Monday, December 8, 2014

Day three!

We were busy again today.  I was desperately overdue to get some washing done ….Eric was almost out of underwear!  My usual method is to take the laundry to the front office the night before I’m going to do it (Eric has to help me carry it) and then throw it into the machine the next morning on my way out of the park on my morning walk.  The laundry takes 45 minutes to wash which is the same as my walk.  On my way back I throw it into the dryer  and then head back to the rig for coffee and breakfast.  Today it took the whole morning because I wasn’t prepared and it was a smoking hot day.  It has been very warm and humid and laundry just makes it worse! 

It was then time for lunch and we decided we’d have to bite the bullet and head out for pesos (almost out) water, beer and veggies.  We usually put this off for a week when we get here but today ….off we went.  We had a bit of a fight with the “cajero automatico” at the bank but it finally coughed up the money.  It was just being stubborn!


I just had to show you a picture of this avocado.  At home they are half the size, usually rotten and cost a dollar.  This one cost about 50 cents and is huge and delicious.  I mixed it with onion, tomato, cilantro, lime juice, rice vinegar and salt/pepper.  It was delicious.  The vegetable/fruit/bread truck comes through the park three times a week and we also have a “car” that comes through and he sells shrimp and will order fish and bring it to you.  How convenient is that. 

Home and off to the beach.  Today was my first time into the water.  It is bathtub warm and we want to take advantage of it because it can cool down at any time.  It is winter here!  Eric is in heaven because the waves are decent and there hasn’t been much wind to make the water all choppy. 

When we got back  Eric the RV repairman was in the park.  He is from Manitoba but he spends his winters in Mazatlan repairing RV’s.   He is hugely busy as he does a good job at a reasonable price.  He will get a price on the four leaf and also the five leaf springs.  If the price is reasonable my Eric will get the five leaf ones and replace both sides of the axle.  If he gets four leaf he will only have to change one side.  At least we have four months to get it done.  No hurry….no worry!   Eric the RV guy had heard that the road was bad this year….he must fly in !   We are not the only ones who had broken springs.  However if RV’s were built properly this wouldn’t happen. 

A busy three days since we got here but we are happy to be here and the beach is great. 

Tomorrow cards at 1pm, a soiree at Fred and Marion’s for dinner and then on Wednesday I get a pedicure and haircut.   Busy, busy, busy! 

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