Sunday, March 19, 2023

Chayitos for ladies lunch.

 I am quite late with this post but in my defense I really haven't been feeling well.  Two and a half weeks ago I awoke with a slight sore throat and clogged sinuses which always makes my throat sore and gives me an irritating dry cough.  I get that occasionally so I didn't think much about it.  After a few days it hadn't gone away so I tested for Covid...not covid.  I wasn't feeling horrible until the beginning of last week when fatigue and nausea added on.  No runny nose and my chest was clear. At ladies lunch I was not on my game.  On Thursday I decided to self medicate and take a course of antibiotics left from my surgery last March.  Broad spectrum that targeted my symptoms...especially sinus.  My Friday night I was much better and by yesterday almost back to normal...whatever that is!  I guess my body just got too run down and needed a little kick start.  So back to ladies lunch.  

Only 7 of us this day and we arrived by bus or by foot like Connie.  Chayitos is one of those landmark Mazatlan restaurants that started as a food stand and now has several locations.  Old Mexican style restaurant with very moderate prices. 

This is one of the restaurants with an early happy hour which runs from 11am to 2pm.  That made the ladies happy.  At noon they are switching their kitchen over to lunch so you can't order until 12:30.  No problem's happy hour.   It gave us time to peruse the menu. 

I ordered a " mosquito " the non alcoholic version of a Mojito.  Connie said she hated the green color!

At the end of the table you can see one of the waiters and he has been here for ever.  He was overseeing the young waiter who was serving us.  He has a very dry sense of humour and speaks good English.  A number of years ago he told me I couldn't have any dessert because I hadn't finished my meal😁 I always remind him of that!

The food came up fast. 

Chantal and I split a shrimp chimichanga to go along with tortilla soup. 

Susie's chicken fajitas...I think.  

Mar's papa loco or loaded potato. 

When you order tortilla soup here you get a meal.  A bowl of tortilla chips, all the fixins and a pitcher of steaming hot broth. 

At this point I could only eat a small amount of the tortilla soup and I sent the chimichanga home with Connie.  

Connie ordered enchiladas verde or green enchiladas. 

Connie and the waiter discussing the baseball game and the players.  There are a few major league players from Mazatlan.  Baseball is big here and the games are played in a big new stadium earlier in the season.  The Venados or the deer are the local team. 

At this point the ladies were still eating lunch and I decided I should go.  I left money for my lunch and went across the street to catch a bus.  I needed to go to MegaSoriana for a few items as I hadn't been grocery shopping in over a week.  I shopped, caught a bus and was home early.  

It was a good lunch with good food and Chayitos is always a good choice.  This week La Marea up on the hill overlooking the lighthouse and the water.  Spectacular view. 


  1. Based on the restaurants you ladies have been to this winter, I think Mazatlan has other Mexico cities beat by a long shot.

  2. Mazatlan is a Foodies many excellent places to eat and more keep popping up😊