Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Angelina’s Kitchen for Ladie’s Lunch

Today we were off to old town for ladies lunch. 


12 of us so we needed 2 auriegas or red trucks.


Half loaded and waiting for the second truck which showed up shortly.


Coming through the Golden Zone and traffic is light today.


The malecon is quite lovely now that it’s finished.  To the left the walking area, blue area for bicycles and the concrete roadway for the cars, trucks and buses. 


Down in the Olas Altas area.


Way off to the left around the bay and past the two islands is where we came from.


Built in the 1920’s Hotel Belmar is the oldest functioning hotel in Mazatlan.  John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Rock Hudson were just a few of the stars that stayed there.  Google and have a look at the post for “ The Fabulous Belmar Hotel.” 


Up off the malecon and coming towards the restaurant.


Angelina’s Kitchen.


Everyone is seated and perusing the menus and drink list.  I always have a pina colada or a Pacifico light.  Today Pina colada.


A picture without me and….


….a picture with me.  Angelina’s daughter took the photo and she held the camera quite high and I’m not sure what happened to the lighting.


This is our usual waiter here.  He speaks English and is very courteous and attentive.  He reminds me a little of Manuel in Fawlty Towers!


I think that Marilyn has a margarita and it’s in a lovely glass.


I think Sue to the left and Mariln in blue must be kidding Robyn here. 


The drinks were served and it wasn’t long before the meals started to arrive.  This is Sue’s steak sandwich.  I had this last winter and it was just delicious.  In her glass is porter that comes from the Cerveceria Tres Islas microbrewery/pub which is on Miguel Aleman and just a stones throw from where we were eating.  Who knew!  Sue was disappointed when they didn’t have a second glass.  It was in a very small glass and she said it was just delicious. Sue and her husband Stu travelled across Canada this summer and she said microbreweries were the tourist attractions they were looking for!


I ordered shrimp ravioli and although not what I expected it was very good.  The large pasta noodles were laid flat in the bottom of the bowl, covered with a delicious pesto type tomato sauce and topped with shrimp and cheese. It was just a nice sized lunch portion and bread which came with it was good as well.


Now that’s a pizza.  Pam ordered a Greek pizza and it looks tasty.  Lots of fresh veggies on top.


Ruth and Eddie split two appetizers and this is beet carpachio


A tasty order of fish and chips.


That’s Pam taking a sip.  She is a dancer and….today is her birthday which we didn’t know at the time or we would have sung to her. 


That’s Angelina’s daughter and one of the cooks preparing our meals.  I think the fellow walking away is the chef that cooked when I took Angelina’s cooking classes a couple of years ago. 


This is tuna poke (prounounce pokay) which is raw marinated tuna.  Robyn gave me a bite and it was delicious. 


Ruth and Eddie ordered a plate of it to go with their beet carpachio….how very continental!


Everyone happily eating.  For the most part we were the only people eating in the restaurant.  Many of the restaurants don’t open until 4pm because there isn’t enough business at lunch time.  Ruth always makes a reservation for our large group so that the restaurants are not surprized. 


Chili relleno “ a la Angelina’s Kitchen”  It is not a typical chili relleno as it is stuffed with corn and vegetables and placed over rice.  Apparently very good.  The traditional chili rellenos filled with cheese and served in a broth is one of Eric and I’s favorite dishes.


That is me eating and once again the light is odd.  The camera was on auto flash so maybe that’s the problem.  It has a lot of intelligent functions that I need to learn to use. 


Lunch is done and it’s time to wander our way back up to the rear of mercado to catch the bus.


Really like this doorway.


Many of the buildings in this area have been repainted and I really like this color scheme.


Spotted this restaurant on the way “ Belisario” and it’s open for lunch.  Maybe we’ll have to give it a try.


The Plazuela Machado in the daytime.  They are busy putting up the Christmas decorations and when I go downtown on Saturday night it will be all lit up. 


We’d all gone our separate ways but here are Marilyn, Edna and Sandi having a relax in the square.


Myself, Ruth and Eddie were walking together. 

From here we worked our way over to catch the bus.  A few of the ladies wanted to browse the fabric store which is just across the street from the mercado but after a short rest I hopped the bus and went home. 

So a really enjoyable lunch outing with delicious food and good company.  Always top notch at Angelina’s Kitchen.


  1. All the food looks so good - especially the fish and chips - looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing your lunch!

  2. I think that you new camera is doing a great job. The colors are really vivid.

  3. Starting to get used to it! It is much better in low light and...has a viewfinder. Lots of functions I must learn to use.