri aren’t here this year we had to recruit another Spanish speaker to go with us.  Millie plays cards with us and her partner Al is fluent and he agreed to come with us so we were set.


The donation bags stored in the office were loaded up. IMG_1746

Dick and Frank load them in. IMG_1747

After that we loaded Eddie’s bags in and many others and the truck was full.  We left the park just after 10:30 with Dick, Val, Millie and Al in the lead, Frank, Sandi, Diane and I in the Jeep and Ruth and Jimmy followed. IMG_1748

Heading into the orphanage.


The gates to the orphanage were open and Dick drove the truck right in to unload.


This little one (Paulina?) was showing us how she gave her baby it’s soother…..she had one of her own.

I brought a bag of mini chocolate bars so the visit started with a treat for the kids.  Lupita made sure the “basura” or garbage went into the bag.  There is not one speck of litter within the gates.  Good to see as litter is an immense problem in Mexico.  Change starts with the children.   


The truck was unloaded and all the donations placed on a table so Geraldo and Lupita could go through them later.  IMG_1752

Every year when we arrive there are more improvements.  Small gardens have been planted and the compound looks quite pretty now. IMG_1753

The chickens are for eggs and not eating.  I asked if “Wally” the dog was a problem and Lupita said no, but the cat was.  Bad Kitty!IMG_1754

Inside next to the kitchen the tree is decorated for Christmas. IMG_1755

This is the kitchen.  Val showed me some pictures from years ago when Lupita was cooking under a tin roof outside.  A vast improvement due to gringo help and donations that have made a huge difference to their lives.  IMG_1756

Geraldo and Lupita have 22 children in their care right now and as it is Saturday most of the children were home.  IMG_1757

The young man with the “toque” is 15, very personable and speaks some English.  IMG_1759

Al is showing the kids some finger tricks and they were quite amused.  The girl standing next to Val is Carla and at 12 is a good cook or cocinera.  I explained that my nieta (grand daughter, Abby) is catorce (14) and also likes to cook.  I also told her that Abby is very tall!  IMG_1760

Some of the children have been with Geraldo and Lupita most of their lives even though they may not be adopted.  They remember us from year to year and are very happy to see us.  They are full of smiles, hugs and laughter.  They are clean, happy, well disciplined, well fed and well looked after.  A tribute to Lupita and Geraldo’s dedication to the orphanage.  IMG_1761

The children were having much fun with their hand powered carts on the concrete pad.  IMG_1762

Perhaps this is last years Christmas tree spray painted white.  Pretty. IMG_1763

The girl’s dormitory.  Note the many toys, cleanliness and neatly made beds.  Although they knew we were coming today we have arrived unannounced in the past and everything was just as neat and clean.  Try doing that in the dirt at home!IMG_1764

Ruth and Diane have a little sign language chat with the girls.  That’s Ruthie hiding behind Diane.  She was shy today and wouldn’t admit to her name.  I think she is about 7. IMG_1765

Here she is cuddling the very laid back cat. IMG_1766

Alejandro was tying his shoe.  As he is six or seven I was impressed that he could do this.  Hard for many children and Velcro closures are the norm so many children don’t know how. 


It took a couple of tries but he got it and was very proud of himself.  He knew I was watching and was happy for me to take a picture. IMG_1768

  The chalk board was a hit and when Alejandro handed me the chalk I wrote my name.  Here they call me Katy as they do not make the sound “th.”  IMG_1769

Lots of useful items.  Diane and Lupita watching. IMG_1770

Geraldo is chatting with Al who is the only fluent Spanish speaker with us.  John and Geri are usually with us and John speaks Spanish.  Geraldo was very concerned about John’s health but he was reassured that he was okay.  IMG_1771


We stood about in groups watching the children.  You can see the blue Las Jaibas Chili Cook Off  t-shirts that Frank and Dick are wearing.  This is the orphanage that the cook off supports.  IMG_1773

At the end of our visit Geraldo and Lupita gathered all the children together. 


They bowed their heads and repeated a prayer after Geraldo blessing us for our generosity. 

We are blessed to be a part of their lives. 


  1. That's great! Thanks for taking your camera along. So happy that you guys are doing this!

  2. Good for you guys. It is probably the highlight of the year for them. Su estan mucho buenos gringos! Adrian

  3. Good for you all. Great job. Anything we can do makes a huge difference. Does't it feel gret do be able to help like this?