Monday, December 24, 2018

Pat & Reg’s Vagabond Christmas Eve

For the past few years Pat & Reg have hosted a Christmas eve happy hour and appetizer party for the park. 


Here we are all listening intently because Reg has just blown the large horn he has in his hand.  Someone yelled out that it sounded like the Alberta mating call.  Very loud!  Pat is welcoming us and explaining that she does this because we are all away from our families at Christmas and in this way no one has to spend Christmas Eve alone.  A very nice idea.  Following her welcome we each introduced ourselves and told everyone where we are from.  A broad range of areas across the USA and Canada including the Yukon. 


The crowd had gathered around 4pm for happy hour and the food had all been set out.  Eric declined because he said “ I have to go out tomorrow!”  I told everyone he is a “ One trick pony.”  There were quite a few woman there on there own as well as their husbands were sick. 


This shot shows lots of people that I don’t know.  A nice way for people to get to know eachother.  This park is not a highly organized one which many people like.  If you don’t want to mingle…you don’t have to and no one passes judgement.  Join if you want…don’t if you don’t want.


Helene and Hal with Sue, Marilyn and Karin listening.


  The table is filled with an amazing amount of food and now people don’t have to cook dinner if they don’t want to.  Again…a nice idea.  I made a cranberry, orange and nut bread to contribute.  I also have a pan full of burritos “ a la Kathy” ready for the oven back at the rig. 


Lots of people enjoying each other’s company. 


Soon…that table as well as the dessert table to the left will be eaten.


This very pleasant lady joined us for lunch last week and I’m sorry I don’t know her name.


The three “ sickos!”  There has been a nasty cold making it’s way through the park and Robyn, Marilyn and Sue have all had it.  They are on the mend but now their husbands are sick.  Karin’s husband is also sick but with a flu. 


Time to eat!


Lots of choices and a huge variety of food.


  Hal, Pat and Helene. Doesn’t Helene look lovely!


This is Pam getting ready for a bite to eat. 

I stayed and visited for about an hour and had a taste of a couple of things on the table.  At 5:30 I headed home and the party continued on.  I would guess that a good time was had by all!

Thanks Pat and Reg for another fun event!

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