Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Appetizer Party at Wendy & LLoyd’s

On Tuesdays the ladies in the park play cards and Wendy is a weekly participant.  She and Lloyd had invited us all to a Christmas appetizer party on Wednesday and I decided to go.  Frank and Sandi picked me up and Diane joined us as well. 


Wendy & Lloyd live a few blocks from the park in an ungated community where they spend the winter.   They have owned this townhouse for a number of years and have been steadily upgrading it and making improvements.  It is all lit up for Christmas and looks just lovely.


We placed all our food on the table and that’s Sandi’s Christmas fruit tree.  I brought a hot chicken salad and their was an array of other tasty dishes as well.


That’s Wendy in her kitchen and the Christmas tree cake that she made.  New granite counter tops this year and the kitchen is lovely.


Looking forward to their TV room which used to be the garage.


Lloyd built this fireplace and on a chilly night it would come in handy.


A nice view to the street outside.


Looking back towards the kitchen and living room area.  That’s Lloyd sitting to the right with the wicker parrot lamp behind him.  The house has many artsy touches and a very Mexican hacienda feel to it. 


The party is gathered and we are all having a cocktail. 


The presents are under the tree.  Tonight we all brought a 300 peso gift and will play the “ I like your gift better than mine and I think I’ll steal your’s” game!


Lovely furniture and a nice place to sit and visit.


The stairwell from the upper floor where the bedrooms are.


Beautiful wrought iron decor on the doors that was custom made. 


The upper floor bathroom has a free standing tub and a huge walk in shower. 


Doors open to the front balcony patio where Lloyd and Wendy sit in the evenings.  It would face North.


Lots of tile and all tastefully done. 

We had our appetizers and it was all quite delicious and more than enough for a dinner.   Cake followed and then…..

The Christmas present draw.   I was number six but I didn’t unwrap a present, instead I stole a nice set of Christmas cookies.  The most popular item to steal was a large dried fruit tray which Wendy started out with.  After many swappings she finally ended up with it.  Chocolates, a collapsible hose, nice glassware, bottles of champagne and liquor etc. etc. 

A good time was had by all….thanks Wendy and Lloyd, it was fun.

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