Monday, December 15, 2014

First Bocce Tournament of the season….Day 1!



Today’s games started at 1pm.  Lori and Al play Connie and Manny.  That’s Connie showing great form.  Didn’t help….Lori and Al won!IMG_1692

Bill and Eddie play John and Anita.


Eddie is very intent.  She and Bill win.  IMG_1694

Look at all those balls down there.  Most of us were watching and hiding in the shade.  Luckily the humidity has dropped and there is a brisk breeze. IMG_1696

2pm game…. Ron and Diane play Sandi and Frank…..wait a minute….that’s not Sandi throwing.  Sandi had a beauty appointment and Jeanette filled in.  Despite Ron and Diane’s great start….they lost.  IMG_1697

Denis is reffing.  IMG_1698

Rita and Sam play Ursula and Max.  IMG_1700

Frank looks pensive.  IMG_1701

Ursula and Max give it a good try.  IMG_1702

Despite Ursula’s great form….she and Max lose to Sam and Rita. 


Gunter, Connie and Al watch.  IMG_1704

John, John and Anita.IMG_1708

Winning form by Sam and he and Rita win.

This is sudden death.  So….if you lose you are out….no second chance.  Tomorrow is Tuesday and we ladies play Hand and Foot cards in the afternoon so next Bocce is on Wednesday. 


Wednesday’s schedule.  Jeanette organizes the Bocce every year and post the schedule on she and Bill’s rig.  Thanks!  IMG_1712

As I walked back from taking the Bocce schedule picture I spotted Marion chatting with Helene and Hal.  Helene keeps a very green site with lots of plants and it’s very pretty. 


  1. Good to see you all having fun! FYI I met Carol ( and Bill ) in San Carlos. They are in your park but at the back I believe.

    1. Different Bill! This is Bill of Bill and Jeannette. Bill and Carol don't join into many park activities.