Monday, December 22, 2014

Ladies Lunch

At cards last week Ruth suggested that some of us might like to go out to lunch together once a week.  The idea was that everyone would suggest a restaurant and we would try a different one each week.  Sounded like a plan to me since Eric and I rarely go out to eat and this would give me an opportunity to sample different food.  I am not fussy about what I eat…..only that is well prepared. 

So….Monday was the day of choice for lunch and off we went on the bus to try a Thai restaurant in the Golden Zone that Ruth had chosen.


Off the bus and down the street.  IMG_1779

Marion met us on the street up from the restaurant and informed us that it wasn’t open. 


Closed (cerrado) and no sign saying when they actually are open.  Some restaurants open later in the afternoon or are closed on Monday but this one…who knows.


Ruth had eaten here and said it was very good.  This is what we might have eaten but not today.  


Lucky B’s was at the end of the street, we were hungry, some of us had eaten here before and said it was good so….Lucky B’s was it.  IMG_1783


It is very bright out on the street so it was hard to get a good picture.  Lori, Diane, Sandi, Connie, Ruth, Marion, Eddie and I seated for lunch.  The service was good and we started with a bucket of beer.


Sandi had a mango Margarita….looks delicious!


This little fellow was very friendly.  He even shared a cracker with me.  They ordered rice for him and it ended up all over the table and floor….what a mess.  IMG_1788

I decided to order something delicious….Lucky B’s chicken and it was really good.  Fresh veggies, rice and chicken breast stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, wrapped with bacon in a creamy sauce with chopped peppers.  I ate the whole thing!  Yummy and a reasonable 110 pesos.  IMG_1789

After lunch we walked toward the beach.  That’s Lori gazing at the ocean IMG_1790

Walking back up the street.

Some of us went shopping and Marion, Connie and I hopped on a bus and headed home.  Full and happy. 

Next week…..?


  1. How fun! What a great way to learn about the restaurants. Wish I had the same - although doing that and then eating out with Derek and Cas would stretch our budget. We are slowly working ourselves through a few restaurants here on Playa La Ropa however.

    1. I totally understand. Lucky for you your family is thin. In my case my budget is okay but my waistline would suffer.

  2. Have you ever eaten at one of the little restaurants above the market in Centro? Just wondering how you feel about the smaller Mexican places - goodChili Relleno