Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Happy Hour on the Beach

We are not part of the daily happy hour crowd in the park but….we do go to the beach most days.  Carol and Richard who are daily beach goers have been encouraging everyone to have one happy hour a week at the beach and today it was a Christmas dress up, watch the sunset  and group picture happy hour.  We were already sitting on the beach at 4pm and Eric had a red bathing suit on but I was in my blue beach dress and didn’t match at all! 


Carol was using a fish eye lens so she could get the whole crowd in the picture.  An unusual effect don’t you think?


Everyone was in red and green and many people had Santa hats and reindeer antlers on.  That’s Richard talking to Eric.


Doesn’t everyone look Christmassy! 


A nice young Mexican fellow offered to take a group picture so Carol could be in the photo and she’s down on the right. 


Nancy and Jeannette.  I really liked Nancy’s antlers!


Fred, Marion, Eric and Richard have a chat.


Bill and Frank visit.


The happy crowd on the beach. 

What a good idea Carol and Richard had and everyone stayed to watch the sunset except….us.  Time for a shower and dinner.  Maybe next time.


Today’s bird pictures…the buzzards were warming themselves up on the cell tower this morning. 


Dinner tonight was so colorful I just had to share this picture.  I tried my hand at a recipe for Baja fish which is deep fried.  I’ve never deep fried anything so I put my hot plate outside, filled a deep frying pan with oil and ….voila!  It actually worked.  Delicious and I’ll do it again but not too often because deep frying isn’t all that healthy….right. 

Another good day in Mexico!

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