Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ladies Lunch at Angelina’s Kitchen


Last week’s lunch was supposed to be at….Angelina’s Kitchen but it all fell apart.  Many people (including me) didn’t go due to other commitments and our fearless leader Ruth had been away for a couple of weeks and we were now in disarray.  Today she was back in charge, had everything organized and we were ready to go.  As this restaurant is not right on the bus route to get there Ruth had ordered a Red Truck. 


Sandi and Marilyn hurry forward to the truck.  He was on time and a bit early.


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Arriba, arriba! Ándale!

Up, Up….come on!

There were 11 of us and the cost was 200 pesos to deliver us to the door of the restaurant….so 20 pesos each. 


We are now travelling along the Malecon but we did arrive there by a circuitous route.  In the end we thought the driver was probably avoiding the Golden Zone.  It is getting more and more busy through that area as Christmas approaches and of course there is always construction to deal with. 


Angelina’s Latin Kitchen which is only about a block off the Malecon on ….

Venustiano Carranza, No 18, Centro Historico
Behind the Freeman Hotel
Phone: 910 15 96


Everyone out of the truck!


Marion pointed out the very interesting chandelier contructed out of silverware.


The waiter “Daniel” takes Valeries’ order.


A diverse menu with specials posted on the chalk board.   That’s Ruth looking very pensive.


This deocr is a very bohemian, ecclectic style with lots of interesting touches here and there.  This young waitress must be out of school for Christmas and helping out. 


Valerie the other waitress with her nice dress and ….running shoes!  Very cute.


Ruth ordered a mojito which has fresh mint leaves, lime and of course ….white rum.  Delicious and it made her face go all pink!


The  meals were ordered and served up in short order.  This is Anita’s bruschetta.


Avocado salad.



There were two younger chefs in the kitchen working at top speed.


Some of us eating and …..some of us waiting.



Looks interesting and I think that has the raw (marinated in lime juice) or ceviche style tuna underneath which Ruth ordered. 


This is Marion’s portobello mushroom burger. The mushroom is the bun and there is a burger inside.   She said it was delicious. 


Chicken salad.


Valerie is going to eat these delicious looking pork ribs. 


This is the most elaborately presented salad that I have ever seen and it is served with a toasted bread with what appears to be a drizzled balsamic sauce.  


This is my French Dip which was a lunch special.  I often hesitate to order beef in Mexico but as this is a restaurant that caters to Gringos I decided to give it a try.  The Au Jus for dipping was super flavorful and the beef was thin and tasty.  It did have a bit of gristle in it but the flavor more than made up for it.  A good choice for me!


Marilyn was the last to eat as she had been served the wrong chicken dish and they had to redo her lunch.  No big deal!

So….the food was excellent and delicious, service very good, presentation of food beautifully done and altogether a 10 out of 10 lunch experience.  A really nice place to have lunch. 


Sandi and Marilyn relax on the “ hot pink “ couch while everyone makes there way outside. 


Look at this beautiful old building.  Imagine what it looked like in it’s heyday. 


We walked a short distance down to the Malecon to catch the green bus home.  It returns this way but….does not drop off this way. 


This is the Sinaloa coat of arms.

The Sinaloa CoA is represented by an oval shield which is divided into four quarters...with the upper left depicting hands holding (squeezing?) a snake and some other strange creature. The upper right depicts a castle or fort. The lower left depicts bloody chains links and a Christian cross. The lower right depicts a deer (Mazatlan's symbol), two islands and an anchor. Footprints are depicited around the circumference of the shield with the word "SINALOA" at thetop and the date "1831" at the bottom. The Mexican eagle is depicted above the shield and below we see the names of several Sinaloa towns...including Mazatlan

This is at the southern end of Paseo Olas Altas and was erected in 1959.

So …. everyone boarded the bus and off we went home after another very pleasant lunch.

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