Sunday, December 7, 2014

Eric levels the trailer and finds…..a broken spring.

The rig was really leaning over to the driver’s side.  Eric said it didn’t bother him but I thought he should try to level it out.  When he measured the “list” it would take a 2 1/2 inch block to get us level.  Okay he’d do it. 


The satellite dish had to come down so he could hook up the truck and stabilize the front of the rig.


Then he got out the big  20 ton jacks. 



The jack goes under the rear axle.


The blocks are ready.


He lifted and I pushed the block under the rear tire and then he moved onto the centre tire. 


That was when he saw the broken spring on the front axle.  Swell.  We had travelled as slowly as possible but the pounding broke a spring.  He thinks it was fine when we got fuel north of Culiacan.


See that piece sticking up….well it’s part of the piece it’s sitting on.



Somehow the broken spring damaged the front  and middle tire as well. 


These as you will know if you’ve been reading the blog are … tires. 


Block the axle and remove the spring.



Eric talked to Manny and he said he’d take Eric to the shop where they can order a new spring from Guadalajara.  We’ll see if that works out. 

Even though Eric loves the rig this may be the straw that breaks the camels back.  He is threatening to look for something with a freightliner chassis.


Our spot. 

Eric now had to hook up the satellite again, fasten down the screen and put things away.  I made lunch and went to the beach and Eric joined me later.  He managed to get in another swim and a little bodysurfing so that cheered him up a bit. 

I am happy that we are level. 


  1. You guys have had way more than your share of trouble with tires and suspension! Maybe you can catch someone on their way down to pick up tires in the USA?

  2. Norma says option 2 is to talk to Felipe about parking the rig there for the summer and just motel it back and forth next winter.

  3. Too bad about the springs! But good you can get them fixed there. Glad you are all set up. We did like the beach there but not really trying to dodge the traffic to get there.

    Our friends Bill and Carol arrived today - not sure if you know them - in the Alfa pulling a jeep. They were there last year and I meant to mention them to you then. They have a blog as well.