Friday, December 23, 2016

This and …..that.

I’ve been collecting pictures of little things going on.


I have been drying my “ropa” on a clothesline now that I’m tucked in at the back of the park where it isn’t all that visible.  We aren’t supposed to dry clothes on a line but….this is Mexico!    I walk a basket to the front to wash, walk back to pick the basket up and then hang the clothes out to dry.  It is quite a hike to the front of the park.


Looking to the back of the park on the south side and if you keep going past the end of this row and turn right and keep going you will find us in the back corner.


The north side of the park looking to the rear.  Lots of stored boats and not as many rigs as the last year we were here.  Some people do wait to come until after Christmas so more may show up.


Another tasty dinner at our house with fresh shrimp and mushrooms sauteed in garlic butter.  Yum!


Tuesday afternoons we play a card game called Hand and Foot.  This day there were twelve of us.


Valerie and Millie.  Millie is from Oregon and she rents in Portofino for the winter and she joins us every Tuesday afternoon to play cards. 


We are sitting under the palapa at the front of the park next to the pool. 


This is “Papa John” and he and Lupita’s little girl, Blanca. 


When I last saw her she wasn’t even a year old.  Would you just look at those curls! 


When I returned home from lunch on Wednesday Raphael (park worker) Roger (Papa John’s twin brother) and       were digging up this waterline.  The water had started bubbling out of the ground so it was obvious we had a problem.  Since there is only “one!!!” shutoff in the park everyone was out of water until it was fixed. 


The one inch pipe had a lengthwise crack in it for some unknown reason. 


At this point Raphael is gluing in a new section.  Eric and I were hopeful that we would get water as we both needed a shower after being at the beach.   

By 5:30 pm the water was back on but the hole was left open for a  day to make sure there were no more leaks.


When I came back from my walk this morning this big yellow truck was hauling out a boat across the way from us.  It’s Christmas and many Mexicans have come from other areas to visit and go out on the ocean.


The tires looked a little flat even after they had aired them up. 


I wonder if it will make it to the ocean?


So how has the weather been?  Well hot and …..humid.  Very unseasonable for this time of year and going up to 28 or 29C in the daytime and only going down to about 15C at night.  The humidity makes it uncomfortable.  

Today I will hopefully get a swim.  It has been way too rough for me lately. 

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