Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bocce–first tournament of the season.


Those of you who have read my blog in previous years will remember the endless Bocce posts….well here they are again.  This time we played a two day sudden death tournament so it was over pretty quick.  Day one is friday and we started at 9am. 


I arrived shortly after 9am and the games had already started.


That’s Helene with her hands in the air so I’m guessing she wasn’t happy with her shot.  She and Hal are playing Doug and Kathy while Bob & Renee are playing Rocky and Nancy behind her.  Our courts are just the roadway down one side of the park and they are covered with grass tufts, rocks and all sorts of debris.  They have been raked as smooth as possible but the balls continuously hit something and veer one way or the other. 


Doug and Kathy contemplated their strategy. 


Marion and I are partners and we are playing Dick and Val.   Marion’s husband Fred didn’t want to play and neither did Eric (no surprise there!) so we are a couple.  Marion is lots of fun.


Richard is our ref for this game.


That’s me trying to decide where to put the ball….usually it doesn’t go where I aim it!  I haven’t played for two years….not that it makes any difference.


Marion shoots.


We won our first game and will have to play again tomorrow. 


The warm temperatures have returned and everyone including Rocky and Nancy are looking for shade.


Rocky and Nancy play John and Anita.


Doug and Kathy won their game and are now playing Richard and Carol.


Richard and Carol win.


It is Saturday morning at 9am and Marion and I are playing Sandy and Eddy.  That’s Sandy shooting.  Frank and Sandy are getting ready to play on the other court.


Jeri, John, Bob and Renee are watching.


Bill and Jeannette have beaten Frank and Sandi and move on to the final games.   Eddy gets ready to shoot on our court.

Marion and I did win our game against Eddy and Sandy but…then we had to play Bill and Jeannette and guess what happened….we lost.  Oh well we did win two games and we had fun. 


Dick refs.


Did I mention that Jeannette and Bill beat Frank and Sandi.  Bill and Jeannette are very good at Bocce so this is no surprize!


Championship game and Bill and Jeannette play Carol and Richard. 


I think Sandi and I are measuring while both teams wait the decision as to which ball is closer to the pea. 


It was a good game and ……Bill and Jeannette are the champs!


While we were playing someone spied an iguana in one of the trees…pretty well disguised wouldn’t you say.


Eric and I could hear some yelling and we saw the Mexican workers up on the cell tower.  Needless to say our cell service is good!


This is a favorite roost for the buzzards and I’m guessing it’s covered in bird crap…..yuck! 

So a good day and the afternoon was spent at the beach.  Eric did go in for a swim and I joined him but it was way too rough for me.  A real sideways pull in the currant and impossible not to get sent down the beach.  I got tossed around a little getting out and I ended up with sand in places I won’t mention!   The water is cooler and it has been quite rough with a big swell for a while so not so good for swimming….at least not for me.  Still it’s just lovely to sit and look at the sea.   A good day. 

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