Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bingo, Balloons and a Bug

It’s thursday and tonight is bingo at the Last Drop up at Cerritos.  If you all remember bingo is not my favorite activity but…friends and food make me go. 


Before I left I saw this colorful little fellow crawling along on our patio.  He was suctioning his mouth along the cement and then he stopped to clean his antennae and I got this picture.  Some sort of beetle and colorful like all sorts of things in Mexico.  Interesting don’t you think?


As I am at the back of the park I don’t worry about joining the other ladies to go to bingo.  I just walk up front when I’m ready to go and catch one of the many buses passing by.  When I arrived they were all seated and I could take pictures. 


The ladies from Las Jaibas RV park mostly sit at this long table and and tonight there was a large crowd.


This is our waiter Ishmail and he takes good care of us.


This is Alex who used to work at the Last Drop but now works at the Riu.  He still returns to call bingo on thursday nights.  Sorry for the blurry picture.


As we headed into the last round of bingo this clown showed up and asked Alex if it was okay to work here.  Okay….!  He started making balloon animals and he worked so fast his hands were a blur. 


The first creation was ready and he came up behind Sandi while she was playing and plunked it on her head.  Really cute don’t you think. 


Next Robin who is now wearing a rabbit….she said “ It’s Roger Rabbit!”  as her husband’s name is ….Roger.  


Jeri said “ Oh I hope he doesn’t do me”  and….voila she has a Tweety Bird on her head.  She broke into a big grin and at this point we were all laughing and had lost our bingo focus! 


Okay….you can play bingo with silly balloon animals on you head.


This big creation landed on Betsy’s head but she passed it over to Anita who was delighted with it. 


This is my wrist corsage which was one of the next things to come out of the balloon clown’s flying hands.  


A very talented young man with good costume and excellant skills who has found a way to either augment his living or perhaps this is his living.  The ladies were generous with their tips and others asked him to make things for them. 

I’m not known for having a very playful nature but this experience was delightful and got a lot of laughs from everyone including me.

Five of us ended up coming home in a pulmonia which only holds four people.  Robin, Anita and I in the back and the driver, Sandi and Jeri who was holding on for dear life as she didn’t quite fit were in the front.  The front passenger door wasn’t closed properly so Sandi held onto the driver and Jeri as well.    Another big laugh all the way home. 

What a night and only in Mexico!

Oh…by the way I won twice tonight on a first round.  100 pesos each time which is good for me because it means I must have daubed most of the numbers that were called instead of missing a bunch.  The pot goes up and by the fourth round of each game you can win a bundle if lots of people are playing.  Maybe next time!

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