Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lunch at La Corriente on the beach

Today we were off to a beachfront restaurant called La Corriente. Once again is somewhere that I have never eaten.  I have remarked before that Eric and I hardly ever eat out so this is a chance for me to eat at all sorts of different places.  Fun!


We were all gathered at the front to take the green bus downtown and here came Sandi.  Doesn’t she look lovely….a vision in green.  Even her jacket matched.


Today we will take the green bus as it travels along the malecon to where the restaurant is situated. 


11 of us and everyone hides in the shade while we wait for a bus.  We all have our jackets as we’ve been getting quite a bit of sea fog and it could be quite chilly at the beach restaurant. 


It is busier than I’ve ever seen it in the Golden Zone, along the malecon and downtown.   It’s the Christmas holidays for the Mexicans as well as the Gringos and there are tourists everywhere.    Okay, we are tourists too but we stay all winter so we’re a tiny bit different!  Since the road to Durango has been built many more people from the interior are coming to Mazatlan and the beaches are crowded and busy.  Good for the economy. 


We watched for Hotel DeCima on our left so we would know where to get off the bus.  The bus was completely full with hardly even any standing room left so it was hard to see where we were. 


Looking north up the malecon.


Everyone heads south as we got off a bit ahead of where we needed to.


Lots of people on the beach and…in the water.


Down the stairs and into the restaurant.  We had a reservation for 12 so we were all seated in the same area.


Usually we’d pick a table out of the sun but today it is windy and cool in the shade so we seated ourselves in the sun.


Chips and salsa while we wait for our drink orders.


Marion and Eddie.


I tried something different today…a Jamaica Fizz which is made from dried hibiscus flowers and ….some sort of alcohol.   It was good and had a sort of earthy flavor to it. 


Bets had a margarita.


Jeannette and Sandi split their usual bottle of red wine.


That looks like some sort of a mango cocktail in front of Diane.


So….drinks were served….food orders taken and then…we ate.   This a plate with more than one kind of taco.



More tacos.


I ordered deep fried pargo (red snapper) which came with tacos, beans and guacamole.  Delicious.  I really like red snapper and Rosie my hairdresser here in Mazatlan says it’s her favorite….I agree!


Diane’s meal served on a banana leaf.  Looks good, don’t you think?


This is a shrimp burger with it’s lid on. 


This is Marion’s shrimp burger with it’s lid off.  Yummy!


Eddie and Ruth shared some appetizer dishes and….


then there was a big dish of guacamole.


While we ate the holidayers swam in the ocean and enjoyed themselves. 

In the end the sea fog didn’t arrive until around 2pm when we were finished lunch and by that time we were ready to hop a bus home. 

Rating…..service good, food delicious and the ambiance was just lovely.  Worth eating here anytime.  It was busy in the restaurant but everything arrived in a timely manner and it was an enjoyable experience.  

Next week…..somewhere up by the Shrimp Ladies. 

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  1. Everything looks yummy! Really enjoy your blog!