Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Connie, Manny and Ramona are here.

I sent an email to “Ramona” a few days ago asking where she was.  She and her servants Connie and Manny were in Gila Bend and a day behind us.  We said we’d wait for them as it didn’t matter whether we left the Playa de Cortez on Wednesday or Thursday. 


I tried to get a picture of Ramona by herself but when she saw the camera she went back to sit by Eric. 

She remembers us from year to year….especially the treats.  She likes Eric and if he isn’t patting her she nudges his arm or licks his feet.

I did walk her over to meet the neighbors ( a couple in a motorhome from Coquitlam, B.C.) who are on their way to Rincon de Guaybitos.  Ramona scored a treat there as well as the bit of roast beef that I’d given her.  A lucky gal!    


The motor home is parked.  IMG_1507

Manny is doing the guy thing….hooking up the electric and water. 

It is really nice to see them and we had a good happy hour chat on the patio.

Tomorrow we will leave between 9 and 10 am and head for the gated Pemex south of Los Mochis  where we will overnight.  They travel at the same speed that we do (not in a hurry) and it will all be fine.


  1. Hi Kathy
    I started a comment but it flew off into cyber....maybe you got it? I was wanting to know how the wifi at Cortez Hotel was ? Do you think we can pick it up with a wifi booster antennae?
    Been following your blog the last 2 years...good job! We are crossing tomorrow @ Nogales.....right behind you

    Thanks, Neil

  2. We are just using the laptop without a booster and are picking it up okay. We do park close to the stairs so we have a clear shot to the office. In years past we have used our Yagi antenna but haven't this year. Sometimes it is slow but...that is Mexico.

  3. We are just a few days behind you. Cross into Mexico Sat the 6th.