Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A quiet couple of days at the Playa de Cortez.

Yesterday was lovely and warm.  Eric was tired and spent most of the day resting after taking a walk and I wasn’t much better.  I did my morning walk up the street, spent hours updating the blog and then off to beach for some quiet time.  A crossword book and a lounger and I was happy.  The two other rigs that were here left yesterday morning so we were on our own.  Suits us fine.  We’ll soon have lots of company when we get to our final destination. 


Looking out toward the gate.  The is an old guy from Alberta in a small fifth wheel on the right who is staying here all winter. 


No crowds here!


Looking south behind the rig.  Pretty on the mountain.



We had beer on the pad next to ours and watched the tennis coach (he’s the round guy)  giving lessons.  Funny to watch as the small children do nothing but horse around.  Just like all children and he is so patient.  He was out there at 7am this morning giving a lady lessons.  Tennis is a hard game to learn….I think I’ll give it a pass!

Today it was off to Wal Mart for veggies, fruit, beer for me and bread.  We love the Mexican bolillos which are always nice and fresh.  I have the worst time finding bread in the States that we can stand to eat.  It is all without any stretch and just turns to mush in your mouth.  Yuck!  The cheap Italian Wal Mart bread is okay.  Eric thinks it’s because they don’t use good Canadian winter wheat, at least that’s what his old Aunt in Orkney told him and she’s runs a commercial bakery.  They get all their wheat from Canada.

Great to be back in Mexico.  I was thinking the produce was pretty expensive until later when I looked at my receipt and was reminded that Mexico is metric, just like Canada.  So cheap compared to the USA and Canada. 


Down the eight lane road into San Carlos.  I think they expected it to get a lot bigger here than it did.  That’s Tetakawi  (goat’s teats) in the centre. 

Lunch and then off to San Carlos for a look at boats, fuel and water.  Just like last year it is very quiet there.  Lots of business’s closed up.  We had a quick look around the dock and Eric said “  I’d like a boat….but it would just be way too much work!”  I said he just needs an old guy with a boat for a friend who needs a little help.  Where is that guy?

Water, fuel and back to the park.  There is another rig from B.C. here over night.

IMG_1495 We like to drive the ocean road to San Carlos.  Very scenic.  That’s San Carlos off in the distance.


That’s the Playa de Cortez hotel across the bay.  IMG_1498

There is a really blind corner here where you come into Miramar.  They now have a warning light.  IMG_1499

Pretty through here.  How about a nice house on the ocean? IMG_1500

I used to like Pelicans until I smelled what they leave behind.  Makes you woof and I don’t mean bark!   

It is cloudy and cooler than yesterday but still beautiful.  We may leave tomorrow….we’ll see.      

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